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How to set up an altar | Witchcraft altar set ups for different types of witches

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Today we are talking witchcraft altar set ups:
how to set up an altar for witchcraft, different kinds of altars for different types of witches, how to use an altar in your witchcraft practice, and everything else related to this topic.
We will cover the traditional Wiccan altar, ceremonial witchcraft altars, look into ideas for secular altars or witchy altars dedicated to one branch of witchcraft (eg a kitchen witch, cottage witch, crystal witch, or green witch altar space), and gather ideas for what goes on a witchcraft altar.
I will also give you glimpses – in form of a visual altar tour – into my personal previous altar set ups for different pagan holidays, purposes or locations and chat a bit more about what different ways an altar can be used. This video is full of ideas and tips for beginner witches but hopefully also has some ideas for the seasoned witch practitioner 🙂
I would love to hear more about you and your witchcraft practice. Do you work with an altar? What kind? And how does it look like? And especially for all broom-closeted witches: how do you go about the topic of altars?

#howtosetupaltar #witchcraft #altartour

00:00 Intro
01:01 What is an altar for witchcraft
01:31 Do I need an altar to practice witchcraft
01:44 Can I share my altar
01:58 How is an altar used in witchcraft
02:55 Different types of altars
04:50 Where to place your altar
07:32 What goes on a witchcraft altar
10:58 Shameless plug (Seasonal Mabon altar tour)
11:16 How do I work with my altar
11:42 My different altars (altar ideas and altar tour)
14:34 How does your altar look like?
15:04 Outtakes & sillyness

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Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome,
Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
Second tier commission - 2% of every sale (introductory offer).
You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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  2. Brilliant, just brilliant. Love your energy, your attitude and how open you are. Fast becoming my favourite YouTube channel 🖤🖤🖤

    1. You are so sweet for leaving such a lovely, kind comment 🧡 so glad you enjoy the content! ☺️

  3. I LOVE all your videos.  Looking at some of the things you’ve prepared to eat makes me think that you should publish a witch’s cookbook.  Call it “Kitchen Witch Cookery,” or “A Witch in the Kitch(en),” or “A Cauldron of Recipes.”  Just a thought and thanks for your efforts!!!!!!!!

    1. @The witches’ cookery That’s amazing! How did you know I was looking for witchy books to buy, I just don’t know how I’ll wait a whole year for it 😆

      Really looking forward to your book, that’s a guaranteed gift for myself 😄

    2. Thank you so much ❤️ I am actually writing on one right now!! It will have a lot of fun witchy recipes, info about pagan customs and traditions in regards to food, some information on herbalism and the wheel of the year. I hope to publish it next year ☺️

  4. You are My kind of Nutz!!!!Therefore I Subscribed!!!! I would love to share some of my Northern California gatherings so I’m hoping you have a post office Box….. I’ll be checking as soon as I’m done watching this one….🎶😳✨😳🎶

    1. Hahaha you are so sweet 😃🧡 I dooooo have a P.O. box – the correct address is in the video description of this video. I’m already doing an excited happy dance 😂

  5. I was born to the west of where I am now, I’ve always been drawn to the west and set my altar to the west.

    Mine is in my bedroom (and the bedroom is the only place to keep the furry demons out, especially my black cat who is particularly fond of all my workings which is fine if I’m with him but he’d likely take over the world if I left him to his craft lol). I think it’s ironic that some say not to have the altar in the bedroom as sexual energy is VERY strong and lots of (insert which type here) workings all link back to sex/fertility.

    I love the idea of an elemental base in each room (something from each element) so I also try to do that throughout my house. The only area that doesn’t is the spare bedroom and it’s warded like the outside of my house so any negative energies guests bring dont become a part of my house. (Example is my bathroom which on the corner of the tub has a small vase with a moss ball (earth and water) with a feather tired to the vase (air) and a candle that fits on top (fire) to me this is all of the elements and a positive but even energy but to the common passerby is a slightly extra candle holder.

    Anyway prolly TMI but this is the first time I’ve had an actual alter in my house. Before that I just had the elemental bases and my supplies in a box.

    1. @The witches’ cookery so many great ideas from you I’m happy to share the few I have. My parents were very against it so happy to help others the same way I wanted it then.

    2. That is an interesting reason for an altar set up too – kind of like a compass needle but to your roots 🙂 Love it! hahaha love that comment about your cat’s world domination aspirations xD and yesyesyes, def. agree with the reasoning and that sexual energy could be used in spellcraft in that way too. The elemental ‘candle holder’ would also be an awesome idea for people that practice in secret – thanks for leaving that here!

