Sang H. Kim: How to Prevent Dizziness during Spinning or Turning Kicks

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Sang H. Kim answers the following question from shawnsheng2: “is there anyway to maintain the balance for a front and back tornado kick? i always get headache from the quick turning” More replies to fan questions by Sang H. Kim can be found at


  1. master kim.. i am 19 yrs old weighing 63kgs and i am very very fond of martial art.. but i have can i put my feet into lightness?? or how to improve lightness on my feet.. thnk you for the answer..

  2. haha that´s funny my masters name is Kim too but He´s a bit older than Sang H. Kim I think.

  3. @shawnsheng2 Also something he did not mention and which is of relative lesser importance is that if you spin once in a while you’ll get used to it and get less and less dizzy as you do it.

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