Questions on Ruqyah – Sheikh Muhammad Tim Humble

Sisters’ questions on Ruqyah & answers by Sheikh Muhammad Tim Humble (UK). Simple Self-Ruqyah Guide:
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  1. Dear Brother Tim. We ask Allah to Guide us all. Its imperative upon the da’ee to connect the people with the ‘ulema (Shaykh Fawzan, Rabee, Al Albani, Muqbil…). Not doing so is incorrect, it positions you as a scholar (which I’m sure is not your intent), and it leaves us the common people still lost and not connected with the Sunnah, the true way of the Salaf. The Salaf did not do this for 1400 years. They named their teachers. So please we go back to manhaj of the Salaf in da’wah and we connect the people to the right scholars, books, websites, masajid and to the jama’ah. Let’s do it correctly. Jazak Allahu Khairan.

  2. Ma’sha’Allah Tabarak Allah
    I can listen Sheikh Tim for hours and hours. May Allah swt bless him abundantly and protect him always. Aameen
    I wish and do make Dua that In’sha’Allah one day I will listen his lecture in person In’sha’Allah

  3. please answer. is giving smoke of garlic in bathroom part of ruqya treatment? is it allowed? my mind is not accepting garlic and bathroom as treatment. please clarify

  4. I am a big fan. Salaam ya Akh. Btw I’m not interested in ruqya. (Obviously Unless necessary)

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