First Law of the Universe 2019 (Law of Vibration)

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The Law of Vibration is one of the most well known laws of the universe. Everything Vibrates. Nothing Rests. Learn More : Watch this quick video to get an expert’s explanation on the Law of Vibration. law of attraction video for 2019

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  1. Love this however its not steve jobs but steve woznecki. That create apple and built that company and mad the investment and sacrifce.

  2. The book appears to be ‘for sale only’ now, which is fine but inaccurate, unless I’m overlooking the free copy.

  3. Recently I’ve found myself using law of attraction ! Ive just imagined something and then its shown to me in reality , so I started to learn more!
    But now I just wants to use it for tge relationship between my boyfriend and I, cause he left me unbelievably because of someone else which I know why, that was one of my imagination! I just wants you to help me, and I dont know how could I give my love back, its about a month and I can’t get out of him! Help me out, talking about law of attraction in relationships! I dont know actually how, but just help me out! Please and please💓💓💕thanks!

    1. Just move on darlin, youre too good for him, thats why youre not together.. ur on a higher vibration now, and the right man, on your level will find you, dont worry 😉

    2. LOVE the person inside, YOU, now.
      Wake up thanking God for being free…thank you, Lord, for this wonderful moment of joy! I am yours, today. I am listening. I am excited. I am blessed and protected. I am FREE! How beautiful, and full, and complete, I am. My heart is full. Now, feel that fullness of gratitude. Tear up. Feel renewed. Go now…!
      Sin no more.

    3. Hi sweetie, we all go through the pain of “losing” someone we love dearly and it sucks doesn’t it. But you know what: it just might be the best blessing you had, because someone even better might be out there waiting for you! And you deserve the best! We can’t use the law of attraction to influence others, we can’t make others change their mind, we can’t change their vibration. But we can change our own vibration and attract better things.

      So you have to let go this boyfriend, to make space for someone new. And that someone will come to you through the law of attraction. Let the Universe surprise you! Change your mindset as soon as possible. Don’t stay in that vibration that you’re in right now, because nothing good can come out of that. Like attracts like, you get what you feel inside, and think with your mind, but you can’t control that details. Trust upon it that your subconscious mind knows exactly what to do, if you let it. Go study the law of attraction better, so you understand how it really works!

      I send you a big hug! Within some time you will smile and enjoy a much better relationship, believe me, you will, but only if you let go of the idea that your ex boyfriend has to come back. ♥

    4. Baranl Cap we all have our own energy and thoughts the law of attraction won’t work on relationships

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