Law of Vibration – Universal Laws – Activation #26

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The Law of Attraction is just a part of the Law of Vibration explained here. Learn the law and activate the neural pathways needed for its implementation!
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Here is the link to the book on the Mitochondria:

And the link to the Energy Stick 🙂

The meticulous video and editing is by Brenda Daines with Brenda Daines Photography:

The amazing video clip intro is done with the help of Slidely:

The meditative work in theta brainwave I am incorporating here and also hold seminars for is inspired by Vianna Stibal and ThetaHealing: and

Thank you to my amazing husband Randy and the Rader Group, the YU2SHINE valiant sponsor Find out about how he is changing the world here: Yep, he is the one with the beard!


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