Everything is Vibration – the science behind the law of vibration

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Everything is vibration. What does this actually mean? It’s a concept we hear over and over again in Spiritual circles ‘The Law of Vibration’, and it is the central concept around the Law of Attraction and manifestation work. Its But how do we use this information? And is it really true, or is it just kind of a ‘woo-woo’ idea? It turns out, this concept is actually supported by science, and in this video I offer a practical break-down of what ‘Everything is Vibration’ means. By understanding the vibratory nature of our universe, we can better learn to work with these energies and it gives our left-brained mind an explanation for what may otherwise seem like ‘magic’. We hear things like ‘raise your vibration’ or do what ‘resonates’ with you, as we experience our spiritual awakening. These words are more accurate and appropriate that we may even realize, so today I wanted to offer some insight into how science supports spirituality. More and more these days, we are finding that scientific studies are giving language to ideas that mystics have have understood for centuries. While I am certainly not an expert or a scientist, I hope you will find this video helpful and straightforward.

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New analysis rescues quantum wave-particle duality

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  1. Hello,

    You look very beautiful and surrounded by blue which is my favorite color☺️💙.

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding this. My mom has been telling me how everything is vibration and energy. And I often hear those phrases loosely (very very loosely) thrown around. So if everything is energy and energy is vibrating, how does that connect to spirituality. I (based off person experiences) believe in soul, so I’m just looking for some scientific answers. What is the soul made of. Is the soul the same as consciousness. Bc I’ve also been thinking about how plants are type 1 consciousness, and they are proven to have feelings. Now in that particular experiment they said mean things to the plant, and obviously the plant doesn’t have ears or know English so in addition to the plant having feelings, how does it know negative words are being directed to it? Does this correlate our thoughts having energy?(I heard that in another video) how/why do our thoughts and words have energy? Is it like our brain uses energy to create that thought therefore the thought is made of energy and recieved by our surrounded (the plant)? I’m sorry for having so many questions, I probably sound crazy. But I was raised to question everything, always ask “how” or “why” and I need scientific evidence for my beliefs. Thank you, your video was very informative, though I struggle to understand the science.

    1. Love, Love, LOVE these questions! <3 When people say everything is energy, its sort of the same as saying everything is vibration. Energy is vibration just like everything else in the created reality. We could say the soul is made of energy, and it IS our consciousness. Our awareness of ourselves, our body, our ability to OBSERVE our thoughts, is proof that we are not actually our thoughts or our body. We are a soul, using a body as a vehicle in this dense reality. As for thoughts and words having an impact in that experiment, it is evidence that our thoughts and intentions actually DO shape our reality. Dr Emoto did amazing work with water on this - definitely may want to check him out if you're interested. That said, when people are thinking or saying mean things to the plant, it is the energy / vibration of those thoughts / words the plant is picking up on. Energy is a universal language. We do not need to understand words to pick up on a 'vibe' right? Its the same for all life forms. Thoughts and words have a vibration or energy of their own, and it is influenced by the intent behind those thoughts and words. I hope I explained that ok, but I think your questions are super insightful. I totally agree that I too, need science to support my spirituality. Although at times I realize I must accept that science isn't entirely there yet on some aspects. I get SO excited though when I see new discoveries that support what 'mystics' or ancients have been saying for...ever. lol

  3. My goodness you have the most beautiful eyes.. thank you so much for your wisdom

  4. I really really appreciate the time you took to break this down and explain the hard science in very easy to understand language. I do understand that everything has a vibration. However, I am still lost when it comes to the concept of “raising one’s vibration.” I can accept it as a metaphor, but I see so many people who seem to take it quite literally. That phrase is thrown around so much, yet is almost never explained to my satisfaction.
    Questions I have are:
    1. What specifically is this referring to – raising the vibration of what? Every single atom that makes up the physical body? If so, wouldn’t that imply all fluids/liquids turning to gas and all solids turning into liquid? If that happened our bodies would obviously not hold together and be bodies anymore…we’d just be a steaming pile of goo… How is that the goal?
    2. Is what we refer to as emotional or spiritual “energy” ACTUALLY energy, in hard scientific terms? Or is it simply a metaphor used to describe the way it seems to travel? I would like this to be clearly explained.
    3. What are the mechanics of how energy (specifically emotional/spiritual “energy”) actually increases the frequency of vibration of physical particles (specifically in our bodies)?
    4. Shouldn’t it be “increase the vibrational frequency” instead of “raise the vibration”? “Raise the vibration” doesn’t really make sense. I am concerned by how that particular phrasing with the word “raise” leads to people talking about “levels” of vibration, which also doesn’t make sense in this context, and saying things like “higher level beings.” This leads to people worrying about what so-called “level” they are currently on and trying to figure out how to get to the “next level”. If we are using this strictly metaphorically, that’s fine, however it really does seem like many people take this quite literally. There is no such thing as set, pre-determined “levels of vibration”. And even if there was, different particles in our bodies would vibrate at different rates, not all the same rate, since we all start out being composed of a mix of solid, liquid, and gas.

    The only things I can think of that would make sense are:
    A. it’s just a metaphor, plain and simple, and anyone making claims based on a literal interpretation are making things up / regurgitating made-up things, or
    B. the vibration in question is not that of the emotional/spiritual “energy” waves that somehow emanate from a person and get perceived by another, but only if someone can prove that that type of “energy” is actual energy with a wave, and that increasing the vibrational frequency of these waves of energy. But even then I still don/t understand what the actual physical affects or impact of that is.

