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🔈 SPEAKER 👉 Jack Canfield
🎤INTERVIEWER 👉 Lewis Howes

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    1. Dont just tell yourself…you have to write it out every morning and then all of a sudden you are genuinely grateful….now because you have a new set point because of raising your vibration through that everyday process you attract more positive thoughts and/or ideas…then the more thoughts the more you attract. Hope this helps🤟

  1. I bought a very interesting book on this subject, it’s called The self Code….I recommend it to everyone!!
    The author is Robert Ledward!

  2. When you have nothing…
    You have nothing to lose…
    And everything to gain…

    1. All,, thanks goes to Dr Ali who,, help me bring back my ex ,,husband,, who has left me for years and now my,, ex husband is back,, to me

  3. Powerful message thank u so much even the Bible says as long as you Believe whatever u are praying for u’ve receive it 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. Yes, we have choice, free will to choose! A belief is solely a thought that was thought repeatedly until it becomes a belief. We can reprogram our beliefs and create beliefs that will vibrate out and attract what we wish to experience. We are far more powerful than we were programmed to believe. Believe in yourself! 🙂👍

  5. Our circumstance, background, race, social status DO NOT determine our future, our BELIEF DOES.
    My friends, DREAM BIG beyond where you are, and BELIEF that your DREAM LIFE is POSSIBLE.
    May your life spring out abundance of joy and wealth. Have a great time everyone xx.

    1. All,, thanks goes to,, Dr Ali who help me bring back ,,my ex husband who has left me for so many years ,,and now my ex husband,, is back to me

    2. @Christa Bello Thank you a lot, and I wanna tell you that I’ve seen your positive comments on the mind body spirit channel also and I’m really happy to see such a positive person. Thank you for your great blessings and I wish the same for you 😇💐

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