Jim Carrey – How To Manifest What You Want

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Jim Carrey speaks to us about his view on manifesting and what it truly means to manifest the life you want.

We see here the experience that he went through to get to where he is now. Through all the pains, struggles, sacrifices and tears he still remains in high spirit.

May we all continue to just be.

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Healing takes form in the mind, body and soul.
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🧠 The monkey mind becomes still.
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  1. Evil hides in plain sight. Follow God he will provide. This be the Truth! And tThe Truth is Life! Jesus is Lord and Savior! Run tuck your tail!

  2. You are listening to false prophets like Eckart Tolle. There is nothing more depraved than “The Secret” which has never been a secret because it’s simply using occult imagery known as the Laws of Attraction. Eckart Tolle is no mystic nor is he brilliant. He has led at least 2 distinct generations of people right into the mouth of hell.

  3. To arrogantly believe your own created self can be your own creator of self, current or future, is to live in the Kingdom of Darkness ruled by Lucifer, a Rebellious Angel who will give you what you want if it will keep you under his rule. However, to humbly give all your desires, ambitions and goals to Jesus, the Divine Sovereign Ruler over all rulers, and allow Him to decide your path and your journey through life, is to stand before the entrance to the Kingdom of Light, whereupon, in His perfect timing, God Himself will welcome you in. Knowing the actual name Jesus is a privilege, but, I believe all Lovers of Truth are to ban entrance into “all Israel”.

    Thus, all Haters of Darkness, who hate lies, greed, thievery, murder, cruelty, tyranny, etc, are Lovers Of Light, who love truth, charity, saving life not destroying it, as well as kindness and liberty. Lovers of Light don’t take or try to create their own fame and fortune. Instead, they gladly receive what the Ruler Of All gives them and, more importantly, they share it all with others…if another even wants the Truth and Love that Light Bearers have to give – many do not.

    Jesus said He doesn’t give as the world gives. He gives Light, Truth and Love (mercy, grace, forgiveness, comfort…) in direct opposition to Lucifer who enslaves to fame and fortune on the world stage…no matter the cost to humanity.

    Yup, that’s what I think 😘

  4. He’s 100% correct here, in my opinion. All these things are happening to every one of us right here, right now.

  5. Desire for things and status in life started in the beginning when the first humans ate from the wrong fruit tree.

  6. Everybody is interpreting this video wrong. He clearly states in the beginning of the video that he has killed himself for his desires.

  7. I wondered what had happened to Jim Carrey…he’s become philosophical. He’s rich, but unhappy. It’s got to be better that poor & unhappy. I hope he can get some comfort someway somewhere.

    1. @PTL You imaginary sky daddy finatics are delusional. There is no God and Jim suffers from depression, something millions of people have. I can’t even pity you fools for wasting your life pretending you’re going somewhere special when you die, you all deserve it :’) The bible was written and engineered by man as a dogmatic book of lies to control the masses and exert power and influence through-out the ages, and this isn’t an opinion; its a fact. It’s all about power/control and money. *You wanna bring religion into an inspirational video that has nothing to do with your delirium you call a faith; you’re gonna get checked. L*

    2. Well, he’s free to burden me with some of that monetary unhappiness. None of these rich guys would EVER give it up….it’s just posturing.

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