  5. Since we know we’re in a sea of undetectable dark matter but don’t know where it’s distributed and since everything in the universe from electrons to solar systems is in orbit with something else, why isn’t the first assumption of how or why a photon acts like a particle but also as a ”wave packet” for every physics student to think every photon might be in orbit with a dark matter particle pulling it into a polarizable axial or helical apparent wave as they travel?

  6. You have a gift of explaining what could possibly be a complicated and confusing subject. Well Done … Thank You! 🙂

    1. Thanks you again Richard, love and light to you too! <3 I'm glad you're enjoying the videos 🙂

  7. Excellent explanation of the science side of vibration. The data can only be as accurate as the measure which raises the idea of boundary limits and the concept of God. Relating/resolving the various forms of conciousness (the indeterminate) with science is no easy task. Thanks for the video. Would like to see more of this. Maybe a topic of work/ energy transfer that occurs in different esoteric healing modalities? I’m an engineer as well…

    1. @The Empowered Empath 😉 well im impressed, i had to refresh my mind after watching. I’ve forgotten a lot that i haven’t used. Background not so necessary just intelligence, diligence and desire and obviously you have those. So if you do the topic of healing energy transfer look at the 3 laws of thermodynamics ( healers hands get hot) and look at convection and conduction 🔼U=Q+W. Okay im done nerding out. Looking forward to more vids.

    2. Awesome, thank you! 😀 For sure I really love the science of spirituality so I’m happy to make more videos about these kinds of topics. I really appreciate the feedback, especially as I don’t have a background is sciences. <3 Thanks Michael, love and light to you! 🙂

  8. Wanna leave a physicist speechless? Ask ’em what ‘energy’ is composed of.
    Because when you break everything down far enough, and get down past the smallest named particle of anything…. all you end up with is patterns in a field of energy.

    …whatever that is.
    ( I hear it vibrates too. )

    P.S. I should have pointed out that ‘vibration’ is nothing more than movement… an oscillation of some material or substance.
    …and I am obviously still waiting for somebody to figure out exactly what it is that’s moving.

  9. Keep it simple, book definitions doesn’t really explain it. Understanding the secret, law of attraction, the vortex, pure thought energy, inner self, will put you on higher vibrational disk of understanding Sourse Energy.
    Words have a positive and negative vibration, the more softer positive words you use in your verbage will get you the desires that you ask for from the universe.
    Test yourself with something simple, like a birthday, or an object, or even a person, and the powers of the universe will give you more of it in abundance . This is manifesting, you get what you think.

  10. *Empath doing QM?*
    I was _born_ this way; I had deep distortion «freaky dream» B4 The awakening when body is not prepared to see all the horrific that can go with that ○○○ I have engaged an empath whom is seeing far beyond even those interested in such things; I have observed that such influences as may be termed variously follow the metrics of QCD where locality loses it’s common definition ••• all of what was seen in later dreams has been found to occur;

    I need a formalism for what I have been calling dull-aura as my life uh; Is not exactly and exciting one ~ this is so that I can speak correctly to others; Not asking for it myself as how to say it is somewhat obvious but it gets frustrating for those I am trying to help by writing off to much as what we call mundane plane; Everyone wants excitement; Most of them anyway; For some that is relaxing then for those like me extra stimulation occurs in Deep Trance;

    1. Wave /Particle Duality in the form of a Stern–Gerlach where planetary binding via Up / Down Quark Triad is held bound via Gravity of the localized condensate;

  11. Great video. As a mechanical engineer with much study of vibrations, physics, a guitarist and awakened too, I couldn’t agree more, EVERYTHING is vibrational. I liked your 3am to 5am video, I live that. Please keep delivering the great content.

    1. Thanks Jimmy! This is awesome feedback! 😀 I get pretty excited when science helps to support our Spiritual experience, so it was important to me to get this right. Bless you and thank you for watching – glad you enjoyed the 3am – 5am video too, that one I was fired-up to share! Haha

  12. Loved this. The heavy science info is perfect A tool to further frame the mystics view!!! And I am obsessed with DR EMoto’s work with water. I began doing a prayer or ritual last year and I kept notes of any changes that may be a result. The prayer used a real crystal glass. Saged. And filled with bottled water each morning I held this glass with both hand and spoke directly into the water my intention or my prayer!! I filled that glass with my energy in a focused manner then drank every drop I did this nine mornings on a row out of each month and kept a journal for the whole year. My focus was to call in forgiveness n unconditional luv. All I can say is AMAZING!!! My life has literally changed 360 degree turn!!
    Have practiced TMsince I was 19 and still pray daily but. Charging the water with my words from my heart. Has I believe elevated my vibration. Your video linked scientific study with belief to me. That was pure magic🌻🙏🏼🌻🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋💙💙💙💙 great job

    1. Sandra, thank you! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed, and that you didn’t find it too science-heavy. I get really excited when science supports spirit so this was one I really wanted to share. Oooh, I love your practice of praying over your water, I’m going to try that! Haha Little rituals like that can bring so much magic into your life, hey. Have you ever tried charging your water under a full moon?

  13. Blessings and thanks for watching! Hope this helps to offer some insight into what this phrase means and why its thrown around so much in the Spiritual community.

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