Ask the expert: dizziness and balance problems

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Many people with MS experience problems with balance, dizziness, feeling unsteady and lightheadedness. These symptoms can be really debilitating and make it difficult to get on with simple activities.

We spoke to neuro and vestibular physiotherapist, David Herdman to find out about the effective interventions that are commonly used to help improve problems with dizziness and balance.

David Herdman is Principal Neuro and Vestibular Physiotherapist at St George’s Hospital and NIHR Research Fellow at King’s College London.


  1. THis is very interesting you have identified an area which causes anxiety my partner was told lesions on the brain left her with a very uncertain future. Fampyra has been suggested but managing and reducing anxiety is important.

  2. So would you say one should get their core muscles strong to better their balance?

  3. Hi, I know this type of video where the Q is just written on the screen and someone verbally answers are quite a popular format but as someone who’s vision is affected they can be quite frustrating to follow and know what the question is that they are answering. Would be lovely to see an organization like yours make the videos slightly more accessible by having someone read the question out loud while it is on the screen for those of us who have might struggle to read the writing on the screen.

    Mentioning in case this is something that has just slipped by while using a standard format for these videos without realising it can be quite frustrating for some of us (some days more than others!) Guessing you may not have a lot of ppl with optic neuritis or visual impairment on your digital team that might be more likely to realise the difference reading the question would make for some 🙂

    Thank you for all you do, I really find the videos full of helpful and useful information 🙂

    1. Hi Annie,
      Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback. You’ve raised a really important point. We’ll bear this in mind when creating future videos for the channel.
      Best wishes,
      Gemma, MS Trust Info Team

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