  6. I don’t know why other channels try to create rules. I just naturally go against the grain since I was a kid, so the videos always rubbed me the wrong way. This video was great 👍😁 I would love to see a book of shadows/grimoire video ⭐️

    1. I’m the saaaame – I just can’t help to question a rule the second someone makes one hahah I am so happy this video was to your liking 🧡 and yeeeees – the BOS video has been on my to-film-list almost since I started this channel hihi but I first have to search through my mum’s basement to find all my old grimoires and that is a task I am dreading 😅

  7. Please, what is that German word you said for the Bavarian altar space in the home?

  8. Another fun video! I love it.
    My main alter in my bedroom. *gasp!* It’s the only place where people leave me the fuck alone and get some peace and quite. lol It’s a small cupboard and I added two floating shelves over it to provide more space without over crowding. I tend to decorate according to seasons, decorate with no rules and do it intuitively with bringing nature elements indoors. It does face north but I never purposely planned it that way.
    I have a small alter space in my kitchen that no one would think is an alter to look at it. They just see seasonal kitchen knickknacks and seasonal food.
    I have a small garden that is a memorial/ancestral space that tend to regularly, adding more flowers and items that remind me of my family/ancestors, including chimes that make me pause, think of them and hold them in my heart when the wind makes them tinkle.

    1. 😱 hhhhhh!! Hahah same though – my bedroom is my sanctuary. I love seasonal decorations too – especially natural ones gathered outside 🌻 I absolutely love the idea of a ancestral garden!! That is such a beautiful idea 💚

  9. This was such an inspirational and informative vlog. Thank you so much. I have wanted to set up more altars around the house, and i kept getting caught up on the…. rules. So it’s nice to hear that i can just say fuck the rules and just be happy.

    On an unrelated note. I’m curious if you have any recommendations for something witchy to do in Berlin. Ill be going in mid Sept and i really wanted to incorporate anything witchy to my adventure. I mean I’d love to meet you, but im a random stranger and i know that would just be weird. Plus i doubt you live by there. So I’ll take your advice instead.

    Thank you so much for everything. And i hope your trip to Spain was good despite the heat and that your mil is doing well

    1. @The witches’ cookery no worries. I understand Germany is pretty big. Honestly, I’m not even sure how i would answer my own question if you were asking me in regards to Chicago or Orlando. Seriously thank you so much. Ill probably take you up on your offer next year. Hopefully there will be less of a covid problem by then too. ✊ Have a good night and stay safe!!!

    2. @doesnt matter hshah I won’t be much help for Cologne either – I lived there for 2 months during learning Dutch but that was a decade ago hihi so no hot Tips. If you ever get to my neck of the woods (Munich – Regensburg – Nürnberg) let me know 😃

    3. @The witches’ cookery thank you. Sometimes i get caught up on rules. Noob problems.😅

      Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll ask them. Im also going to Köln😜.

    4. I am so happy to hear you found it inspirational 🧡 never let rules hold you back from what feel true and authentic to you ☺️ Witchcraft is not a science – just personal experience and personal trail and error ✨ I hope you get to set up some wonderful witchy spaces in your home!
      Ooooh so cool you are going to Berlin! Unfortunately I don’t know Berlin very well and also live quite far from it (other side of Germany 😃), but if you scroll down in the comments and find ‘Cernunnos’ – a native Berlin witch – I am sure they can help you with some great tips!
      And yes, thank you, Spain was wonderful but I am also thoroughly enjoying being back in the beautiful late autumn weather ✨🌻 much love

  10. Me being a Native American half-breed , my entire apartment is my “Temple” and library. My actual Altar is a drum with a piece of glass over the drumhead to protect against wax drips , spilled wine , incense ashes and the like. My chalice and cauldron are both pottery made from clays found only on Tribal lands. I use an arrow as a Wand. I do all spoken parts of ritual in Tribal language. So thank you for this video. Binging on your channel

    1. I’m half on my mums side I have some on my dads side too I don’t remember which Oma said I have German inside me and Welsh too so I like Nordic and Gaelic things too I love like what you said I do my spells in German and runes <3 <3 <3 and the normal European thing of Tea fixes everything.

    2. @The witches’ cookery I have taken “Traditional” foods and worked the recipes into my Wheel of the Year celebrations.
      I took a skull shaped life sized clear glass bottle and filled it with dirt from Ancestral homelands and current Tribal Headquarters , and the Tribal Cultural Center along with cemetery dirt where some of my relatives are buried . I use it as a candle holder on my Altar for my “Power/Ancestor” candle. I also painted the bottle using acrylic paints. Right now my Coven consists of myself , husband , 2 nephews and their wives .
      Yeah , we are a little “unique” in the way we focus our Wiccan rituals through a Tribal filter.

