SOPHOMORE Performs ‘W I T C H C R A F T’ On The Kelly Clarkson Show

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SOPHOMORE performs her latest single “W I T C H C R A F T” on the show!

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  1. This sounds so much like good 90’s music. I love it! Beautiful voice tone Abigail ♥️

  2. Guys this was her first tv performance she was probably nervous and it’s not get fault the Micro wasn’t set up louder

  3. I know it’s not easy n all, but that was painful. I’m sorry. I know she’s a new one but it’s hard when you’re on the Kelly Clarkson Show, know what I mean? don’t mean this to be mean or anything. But it was painful.

  4. If y’all like her song witchcraft you should definitely listen to her song „Steve McQueen“🥰

  5. Ya so when is she going to collab with the canadian artist Lights? That needs to happen asap.

  6. It’s amazing. Very Lisa Loeb. From the days of CABB about 12 years ago, to the performance at the Janie Jones premiere… this was always coming. Good to get an EP this time. It’s just been singles for a few years

  7. Such a sensual song! Abby’s really coming in to her own this year. I so hope she gets an Oscar nom for Stillwater.

  8. You couldn’t hear anything she was singing. No mic volumen. She also seemed very nervous and definitely needs lots of vocal training to become a singer. No projection, no breathing technique, sooo much to work on. Keep acting though. She is good at that.

  9. Aww from hearing you when you were a teen rehearsing in the studio to now. Grown and looking and sounding amazing!

  10. From seeing you in raising Helen when you were what.. 4? To seeing you now at 25…. I’m so proud of you Abbie!!!

  11. 🎤👱🎵🎶 “W I T C H C R A F T!” I LOVE IT ‼‼ 👍⚡ Keep up the good work for her song!

  12. Good song!!!

    Wish the volume on her mic were louder…. seems a lot of shows do this now…

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