A Simple Guide to Self Ruqyah – Muhammad Tim Humble

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A Simple Guide to self Ruqyah by Muhammad Tim Humble reedited by TVSunnah to include the ayahs of Al-Qur’an and the Hadeeths to support what have been brought by the speaker.

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  1. TIM, in other words, if you do not CORRECT your ISLAMIC beliefs, you might as well go to hell or not be healed at all!

  2. I got scared most two times: before fajr
    And half an hour before maghrib

    So to prevent the Jinns from overpowering me at those times, I recited surahs and dua at asr and after isha all the way til just before fajr.
    I also had seven ajwa dates in the morning for a week.
    I triggered the Jinns by watching Ruqiya videos so I suppose I was already possessed. I have been black magicked becuase I was told to wear amulets and my mother took to so many magicians growing up, each one lied and gave their own diagnoses and their own “cure”.
    My symptoms were more of me falling ill, memory loss, sleep paralysis, and getting really angry when provoked.
    Even though I love Allah and always maintained a connection with Allah, it still affected me.
    So now I can feel the Jinns in me wriggling through parts of my body every now and then which I wasn’t aware of before watching the excorism vids.
    Once I felt it when I recited the ayah of: wama kafara sulaiman (2:102 quran)
    I try and pinch on to the area i feel the wriggle and recite: Bismillah, ana abdullah, ukhruj adhu’allah (in the name of Allah, I am the servant of Allah, leave oh enemy of Allah)
    I’m afraid to go to a raqi and surface these Jinns. I’d rather pray and let Allah destroy them or take them away as I feel it’s the most natural way to relieve oneself of Jinn possession.

  3. i am stay in a mental hospital 6 months by now.. my husband and the doctors are telling me i have schrizophrenia . I feel that its bkack magic or jinn possession. i taking the meds around 3 – 4 weeks and nothing happened its still the same feelings…..

    1. Believe or not schizophrenia is 95% times is due to “Jinn possession/black Majic” when you have a jinn related problem no medicine will work..So I would advise you to follow self Ruqyah that was mentioned in this video. Don’t waste your money by going on to diffraction doctors..doctors don’t have proof why this disease happen they just guess..how could you control an unseen creatures (jinn) with medicine while medicine is for disease not for jinn

  4. Never look 👀 at appearance alone but judge by action & intention because The book 📕 is great because of the context not the cover!

    Take care of Five Before five:
    1: Take Care of Youth Before Maturity.
    2: Take Care of your Time Before Preoccupied.
    3: Take Care of your Health Before Sickness.
    4: Take Care of your Wealth Before your Poverty 
    5: Take Care of your Life Before Death.  

    Jewish Rabbis Say Islam Is The Truth. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CBcA2IaZyNg

    Verily, Allah does not look at your appearance or wealth, but rather he looks at your hearts and actions.”

    For Those Who Hate Islam – Message From Christian Sister

    Muslim Scientists And Their Inventions That Changed The World https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eO1xEDriHRo

    Women in islam

    ‘Men are the protectors of women because Allah has given the one more strength… And because they support them from their means’. Quran Surah 4:33

    Women have more right in Islam which I learn from. At the time of marriage, a woman is entitled to a financial gift (dowry) from her husband. This dowry is legally owned by her and cannot be used by anyone else. In the case of divorce, she has the right to keep whatever she owned before the divorce and anything she personally earned after marriage. The former husband has no right whatsoever to any of her belongings. This ensures a woman’s financial security and independence, allowing her to support herself in the case of divorce.

    Google it don’t believe here say and there say!

    Muhammad Ali Compares Women Wearing Scarfs to American Women

    ” Jesus said “ If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and I am here. I came not of my own accord, but he (Ellah/Allah) sent me.

    Christian vs Muslim debate (funny). did Jesus die for our sins?

  5. No brother, Ayyub AS wife didn’t leave him. In fact she was the only person who stayed with him till the end. Please don’t give misinformation to the ummah…..

