Dr. Emoto’s Law of Vibration, Resonance and Attraction by Michiko Hayashi

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Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese water researcher who discovered after taking tens of thousands of water crystal photographs that when water is exposed to positive, beautiful words, thoughts, music and vibrations, it creates beautiful, hexagonal crystalline structures. On the other hand, when water is exposed to negative, ugly or destructive words, thoughts, music and vibrations it does not make these beautiful crystalline structures, instead forming ugly shapes.

Because both the human body and Earth itself are about 70 percent water, it is essential that we all learn about water and how it is connected to our thoughts and words. Before his passing, Dr. Emoto founded The Emoto Peace Project (now registered as a non-profit children’s charity) with the aim to distribute 650 million copies of his children’s book, The Message from Water.

Since his transition, Michiko Hayashi has been continuing Dr. Emoto’s life mission as the Ambassdor and Global Director of the Emoto Peace Project by continuing to distribute “The Message from Water”, spreading the valuable lessons of love and gratitude learnt from years of research into water structure.


  1. It all makes perfect sense! It all comes together. Since the earth is 70 percent water and the human body is 70 percent water it makes sense that there is a direct correlation between our bodies and any given body of water. Many nations are dumping toxins into the waterways of the world and instead of meditation to clean the water which cleans us we fail to act. Water holds all the healing we will ever need but right now water is begging us to heal it! Once we the people who are 70% water come into agreement to heal the water of the earth which is also the same 70% we will all be one and we will all be healed! Ying and yang! Peace and love and healing to all of you! Never be afraid of doing something! Say to the water; I love you! You are abundance! You are immaculate healing, you are perfect love and forgiveness.

  2. Hayashi Ha Yah shi = the Yah she aka female . amazingly shes a Yah’hid and may not even know. Once she kinnects the geometry is YahUahs sigNATURE, as he is the power source. YhWh = the 4 power words, aka 🔯 shes going to be surprised.

    HalleluYah = praise Yah rather YahUah.

  3. THis “researcher” made a mockery of science. He did anything but science! It was just a complete scam and all of the woo woo believers just bought it hook, line and sinker

  4. I am from Kerala.. still I could understand your class…. Thank you so much for such a magnificent presentation… Love u so much…ummmmaaa

  5. 18:39💖Love this emotions are infectious and do have an energetic effect good or bad and love how you mention about how we speak to children and pets how it can spew negativity that reminds me of Rapper Tupac Thug life which his acronym for The Hate u Give little Infants F#cks Everything, which is so true and is why we need to spew lovingness and gratitude against hatred and dividance even when its hard to because hatred aka disrespectfulness can be so infectious too but we shouldn’t dish back hate and disrespect just forgive let go and send love back to their hatredness they try to infect onto you, and let go and let God meaning let the main judge do what they create which will have their oncoming back from what they put out don’t be part of that bad karma by going down to their low vibration and just let go and let God keep loving self by not letting misery have company by you becoming down low with them in misery. Pray love onto self and others🙏💞🫂✌👋

  6. I Love you dear for continuing to share Dr Emoto’s work and the implications of his work. He has confirmed what the great spiritual teach have told us. God bless you.

  7. Thank you SO much for explaining in simple terms how you did the water/ice experiment! I appreciate it very much!!

  8. Dr. Emoto did great work and learned a lot from Nikola Tesla who in the 1890’s said Everything in the Universe was created by vibrational frequency and can be correlated to the numerical tables of 3-6-9, and a multitude of frequencies but these two in particular 432 Hz & 528 Hz. The Bible in Genesis states GOD “SAID” let there be light and with his voice/vibrational frequency, light and the earth manifested itself. If GOD’s command/voice would stop resonating the universe and ALL life would cease to exist.

    1. That´s absolute BS! And not even mentioning the religious thing, but these “frequencies” are totally made up and NOT even researched by Emoto. These terms a s”vibrational frequency” mean NOTHING in the context you are mentioning

  9. Just think this talk was just 6 month before we knew about Coronavirus and then the riots! Scary thought! Our thoughts and feelings are powerful!

  10. Wow this talk and demonstration of the tuning forks brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much! I believe in law of and attraction and this demonstration totally explains what’s going on so simply and what is meant by vibrations, resonance and frequency.

  11. Also… in another Vid, Dr Emoto said water is your mirror… this makes so much sense after watching this vid… it’s not just a visual reflector… but an emotional and vibrational reflection of the energy we are putting out…

  12. This is incredible… I have long suspected that we have been unknowingly using language against ourselves in the wrong way… I still can’t decide If it’s really the word or just the feeling & vibration we emit when we use the words hat makes the difference

    1. Very interesting. Spelling… Life & death is in the power of the tongue. Those who love it will eat the fruits thereof.
      Proverbs 18:21

  13. Within alcoholics anonymous 2015 through 2017, I realized if I changed my words, thoughts, actions….then I change my reality. Today, Dec. 2020, I’m living a very happy life with so much gratitude. She explained very well, I have lived the Law of Vibration, Resonance, and Attraction. It began with myself, then the ripple effect created a new prosperous life.

    1. Congratulations on your recovery and newly discovered positive lifestyle 💪🏽💗🙌🏾

  14. So in school don’t keep negative and irritated teachers the will pollute children’s mind and soul and make them negative

  15. Such powerful information! Great explanation and visual representation of these universal laws by this woman. Love that library too. A beautiful environment <3 Arigato!

  16. This is excellent, thank you, worth also checking out Pamela Aaralyn here on you tube, she channels Dr Emoto as part of a group of scientists and Dolores Cannon.

    1. Indeed and that which all school children should already comprehend very, very well. Maybe next in our next life? Or maybe….we’ll learn from our own ignorance before we leave this world?

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