Law of Vibration is MORE IMPORTANT than Law of Attraction | This is Why..

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If you are manifesting using law of attraction, you are thinking you are ‘wanting’ to attract, most of the time it is in the lack vibration of. If you focus on law of vibration you are focusing on becoming the vibrational frequency of the thing you want, which is more efficient when it comes to manifest love, money or success.
Sending love and prayers to all,
Sri Akarshana

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  1. *Be that thing and u will receive it* 🙏❤️
    ( _one day I get rice and I’m like right…I’m asian so I receive STH asian_ 😂)

  2. You are the vibration you radiate💙🙏The second you match the vibrational frequency of your desired manifestation, is the moment it comes to fruition!

  3. You are your own creator when you become the frequency of that which you desire, it comes to you ❤️😁🙌🏽

    1. @p s Try to go to your parents vibration and focus from their angles,then you will understand what is hindering them to accept your likings. Then move forward and manifest. The universe is awaiting your call. All the best 👍

    2. @Yes heeey, I am actually going to be running a 30 day challenge on my YouTube channel, with daily meditations to help with everything you’ve just spoken about… it is totally free and may be very beneficial, I will be posting an explanation of what it will entail in a few days and you can judge whether it is for you or not 😁

    3. I am very depressed I feel like doing meditation and manifestation is that the right time to do?
      Tears roll down when I close my eyes to meditate is that the perfect time to do?
      For chronic disease how to manifest health and what to visualise?🙏 Please help

  4. Master please tell us about black magic’s science and how we overcome it.

    I have already asked you.


    1. @pínned by ThatWasEpic Hello Master Sri, what are the numbers? I think I’m missing the message here. 😊

  5. The vibration you give off is what will come back to you… we are like tuning forks 🙌🏽❤️

    1. @Yes sorry to hear that you’re going through this. That’s rough.

      If you’re looking to manifest good health you can visualize what you want. Thank your body for being healthy now. Thank your body for carrying you throughout the day, focus on what you want to manifest and have gratitude for that already happening. You also will want to practice gratitude for what you already have. When you practice gratitude for what you have, you bring more into your life to be grateful for. Is that helpful?

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