Top Dental Care Tips for Babies

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Good oral health is important, especially for children. This video outlines the top dental care tips for babies—because even infants can have tooth decay. To learn more, check out my article,


  1. Love this.😀
    How about Waleda’s kids toothpaste? If using only the thooth brush is enough at this stage, when to introduce the thooth paste? I love both of you First video I saw was when she was brushing her theeth.
    God bless you Dr Mark Burhenne and all your family and everyone watching in mighty Jesus name Amen 🙏

  2. I was also wondering about teethers. My 1 year old never took to any teether that I bought him for more than 2 minutes. He would rather chew on my fingers! However, my hands are ready for him to stop now that he has 6 teeth. Any recommendations for alternate teethers?

  3. You said have them suck cod liver oil to help with facial structure? Will using a straw also do the same? My 1 year old just started on a straw and loves it.

  4. Hi I did same with my son he started brushing but doesn’t want me to help him … after using toothpaste he good little black spot is it dangerous for tooth

    1. @Mark Burhenne, DDS thanks for this do you have a any brand suggestions for the cod liver oil ?

    2. @Mark Burhenne, DDS That’s awesome, my son will be turning three months on the 28th. Thank you.

    3. My daughter started giving it to my granddaughter at about 3 months old 🙂

  5. my baby is 8 months old, shejsut has 1 tooth out, should I use toothbrush to scrub her gums and tooth and for how long till I can use the safe toothpaste on? thank you

  6. Hi thanks for the video! Very helpful! I have one question, you don’t recommend a toothpaste for any age? My child is 1.5 years old, his teeth have become a little bit yellow, so maybe I am not scrubbing enough with just water?

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