Laws of Vibration of Stretched String by Sonometer. |XI PHY Experiments| (Urdu/Hindi)

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Objective: Studying laws of vibration in a sonometer
* Law of Length with frequency
* Law of Tension with frequency
* Law of Linear Mass Density with frequency
Class: XI – PHY (Experiments)
Board: Sindh Board
Language: Urdu/Hindi for explanation & English for writing

XI – Physics (Experiments): []
XII – Physics (Experiments): (

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  1. Thank you so much Sir.
    If we pluck the string on different masses so can we get the resonance is in fork????
    Plz reply sir

    1. Very few people realize this,
      Thank You so much for these kind words… 🙏🏻 :’) :’) :’)

  2. Nice sir , how are you make it .means which software are u used..for specaily animated effects

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