    3. That is so fascinating! I love that you work with your roots and cultures in your practice 🧡✨ I feel with such a strong personal connection to your rituals and tools it lets you practice the craft on a whole other level ☺️

  11. I’m glad you made it home safely! Great video, as always. I break the rules. Not only is my altar in my bedroom, I also work from home in the same room. Oh, the horror. 😱 I don’t care. It’s actually my favourite spot in the entire house, and I just do a good cleansing if I’ve had a rough work day, and again before I go to bed. No big deal. If I wanted dogma and rules I’d convert to Christianity. It’s easier. 😉

    1. What a rebel you are!!! 😱😂❤️ Absolutely agree – as long as you follow your gut and do what works for you, you will be golden! Rules are there to be questioned, sometimes challenged and some rules just exist to be broken hihi

  12. This was exactly what I needed 🙂 I grew up as an eclectic Wiccan – as eclectic as it was possible in 00’s in Central Europe lol 😀 I’m reviding everything now and I’m tending more and more to witchy minimalism and some personal fusions. I’m temporary staying at my friends’ flat due to renovation of my flat and I’m enjoying an altar which is not in a cupboard. It has some challenges though because my cat is drinking water from the cup… eh, chalice! 😀
    Thank you for kind and cheerful reminder to do stuff my way

    1. Hihi I loved how you phrased that – the Wiccan books (there were no secular witchy books to be found here in the 90s and early 00s) I remember to be suuuuper hard-line, leaving no space for eclecticism at all 😃 luckily we now have more resources for information and inspiration! When will the renovations be finished at your place? Hope everything goes well ❤️ hihihi your spiritual cat 🐈

  13. Nie ohne Seife waschen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Den hab ich ja schon ewig nicht mehr gehört! 😂😂😂

    1. Hahah jeeeedesmal – ich kann’s mir anders einfach nicht merken wo Osten und Westen ist (also, zumindest in dem Moment wo Ichs brauche, setzt mein Hirn auf mysteriöse Weise aus 😅😂)

  14. You’re my favorite “witchy” YouTuber. You always keep it real, and I enjoy that so much!

    1. Ooooh staaaaahp – you make me blush 😃☺️ such a huge compliment – thanks so much, lovely ❤️

  15. This was so helpful, especially for secular or atheistic witchcraft. It can be difficult to find advice for that side of witchcraft. Thanks so much! ☺️

    1. I am so glad you think so! And yes – a lot of the online creators seem to practice in a religious context. But there are more of us secular / atheistic / agnostic witches out there: Sedna Woo is great and also the sceptical witch ☺️🧡

  16. very nice video I wonder how do you get the chance to film all of that with your baby at home do you have any help? I’m a single mom but I can barely film with a 9 month old baby. maybe you have some tips.

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t sleep 😂 but in all honesty – I just work every waking hour and late into the night when little one is asleep. Most of my filming is done during his naps or when he is distracted. it’s not exactly the most health work/play balance but I am determined to make it work 😅 when he was little I always wore him in a sling and just got everything done over the course of the day. Hope that helps ❤️

    1. Ahhhhhh Yaih! I am soooo nosey when it comes to people’s kitchens and kitchen altars hihi are you planning to share it on Instagram or somewhere (if so, pllllease tag me – I’d love to see 😃)

  17. I love your energy!💕. Subscribed just because of your wonderful energy. Cassie, O&B, guided me here😇

    1. Welcome to the channel, lovely ☺️🌻 I do hope you enjoy what you find! And thank you for this sweet comment!

  18. oh you just make my day!
    thank you. when i was young, i struggled with not doing it right. now i just do what feels good for my soul. I really appreciate the confirmation.

    1. ❤️☺️ doing what feels right is a great life motto to have too hihi it definitely makes one happy! It is such a shame that from little one most of us get thought to do ‘what is expected / follow the rules” Vs doing what comes naturally 💚✨

  19. For in the closet, or those that need to hide their practice. Chess, various pieces can represent different beings. It’s two colors can represent duality, pawns are great representatives for elements. The tower is great for a defense talisman. I have even used a personal game of chess as a cover for a love spell. And the best part for those tight on money, you can get cheap chess boards.

    1. This is an awesome tip!!! ❤️ Thank you for sharing that with us! Never thought of it that way but now that you are writing it – there are soooo many options there to use it!

    1. Someone once wrote this in a comment and it is juuuust tooooo accurate of a description 😃

  20. Great video! I’d love to hear your perspective on being different from other people! Also on disconnect from media and being in your inner world! I’m a new subscriber from Italy and I recently found out the world of the modern witches… It’s like coming home to a place a didn’t know existed before!