  6. Asalamulaykum jazakalla kairen brother Tim this is very good information absolutely beneficial.. May Allah Swt bless you

  7. Im telling you guys. This one hour lecture will change your life. I’ve been struggling with fighting the satan for years since i was kid and somehow it just took 1 ramadhan for me to do everything in the video. With that little effort, Allah had changed me entirely to a different person. From my social skill, to work and how I behave around my family and my attitude, temper and even finance. Maybe for some people, they got cured when the ruqyah was performed upon them. But it doesnt work for me & that’s what makes it hard and really thankful to Allah for making me go thtough that hardships. I’ve met so many raqis to help me fight them but it doesnt work because that thing keep coming back. I was so grateful that Allah didnt cure me straight away through ruqyah performed by other people upon me. Because that’s how He made me understood how powerful the Quran is, and by learning tauhid is the key to every success in our life in the world and dunya. And for this, thank you tim humble. If anyone reading this, i am actually looking for his video about the topic of tauhid.

    1. @Mishu Islam Reading surah baqara is far better than listening although there’s benefit in listening no doubt In Sha Allah. You don’t have to finish Surah Baqara in one day but you can finish in at least 3 days. So take time break it down to finish with in 3 days. As it was mentioned shytan can’t enter a house for 3 days when Baqara is read on this house..

    2. @Mishu Islam wkmslm. I think if i were u, i would play the albaqarah, at the same time i would read the translation while listening to the recitation. U can go listen to nouman’s lecture for the explanation on surah baqarah.i think that would make the reading better since we understood the meaning internally.

    3. Asalamualaikum brother, I want to do it myself too but my arabic is not very good. It will not be possible for me to read the entire surah al baqarah in one day. I’m slowly learning to read arabic. Ia it okay if i just play surah al baqarah?

  8. 16:42 / 26:15 / 37:20 / 38:00 / 40:00 / 54:20 / 1:06:35 / 1:07:20 / 1:25:46 / 1:26:04 / 1:26:23 / 1:26:29 / 1:26:40 / 1:26:50 / 1:26:56 / 1:27:30 / 1:27:55 / 1:28:35 / 1:30:05 / 1:30:09 / 1:30:11

  9. Jazakallahu khairan… Thanks for masking this video.. So people around the world will benefit, In Sha Allah. I’m from UAE

  10. What should one do when he recites or listens to the quran alone and gets symptoms like wanting to faint/feeling cold then hot/shaking. Feeling like wanting to vomit. Does this mean shaytan wants to leave and how do we then control from which part of body he is going to leave? Do we command it to leave our own body just like raqis do when reciting on others?

    1. In this case The one should keep reciting and listening..because otherwise shaytan won’t be weak if you don’t go through some hardship while doing Ruqyah. It means shytan is being hurt so he wants you to stop but don’t stop

  11. What about some Sheikh like Sheikh Iqbal salfi giving you some ayah to recite at specific times specific number, they say it is mujjarab n they can prescribe this out of experience. Plz guide


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  12. Mashaa Allah Tabarak Allah Comprehensive explanation! May Allah reward you Ustadh Tim Humble. Ameen.

  13. I would like to translate this to my language. How do I do that? Do i have to download the video do the subtitles and upload it again or do you have any other ways?

    1. Superior Place Naildesign and Education yes you have to download this video using youtube downloader and then edit to put in the translation.

    1. Sister Satan has no power over you. If he does its because u gave it to him. Good news you can take it back.

    2. Sister do uhr daily morning and evening adkaars so in sha Allah Satan would be kept away from you and ask Allah Azzawajal to help you ..
      Remember .. you will only have what you have done in this life .. perform uhr Salah ..if you don’t uh will regret it on the day of judgement..
      May Allah help uh sister

  14. Ruqya s needed at enmass level since demons are let loose on humans via cern…esp in war stricken areas.

  15. ما شاء الله لا قوة إلا بالله
    May Allah preserve you brother..
    Wish I could meet you..

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