Powerful Ruqyah DUA Against Bad Evil Eye, Black magic Sihir, Jinns, & Jealousy

Powerful Ruqyah DUA Against Bad Evil Eye, Black magic Sihir, Jinns, & Jealousy Recited By Saad Al Qureshi


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  1. Beech may songs ka advertise aata hay
    You can stop advertisement

  2. Really. It is the powerful rukia for every patient. Especially for believers.

  3. Assalamoalaikum,
    Kindly make sure advertisements are put away while being played Rukya.

  4. Plz all my Muslim brothers and sister pray for my daughter she is really sick and she always cry she is just 1and half month

    1. Please recite ruqyah on olive oil and rub her body with that Olive oil. May Allah subhanahutaala grant her shifa. Ameen

  5. Islaam is one of themost beautiful and flexible religion and I am blessed that I am Muslim Alhamdulillah sending positive Vibes to all the comments reader ❤️

  6. Is this auju or uiju?? I listen another dua was this uiju….i’m very confused……

    1. Doesn’t matter how you pronounce it. The intention should be to seek refuge from Allah subhanahutaala from the cursed shaitan

    1. molana shah sahab se contect kare koi bhi pareshani h +91❽̣̣̣ ⓿̣̣̣ ❺̣̣̣ ❽̣̣̣ ❶̣̣̣ ❼̣̣̣ ❺̣̣̣ ❽̣̣̣ ⓿̣̣̣ ❼̣̣̣##

  7. I’ve been thinking about the meaning of life and stressing, but this has helped me clear my head ❤️

  8. Bhaiya tum to musalman ho, is ruqya wale video pe aisi darawani photo lagayi hai ki koi bhi dar jaye.. Kai baar log raat me bhi ruqya sunte hai.. Tum ye photo hatao..

    1. @sana khadiza madam humko koi pareshani nahi hai, ye bhutiya photo hatane bolo Tumhare maulana sahab ko..

    1. The words of Allah almighty will always put you to ease. May Allah subhanahutaala guide you towards right path. Ameen

  9. Plz pray fr me dere r lots of misunderstanings bet me and my husband plz pray fr our pious life.

  10. Rukhya bahot asardaar he ,bahot effective he lekin cover page dekh k sachme dar lgta

    1. Apko kaise pata chala ye ruqyah effective hai? Kya apko kuch hua jisse apko pata chala ki ye kaam karta hai?

    2. 🤲🤲 molana shab se whtasapp par ya imo par contact kare ⑧⓪⑤⑧①⑦⑤⑧⓪⑦ 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲

  11. During evening my body is becoming weak .i am becoming less confident sometimes . Why this is happening .please pray for me also if anybody see this .may allah help us get rid of diseases if any present in our body . May allah protect us from shaytan and his whisperers .

    1. Apko jab tak shifa nahi milti tab tak. Ap padh bhi sakte hai sath me. Concentrate karke sunna zaruri hai

  12. molana sahab contect no h ye +91 ❽̣̣̣ ⓿̣̣̣ ❺̣̣̣ ❽̣̣̣ ❶̣̣̣ ❼̣̣̣ ❺̣̣̣ ❽̣̣̣ ⓿̣̣̣ ❼̣̣̣

  13. Ham jaha cahte vahi par mera nikah ho ap dua kariye please dua kariye please dua kariye please dua kariye

  14. Ap mere liye please dua kariye please dua kariye please dua kariye ki mera mobbhat hame mil jaye inshllah please dua kariye please ki mera nikah ho jaye inshllah please dua kariye please dua kariye

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