What does dizziness for seconds after getting up from bed mean? – Dr. Pradeep Kumar T J

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Dizziness is a symptom complex due to decrease in the blood circulation to the brain. In young individuals this can result and a part of anemia, as a part of dehydration, as a part of hypotension. In young women, this can also be a part of the symptom complex during their menstrual cycles. The reason why they get that symptom early in the morning is as they are sleeping, there is an equilibrium which maintains the blood circulation in all parts of the body. But as soon as they get it, there is pooling of blood in the lower half of the body and there is relative insufficiency in the brain which results in transient giddiness. This would settle down in few seconds to less than a minute, once there is autoregulation of blood to the brain. So this can be a normal symptom which if persisting for more than 2 to 3 days, you need to consult a doctor.


  1. I was having a bad dream and suddenly woke up and felt dizzy the world is spinning, my heart beating fast and I’m shaking so I opened the lights, sat and closed my eyes and it went away. Kinda scary for me since it’s the first time.

  2. This happens to me almost every single time that i get up from my bed , like 5 or 4 times a day is it something to worry about.

  3. *Vertigo attacks were usual with me. They typically lasted for a week. It is very debilitating. In March, I experienced a week-long vertigo episode that prompted me to utilize the dizziness vertigo solution. The vertigo seemed to go away quickly.*

  4. this video is old maybe Dr Pradeep is more healthy now , but it seems like most doctors I come across are fat or out of shape but we are to trust them on our health advice

  5. Dr प्रदीप कुमार. आप इतने पढेलिखे हो. लेकिन आपकी समझ को क्या हुवा है ?
    आपके ज्ञान का फायदा सिर्फ अंग्रेजी समझने वालो को ही मिलेगा. हमने क्या बिगाडा है. हमे अंग्रेजी नहीं आती. हिंदी मे बोलोगे तो पुरा भारत समझेगा. आपके ज्ञान का फायदा जादा लोगोको होगा. और आपको भी जादा फायदा मिलेगा..

  6. Its not only in the morning I’m just a teen and i feel dizzy everytime wether i get up from Sofa, chair or a bed its same dizziness man its freaking me out!!

    1. Same but when I get up from the sofa everything turns black but then back to normal but sometimes I also don’t feel anything and fall down

  7. Lol so I’m 13 and recently several times a day I get really dizzy whether just walking into a room or standing up I feel like I can’t see and like I’m about to fall over and everything is spinning today I felt like I was gonna pass out cause I literally stumbled into a room and I felt so embarrassed lol cause my mom was staring at me like wth so I’ve been staying more hydrated now and hopefully that helps

    1. When iam 12..after leaving hospital.. I lost my vision.. Gone black and slept on the road.. Now iam 23 .. 1or 2seconds my eyes goes dim

  8. Dr. I need ur help plz give me mail id or phone no.
    My mom feels dizziness, and balance problem for 5 to 10 min at early morning from 5days she has 14.2 hemoglobin so i m confused should i consult e.n.t or neurologist

    1. @2pac Thug Life same here bro. Let me know if you find a solution. I take virtigo tablets as a temporary solution.

    2. it’s been one year now i feel dizzy from the time I wake up in morning till I sleep back 24/7 dizzy non of doctors know what is happening with me every test is clear even i make MIR scan and CT scan all clear thanks God but still dizzy all the day

  9. i get this every now and then like 2 3 times a year but feels like im dieing no joke for like 10 20 seconds. so i thought i would try find what it is but nothing really helps tbh

    1. This happened to me 2 times in my life, last year and before over 3 years ago…it was so scary,,am waking up to go and urinate and by the time I lift my head I cldnt,I lay back,and then try again, it was scary as hell, I thought I was gonna die, when I called my cousin to come and get me,he took me up I had to close my eyes really tight and hug him very tight and he brought me to the bathroom and after I pee I felt a big big difference altho I wasn’t 100 percent better the day….year after now it happen and I was home alone, I started to panic and I lay back, cause I wanted to pee,I try to get up again, I literally slide off the bed and crawl on my belly to go through the room door,but crawling I have to have my head up, so I felt like I was gonna passed out so I stopped and rest my head on the floor, and then I started the journey again heading to the bathroom,when I reach the toilet I tried so hard to get up throw myself on the toilet and held my head and started to urinate and then I felt so much better, I still don’t know wat it is and honestly sometimes feel afraid it may happen again

  10. Thank you sir
    I have not got my period since 3 months and today after afternoon nap I got massive dizziness and almost passed out .
    I need doctor but I am afraid to go due to corona virus.

    1. I have it every morning im 12 and i also havent been on my period for almost 3 months and once i had it so bad i fainted

      Pls help us

    2. Bruh i rlly hate this virus I can’t go to the doctor or else they’ll prolly diagnose me with corna

    3. @Gaming with DJ boy do you know what it could be? I sleep with lights on not sure if this could be it.

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