Nikola Tesla 369 Manifestation Music to Open The Portal of Miracles into Your Life

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Nikola Tesla 369 Manifestation Music to Open The Portal of Miracles into Your Life, Use this music to tap into the present moment of meditation, and to access the key to the universe with the 369 manifestation frequency.

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💫 About This Music
☯ 714 Hz Awareness Related, Cygnus Solfeggio Scale
☯ 582 Hz DNA Related, Cygnus Solfeggio Scale
☯ 369 Hz Key To The Universe, Nikola Tesla Frequency
☯ 33 Hz Christ consciousness, Higher Awareness, Gamma Power
☯ 5.5 Hz Moves Beyond Knowledge, Universe Intelligence, Theta Power

💫 How To Use It
Enter the Present Moment of Now,
By observing your natural breathing flow,
Be The NOW

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  1. This was a great way to just focus on my body and my breath. Thank you! This felt so good!

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