Witchcraft and Shamanism

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Witchcraft and Shamanism have uncanny similarities. Could it be true that the “European-Style”, known as “Witchcraft”, be the last living vestiges of “European-Shamanism” preserved within Traditional Folk Magic?

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  1. I just LOVE how Arith manages to link previous subjects he explored to current ones, and I admire how he can still summarise it well enough so that a newbie will not get lost in the video. That aside, the new scene to be an excellent addition. I was quite worried that the wind would destroy the audio quality, but I noticed minimal effect. I hope we could see more lectures at various other archeological and scenic locations, if possible, related in location that is related to the subject. I honestly am excited just by the idea of it.
    Much love

  2. A common term for witches here is “walker between worlds” and I agree there are many correlations between witchcraft and shamanism.

  3. You are such a wealth of knowledge and are a joy to watch. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping us all grow in our practices.

  4. I’m definitely more active in the late spring and summer. I did collect some nettles few days ago but mostly at this time of the year I just want to huddle under blankets and eat. I live for the sun and wish humans could hibernate all winter.

    I should probably get one of those bright light lamps, I’m really only functional for 6 months of the year. Not depressed tho, more like a sloth.

  5. Greetings from the Texas Gulf Coast, USA. Best wishes for your setting out ritual. May the haegtessa’s words bring clarity to your issue.

  6. Wisecraft/Shamanism is a vocation. When you reiterated that concept, I was pleased to finally hear someone tell the truth. It’s important.
    This vocation DOES pick you.
    It’s no picnic, but that’s the way it is. Wherever I’ve lived, I served my community. They somehow knew where to come, usually by referral.

  7. Great video. Like Paul Hoskin, I’m from the Southern Hemisphere. Love your videos and the trees in the background. This is just my time to say thanks for your output. Always worth waiting for, thank you for your excellent videos.

  8. Yeah, there’s no doubt in my mind that european traditional magic had many similar themes to siberian shamanism. In fact it may be the oldest of religions, honouring animals, spirit shapeshifting and spirit flight. This respect for animals is one of the greatest losses to our psyches I think, and it’s intriguing that this is the most feared and condemned by christianity.

  9. The woman who set the latest fires in California self identified as a shaman. She set the fire on September 22. Do you think she was performing a ritual?

  10. You’re a good bloke, Arith. Good to see you, mate. Those tattoos and the beard are looking good. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, our ‘October’ is ‘March’ — but we welcome witches and magic at all times of the year.

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