Helping Seniors Get The Dental Care They Need

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In California, one thousand people turn 65 years old each day, and lower-income seniors face particular challenges in gaining access to care. Almost three quarters of low-income Medicare recipients did not receive dental care in the past year, and 62 percent say cost was the leading issue, which is why our West Health Senior Dental Center, a nonprofit dental center in San Diego was created, with a focus on accessibility and affordability.
Good oral health is critically important, since it has such a bearing on overall health. Dental problems can worsen chronic conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, and can be a risk-factor for pneumonia and even arthritis. Lack of access to routine oral health may lead to the costly dependence on hospital emergency rooms for basic care that could have been prevented.
Learn how nonprofits West Health and the Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center are helping improve oral healthcare for low income seniors in San Diego and around the country.