Why Medieval Britain Was So Terrified Of Witchcraft | Gods & Monsters | Absolute History

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Tony Robinson recreates the evil spells and dark rituals of medieval witchcraft. He learns how to identify, arrest and torture a witch in his quest to discover why, in the 16th and 17th centuries, our ancestors were so terrified of black magic that they executed more than 40,000 supposed witches.

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  1. I am a Christian and I dance backwards but I will never burn My Bible. I lived in a wooden area.

    1. There’s a reason they put fences around cemeteries and it’s not to keep people out.

    2. @Σοφία Κωνσταντινίδου we’re still as primitive as we were 10k years ago our means have just changed

    3. @Laird Cummings Nothing more true than that. Irrational, superstitious, dissonance propelled by religious indoctrination, magical thinking, and trying to connect things that have no correlation as a way to project order onto chaos are some of our favorite ways to cope with stress. And thus, a witch hunt, persecution of minority groups, genocide, slavery, and all sorts of historically accurate horrors that are still happening today. I reckon a little self-awareness and empathy would go a long way in combatting it and slowing the cycle that’s been a recurrent fact throughout our history. Unfortunately, fear isn’t something many can handle in a way that doesn’t bring everyone crashing down with them.
      I’ll dismember my soapbox and be on my way.

  2. rome steal and replace “jesus” hesus is a celtic sungod born in 834 bc, witches are the orginal “christians, reason why i call me “hesus” to return, “mother earth” …………. ps lucifer is latin name for venus, goddess of love (not sex nor porn)

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