Tony Robbins And The Law Of Attraction

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We’ve all heard of the law of attraction – but in this video, Tony Robbins gives a new take on it… one that you might not have heard before.

What if instead of it being all about getting the things that you want, it was about becoming the person who would have those things? What does that mean? It means if you want a passionate and loving relationship, you become a passionate and loving person. If you want to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams, you become a person who focuses on growth and learning. If you want to live a long and vital life, you become a person who does that right now, today.

So what’s it really about? It’s about raising your standards. It’s about creating the energy in your body, in your mind and in your surroundings that propels you toward the life that you want.

This video was originally taken from Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within Event. Unleash the Power Within is the signature event designed by entrepreneur, best-selling author and #1 personal development leader Tony Robbins. This revolutionary four-day seminar has been attended by millions of people around the world for its renowned, life-changing content.

Hosted by Tony and a team of leading experts across multiple industries, participants learn methodologies to break through all limits and create an improved quality of life with unlimited energy and passion. Each day of the event focuses on key areas of life to improve, including work, spirituality, relationships and health.

Celebrity attendees of Unleash the Power Within include actors Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler, Grammy Award-winning musician Melissa Etheridge, television host Maria Menounos, rapper and songwriter Pitbull, snowboarder Shaun White and professional tennis player Serena Williams.

Now available as an immersive virtual event in addition to an in-person event, Tony Robbins and Unleash the Power Within are reaching more people than ever before. With record-breaking attendance, virtual events have drawn crowds of more than 30,000 people from 195 countries.

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  1. I love the video, and all of Today’s contents. But here’s is a problem that I think you should take care of: the background music seems a little louder than the speaker. If you can adjust it, please do. Thanks.

  2. This is actually a valuable lesson. Many people including me often get stuck with a 6 or 7 energy in life. Finally, I realize what I need to do to reach a 10. Thanks Tony. You are such an endless inspiration for many people out there who are hungry for success like me.

  3. Tony, it’s about 30 years ago that I first discovered you. Bought your book “Awaken the Giant Within”. So wonderfully outrageous and divine that you are still out there waking people up. May you live a joyfully long time.

    1. This book inspired me to start my business 10 years ago 😊 looking forward to another 10 ! Miss his live seminar!

  4. Measure your energy fellas! Come into life with intentionality and so life will become a reflection of the intention you bring into it.

    Thank you Tony Robbins for the message it is so simple! Yet so many forget it or do not know about it, it is all energy, and I thank you for the energy you bring to this platform, I hope my channel will bring the same energy as yours one day.

  5. Due to your incredible motivational videos, you’ve helped inspire me to become the Real-Estate Mogul I am today. I want to say thank you & continue to keep inspiring people like myself. God Bless

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    God continue giveing the healt wisdom so youtube can continue in the work you are doing,🕯🕯🙌💡🙏💡😐

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  10. To you reading this: please take care ❤️
    It’s ok if you are feeling overwhelmed. Just know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. All you have to do is making a tiny step every day in the right direction, by making positive choices.
    Spend time in nature, exercise, eat healthy, reach out to friends and family, socialize.
    Yes, when you are feeling depressed even getting out of bed seems daunting, but I promise you; if you make an effort in doing these things, you will feel better.

    1. @AA glad you liked it 🙂

      Unfortunately a lot of people watching this (and similar) channels, are struggling in life, for one reason or another.
      And some small word of encouragement can literally make someone’s day, because sometimes that’s all they need.

      Even one person replying “thank you” to this comment makes me happy, cause it took me literally one minute to type, and made a person somewhere in the world smile, at least for a moment.

      For someone it may be naive or even BS but, there’s no harm in sharing positivity ❤️

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  12. 🙏 *5 Things to Never Do in Rush:*

    *1) Giving away your trust*
    *2) Making big desicions*
    *3) Judging someone’s character*
    *4) Falling in love*
    *5) Eating your food*

  13. 🌄 *Winners never quit and quitters never win.*

    👆 *Please don’t ever forget this. I hope you have a great day from a small Youtuber. :)*

    1. Wow That’s Amazing because I really love someone who is a celebrity and I imagine myself being and living with him. I love him not because he is celebrity but because I love him in his soul. I really hope that I’ll live with him.

  14. Dear person, who reads it. Yes, I mean exactly you! Maybe we don’t know each other. Still, I want to say, that I believe in you! You will certainly achieve your dreams and your happiness! Just don’t give up and be honest with yourself! Now you have at least one person who constantly believes in you, which means you are fated to realize your dreams! No doubts here ^)
    *Best wishes for you ❤️ from a friendly YouTuber..*

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