    1. So glad you like it!! ☺️ Also: welcome to the channel 💚 I totally understand what you say – I remember feeling the same when I first read about modern day witchcraft. It is such a wonderful, multilayered practice that just makes life more magickal ✨

  21. This was grear. I always had an altar as an Orthodox Christian but have yet to develop one for my witchy practices. LOTS of good ideas here!

    1. Helloooo! @Joseph Rice. Raised Byzantine Catholic here 👋🏼 I always had a corner altar for the same reasons. I still incorporate many icons & the like in my practice. Great to meet another like minded witch.

    2. So glad you think so! It is so fun to set up your altar and let it naturally develop into your personal sacred space with time 💚

  22. Save myself from being tricked into the control of harmful effects of magic and it took a stone sardonic sardonyx stone it takes away the evil magic off you

  23. How to BRAKE ALL EVIL SPELLS THAT DO harmful effects and you get black thread and a black kknife face East and say out bad. Things happening to and evil magic put on all life don’t say then it disappeared from you that’s what it’s going to do when. You cut thread and tie one knot time and Breath deeply ONE breath one time with your noise and blow out on the knot on thread one tiime blowing on it one time out of the month. One time you do it once a day

  24. You are fast becoming my favourite youtuber!! I love this video- and agree, to hell with the “rules”. I have two alttars, one in the main living area and one in my bedroom. I have a lot of items that are personal and I want to keep their energy clean from others, so perfect for my bedroom altar- it also is a self care and inner self worship sacred space. I would love you to make a video about house spirits, here in Scotland we call them Brownies, and we make an offering of chocolate or a sweet thing if we have lost ( stolen by a brownie) something. I think Dobby from the harry potter movie was a house elf- and I imagine you have similar in Germany- or Spain!

    1. @The witches’ cookery Very excited to hear your take on house spirits. I use a fairy door as a threshold for my house elf. We often leave some chocolate to look for house keys etc. Always works. I am a bit of a sceptic so at its simplest I think it is jolt, or permission to stop looking- who knows maybe fae!! An interesting video here but I look forward to watching and sharing your video!!

    2. You are so sweet – thanks so much for this compliment ☺️❤️ this video idea has now already been requested a couple of time so I guess I have to get filming 😃 we do indeed have house spirits as well and I love me some folklore ✨🧡 much love

  25. Thank you for another wonderful video! I got to enjoy it with my coffee after a lovely morning walk. 😌

    1. Thank you for your comment! It sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxed morning ☕🧡

  26. You are back at home! 😆 I have three altars. One nature altar, one Cernunnos Altar and one ancestor altar. I love altar videos. So, I get a cup of tea and enjoy your brand new video. 😁

    1. @doesnt matter I hope that too. I wish you a nice time in Berlin. Stay safe and have a witchy time. 🌛😊🌜

    2. @Sithis i too am a solitary so i completely understand.

      This sounds amazing! Thank you soo much for bringing this to my attention!!! I will def check this out. Yes sadly covid + dumb ppl= current situation. Hopefully next year more things will be able to open up safely.

    3. @doesnt matter Maybe I’ve found something interesting to visit for you 😉:

      The Köpenick Teufelssee is located around 700 meters south of the Großer Müggelsee at the foot of the Kleiner Müggelberg in the Köpenicker Bürgerheide. Various legends are entwined with the body of water on which, according to one of these stories, a devil’s altar (meaning a pagan altar) is said to have stood. There is also a legend of a princess who, together with her castle, is said to have sunk into the moor.

    4. @doesnt matter As a solitary witch I live far from any witch scene. But I know that there were many witches and (before Corona) also many pagan festivals in Berlin. There are also some green areas here for nature rituals or as retreats. Even if I couldn’t help you very much, I wish you a lot of fun in Berlin in September! 😊

  27. Hey dear how sweet hope you are ok❤❤🤗Wünsche dir wunderschönes Wochenende 🌑🌛🌕🌜

    1. @The witches’ cookery O ja mache grade Picknick mit meinem Freund. Voll schön ❤😊

    2. Thank you – very much enjoying being back with this beautiful late summer weather 🌻✨ dir auch ein wunderschönes Wochenende meine Liebe 🧡

  28. My altar areas are very much part of my “decor” The one in my room is a set of 3 shelves behind my desk where I work all day 😁

    1. @NaNcy K. super sorry my phone auto corrected a word. I’ll go correct it even though we all know what I meant 🥰 blessed be.

    2. I love decorative altars – they bring in such a happy energy! I definitely need to give my work space a bit of magical spark too!!

    1. Hihi great timing indeed! Enjoy your coffee – I’m just sitting down with a cup myself 😃☕✨

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