Witchcraft for Beginners : How to Setup a Spell in Witchcraft

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Learn what you need to start casting spells in this free witchcraft for beginners video clip.

Expert: Caroline Genovese
Bio: Caroline Genovese has been practicing witchcraft for over 15 years, and she currently works at the “Center for the New Age” in Sedona, Arizona. Contact them at 928-282-2085
Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler


  1. Good that man is insane now that I know he is just running in circles. Good cause…running in circles.

  2. I don’t believe you know what Traditional Witchcraft is…thus you are the one that is off. You are a “mage” as you put it, I know nothing about it, but you seem to know quiet a lot about your definition of “witch”. The only “magi” I know are the ones in the bible, and way back during the Zoroastrian era. However I think you are completely deluded and are mixing DnD and ceremonial magic together.


  3. I am not sure where you got “gateting” from, unless you are talking about the “crossing” over the threshold and into the Underworld.

  4. I think you are going way to ceremonial with your explainations of witchcraft. The “Devil” is merely the Horned Master and “Devil” means any diety not of the Christian faith. I practise the witchcraft that was reconstructed by Robert Chochrane and by writers such as Andrew Chumbley. Satan is not my master, I don’t believe in him. The Horned One (Old One, Old Hob, Bel-Bucca etc) is my master, The Dame my mistress. Micheal and Gabriel have nothing to do with my workings.

  5. What a nice thing to do for a Satanist. May I ask the point of your story? Other than the fact that the girl in question was good at hexing. Or are you revealing that woman are more powerful witches than men?

  6. …I don’t think you understand my branch of Witchcraft. Unless you are refering to Old Fate of course, which is indeed a woman. But the Master (Old Hob, Puck, The Divil) resonates with me more, and through him I learn many things.

  7. Ah, I do not know much about Mages, though I do know one, I do not ask him much about it. Witchcraft is a craft, and should NEVER be mistaken as a religion. However, I have not come across an oath to not use religion. Though I do not “worship” the Master I do ask him for things in the form of what some may call a prayer.

  8. Ahhhhh A trad witch? I too believe that south is earth. I assume your secret is oathbound.


  9. How do you mean? I am not much familiar with Ceremonial Magics so what do mean Crowley messed up on the order of the elemental directions?

  10. Awesome video! My only complaint is that it’s hard to see the Candles.

    And I think I have that dragon!

  11. That cat is a god/dess! I would walk 10 miles over broken glass in bare feet to cuddle such a divine creature!!!

  12. witchcraft come within you .
    i don’t follow any one way its Moore powerful if you follow your own way. just as you would make your own spell it makes it Moore powerful. forget what way is right take your own way there is no right way good and bad is in the heart of the witch just as nature is good and bad. blessed be

  13. Great learning for Natural Energy(spells). Also, dimpleset must know that King Solomon practise Magick where he calls all the Demons to do his task.
    And Moses is a wizard too, his walking stick is his Magic Wand. It’s in the Bible.

  14. This is ritual magic for NEO-WICCAN ceremonies, and holds very little to actual witchcraft. If you wish to teach NEO-WICCA then please state in the titles of these videos that it is NEO-WICCA for Beginners, not Witchcraft.

    Witchcraft, you’re doing it way wrong.

    Neo-Wicca, that’s what this is, and it’s not even very good, Neo-Wicca.

  15. Gardnerian is the first tradition, and it was formed in the 50s, so it’s not too hard to determine 😉 You can’t take cave drawings and claim that they are of your deities. You have no proof of that. Murray was wrong.

    Given the large amount of Ceremonial Magick-style rituals within Wicca, and given the fact that Wicca is an orthopraxic religion, it is defined by HOW it is practised and therefore cannot predate its rituals, which were written by Gardner.

    Anything pre-Gardner is not Wicca.

  16. Gardner didn’t form it, he only popularized it, and archaeologists found 30,000 year old cave drawings of a Mother Goddess and a Horned God. You can’t really say they were first worshipped in the 50s, mainly because most worship a matron Goddess and patron God from any of the other pagan religions in place of the basic archetype of the Triple Goddess and the Horned One. But of course it is hard to determine when they were worshipped thanks to so many traditions within Wicca. Blessed be )O(

  17. Actually, that is incorrect. The God and Goddess of Wicca were first worshipped, as far as we know, when Gardner formed Wicca in the 1950s. All that Margaret Murray “Witch Cult” “Ancient Religion” nonsense was discarded back in the 1970s. Murray was wrong.

  18. “yes the laws has grown old . BUT were not taken AWAY”

    So you’re saying you still have to live by the old laws. Ever had your hair cut? Ever shaved? Ever got piercings or tattoos? Ever argued with your parents? Ever done any of the things forbidden in the old laws? I sincerely doubt you’ve followed the old laws perfectly, it’s nearly impossible to do so nowadays. So look at yourself before trying to make a non-Christian to follow your laws. As for his spirit, I’ll be sure to renounce it again

  19. Also in Leviticus 20, you are forbidden from making baldness upon your head, cutting the corners of your beard, cutting into your flesh, children that disobey their parents are put to death, and many other laws that very few Christians obey because Jesus came to fulfill those laws so no one would have to follow them anymore. In which case, you expect non-Christians to abide by a law that Christians themselves don’t?

  20. Lucifer=”Light Bringer”

    Now according to the Bible one became the other, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the same. Consider that Lucifer was another name for one of the Roman gods before Rome converted to Christianity.

  21. This isn’t recruiting. It’s teaching those who want to learn. It’s passive recruiting at best. We aren’t active recruiters like Christians, saying do this or go to Hell. We just provide information for those that want to learn it already, unlike you who run around door to door and just like the one video get invited to interview at the Pagan Pride Day and turn it around into a sermon half way through. Heh, just for you Christians, Wicca saved me from Jesus ^_^ Blessed be )O(

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