How To Maintain Your Oral Health

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This video revolves around the process of maintaining your oral health.
This video describes: how to make informed oral health decisions, when to see your dentist, and
some key management strategies that individuals can use to maintain their oral health at home.
Additionally, this video highlights some Canadian population statistics regarding how oral health
impacts Canadians financially. For additional information, links are provided in the description.
These links provide information on financial relief options for Ontario residents and highlight
specific oral health techniques (e.g., Brushing and Flossing).

This video was made by the McMaster students Marut Patel and Vicky
Verma in collaboration with Brush Dental and the McMaster Demystifying Medicine Program.

Copyright McMaster University 2021

Links for Additional Information

How to properly brush your teeth

How to properly teeth your child to brush their teeth

How to floss your teeth properly (ADA)

Oral health for senior citizens

Ontario Dental Grants

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