Persistence ALWAYS Gets YOU What You Want // Big Manifestation Story// Law of Assumption

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Hello! I am Kim Velez! I am a conscious life coach. I’m here to help you manifest fast and easily.
The only concepts you need to know to manifest an SP, money, self-love, or anything else is: Everyone is you pushed out, your thoughts create and affirm everything from the end result of what you want!

That is it! Applying and understanding these concepts will give fast and easy results- every time. Manifesting is natural and easy!

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  1. Aww that’s such good news! I actually was just thinking about how we can help others manifest things in their favor; so I’ll definitely have to use this way

  2. Can you make a video explain what love FEELS like’?? How do we get into that FEELINGS STATE??? to feel so much unconditional love inside ourselves

  3. hey thats great news!! I have a situation not the same as the one you’ve described, but equally complex….my question is this, do you just affirm? Or was there anything else? Do I just literally think about what I want to happen? Imagining that it will happen? So far everything I’ve imagined will happen regarding this particular situation hasn’t worked out the way I had hoped.

  4. Thank you for this because these lockdowns and jab mandates and jab passports have caused me to feel really disempowered. I really needed a non sp story. It was great because he was fighting against a system and everything I mentioned is part of a system which can make you feel like the obstacles are bigger than you.

  5. kinda similar to Neville story about building the apartment with no money down… same principle .. congrats to you all..

  6. Family member is a saint. It’s always someone else’s fault. Lucky for us all – we have LOA. Such a relief 😌

  7. Kim I love this and you so much!!!! What a wonderful story and such proof of the LAW!!!!! As well as our ability to manifest ANYTHING FOR ANYONE so happy for everyone thanks for the share!!!!! 🙌🏼💪🏼🤘🏼🙏🏼🔥❤️

  8. Thank you so much for this Kim! Good for your family member! I’m glad things worked out 💪🏽. Time doesn’t matter . Keep affirming guys💜🙏🏽!

  9. My SP and I have been apart for 5 months now. I am moving to a new
    apartment and I still have some of his belongings. Should I let him know and ask him to pick up his stuff?

  10. Kim! This is wonderful news…and a great example of allowing and Law of Assumption…and how we never know what’s truly unfolding behind the curtain in our 3D…however, I kept getting distracted because you absolutely look gorgeous and 10 years younger just from your vids even last year! Even though I only found your channel a month or so ago, upon binge watching, your personal transformation has been remarkable and is truly one of the catalysts for me as I’m on my journey of healing, awakening and ascension. Those internal changes begin manifesting outwards and we really don’t have to take much inspired action for those changes to reflect on the outside. I hope this made sense as I’m kind of exhausted from last few days being so busy. I am truly celebrating with you and your family member as I have been in a similar situation and wish I had known about this way of life then!

  11. Thank you for sharing. My boyfriend is in jail right now and his trial has been delayed for 3 years because of covid. Can you please help with what scripting and affirmations I should do. Thank you In advance for everything.

    1. Simply imagine him there right now with you. Or walking in the front door right now. Loop it
      Affirm “I’m so glad my sp is home now.” Loop it.

  12. Thank you for sharing this story. It’s a great testimony to the power we have. I see it everyday. I’m forever grateful

  13. Im currently talking to my sp which is amazing and even though she reads my dms on ig and looks at my story I want her to take the initiative to reach out to me

    1. Keep persisting and be patient. In the meantime continue to work on your self concept and be the best version of yourself, don’t be a “try hard” and she will be drawn to you. She’ll see how happy you are on your IG stories and won’t be able to help yourself but to reach out. 🙂

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