Understanding the LAW OF VIBRATION in Trading and the Financial Markets

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This video is for serious Gann enthusiasts and students. It gives a glimpse and insight to understand the Law of Vibration in trading and the financial markets, according to W.D. GANN’s own words. It is an intent to deconstruct, decipher and understand the concept of this universal and immutable law, according to science and esoteric literature. At the end, I show an exercise recorded in real time in the S&P 500 futures showing my own conceptualization and application of the law of vibration in trading, trying to successfully forecast the changes in trend and impulse before it actually happens. This concept works in any time frame and any financial instrument, raising questions of the randomness and predictability of the financial markets.

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1. “Feels” by Patrick Patrikios
2. “Beyond” by Patrick Patrikios
3. “Just Dance” by Patrick Patrikios
4. “Simple” by Patrick Patrikios

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Quotes and sources:
The Ticker And Investment Digest, December, 1909
The Kybalion by the “Three Initiates” 1912

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  2. Is this just for the Stockmarket as a whole or can you also apply it to individual stocks too?

    1. It works for any individual financial instrument (i.e.: stocks, commodities, forex, bitcoin etc.) once you know the particular “vibration” of each one. I even believe it works for every phenomena where a true cyclic non-random event takes place, it is not only limited to the financial markets.

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