Find it Hard to TRUST the Universe – Watch This! [Law of Attraction]

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Trusting the Universe is the single most important step in manifestation and creating your reality. But it is also one of the hardest things to do. Like I always say, it is simple, but not easy. So how do you find the right way to trust the universe, and what if you do find it hard to do so; in this video I’ll explain it for you. Because once you do become so aware of your thoughts, and you are fully able to trust the universe, especially in a difficult situation, that’s the exact moment where you’ll see miracles start to happen and your manifestations start to appear in front of you!
Love and prayers for you all.
Sri Akarshana


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  1. I trust the universe,i trust the pure light and i trust jesus christ
    Peace and love ,im thankful

  2. Hi,
    Master sri.
    This is dewan, I’ order the hand wrest
    Can you please, let me know how long will take it yo tecrived by mail.?.

  3. This video helps gave me so much encouragement.I have great faith and continue my mediation Even though i haven’t got the big results yet. But i am at peace. Thank you
    Tuning in from Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬

  4. I’m not kidding, I was literally just watching videos on this topic yesterday. This is perfect timing master, thankyou ❤️

  5. Great answer, it felt so good to hear that I can just ask those questions to myself and do things that takes me up to a higher frequency🦋🌏✨

  6. Hello Master
    I’m just starting to learn this wonderful way of being & I believe so much. Thank you for your wonderful guidance
    Tuning in from Sydney Australia 🙏🙏🙏

  7. brother,is it possible to heal teeth gum through LOA,if yes which techniques we should use?? please tell me.pleaseeeeeee……

  8. Just a suggestion. Master and the host’s audio is very low in ama sessions. Hope this gets fixed. Thankyou. Namo adesh🙏

  9. Good morning Master
    Nice hearing from you
    Heartiest thanks for sharing this beautiful and motivating message and for your usual help and support
    I’m so grateful ❤🙏

  10. It’s all about our frequencies and being nice and gratitude, by finding good even in the bad situtation. At least you can think that ” bad situtation ” is teaching you something.
    Thank you.
    Iam pooja from India.

  11. How to wait,when everything is getting delayed, and people put pressure and cause anxiety.

    1. i am going through the same and i am trying to wait with patience with a mindset that i have done my bit, now it’s universe’s time to act and deliver my parcel

  12. I trust universe…
    But master I am doing everything to attract my crush and she is moving away
    I am.doing something wrong

  13. Not being hopeful but being greatful for everything. Thank you universe, I trust you 🌍(Nepal)

  14. Stay on your purpose. Everything you want and need is on the way.

  15. I used this same image but removed that video lol Thanks for helping humankind.

  16. I trust God and the universe and I am grateful for the many blessings in my life

  17. What if you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness that causes severe depression? How do you still make the law of attraction work if you can’t control your negative feelings?

    1. write your negative thoughts on a paper then just burn it ,flush them ,it really works.

    2. Hi I’ve been through this write everything down process your thoughts analyse them slowly it changes then focus on feeling good it automatically changes

  18. I do trust The Universe, n I do thank The Universe for all The Abundance, that I have in my life.

  19. Thank you for this program.. my question is the same.Why does the law of attraction always giving me a blow in my life. It is from my young age, I have noticed it.

  20. Just concentrate on your positive vibration , rest is done , THANKS MASTER ❤️💚💛🧡💙💜🙏🏻

  21. Thirdly the law of attraction is not the primary operating law in the universe.

    Focusing excessively on LOA is very ego based… “what can I get for myself.”

    As far as I’m concerned any “guru” who is not actively teaching the principles of objective morality and natural law is either a deceiver or a useful dupe for the dark occultists who’s agenda is keeping the world ensconced in slavery

  22. Secondly, universal laws like the law of attraction, just like gravity, are always working whether you believe in them or not.

    laws are not personal… they do not CARE what you think of them.

    If an “innocent” child walks over the edge of a cliff, they will still die at the hands of the effects of gravity, no matter how innocent or uninformed they were.

  23. Master? First of all has this man not heard of natural law and the sovereignty of each and every human being.

    by being called master he’s already putting himself above others… a dangerous precedent.

  24. The universe is taking care of you whether you trust it or not! ✨

  25. I wish I could go into the mountain top and walk out becoming a master guru like you Eric. You are an inspiration to all the people who have thousands of dollars to spend on your products and services.

    1. Can’t tell what the vibration on this comment exactly was but I sense it’s on the lower scale of things…

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