Dr. Wayne Dyer on the Art of Manifestation | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

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How is the art of manifestation different from the law of attraction? Watch as Dr. Wayne Dyer explains how we all have the ability to manifest anything we want into our lives. For more on #supersoulsunday, visit WatchOWN.tv/SSS

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Dr. Wayne Dyer on the Art of Manifestation | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network


  1. by saying that thinking about a certain state/thing will manifest it, it’s the same as saying it will attract it…. Wayne hasn’t demonstrated the difference between manifestation and attraction at all, sorry..where’s the difference ?

    1. Manifestation is to manifest your true self which is consciousness itself. To be like a child again. To gain wisdom from fear to understand it. To understand your mind and how it affects your body and emotions. When you ask these powerful questions you manifest yourself because it gets you to a point to master your emotions and your mind and therefore gain freedom from your mind and emotions. And when you are in that state of nirvana you have manifested your authentic self. Law of Attraction is Attraction material things into your life. Manifesting is manifesting yourself.

  2. She interrupts a lot. She likes to answered her own questions so much, why have a guest?

  3. you could call into to the Dr Mona Lisa show on Hay House Radio every wednesday, she will give you physical reasons for your depression and right away give you solutions, she is a Medic Intuitive.

  4. Though I love these two people and many things they say, I disagree when they say if you have depression then the cure is just choose another thought- unfortunately life is not that simple- depression is a message telling you something is wrong in your life- and the cure comes when you discover what that is…. and this takes time, exploration and analysing and hopefully discovery of the root cause of the depression, and once discovered it will naturally disappear.

    1. I think you cannot truly understand a situation until you can be impartial to it and look at all sides objectively , but the more you dwell on something the harder this can be and you end up with more questions than answers.

    2. Depression is caused by nutritional facts also. It s so much more than vibrational. Not saying that thoughts arent important because they ARE but for example poor gut health can also lead to depression because most of our serotonin and other hormones are created there.

    3. This is untrue for me. The more you look at the issue the deeper it becomes, like a bottomless pit. Yes deal with the depression because it’s real but dont dwell on the why’s of it. Oprah is not saying just pretend it’s not there. If you focus on other things like NOW, your vibration changes from depression to say maybe irritation which is much higher, than you can move forward away from depression towards hope and happiness

    4. Try it before disagreeing. It was 6 years ago, maybe he has already try it by now


  6. “No judgement or criticism, even for the “Osama Bin Laden’s””…hmm maybe the world is filled with war & violence so that we can all hopefully one day realize that no matter how “bad” or “evil” a person can be, that we must not judge them or criticize them no matter what they do. But instead love them & treat them as we would want to be treated?? Idk, just a thought/opinion I got from watching this.

  7. I’m serious… I think she wears so many undergarments underneath her clothing (to make her body smooth out), that she’s terribly uncomfortable!!! She probably can’t breath easy either because of the triple pair of spanks she’s wearing.

  8. I now understand why Dr Dyer has his health issues and Oprah her weight issues. They never really understood what Ester was saying in the first place in the Teachings of Abraham. As with so many people they make life more complex than it need be. You have to read this and travel over there. (K.I.S.A. Keep it Simple Alway’s. Not K.I.S.S.) Just find the best feeling you can in the moment and allow the universe to do its job. Your now moment has the power to create planets or all those fun issues.

    1. Hii could you elaborate on your comment please, that would be very kind of you. Do you think they made a mistake? I haven’t read the book by Esther yet, but what is it that you claim they didn’t do as Esther explained?
      Thank you very much ☺️

  9. Wow, he is Amazing and so interesting to listen to. I’d like to listen to more of what he has to say about OUR LIVES..

  10. There are no flaws in the Law of Attraction or in any other Universal law. The flaws are in the misunderstanding of these laws.

    1. Yes darling…those who don’t understand end up either refuting the law or saying it is non-existent

    2. Exactly…people fail due to being utterly ignorant of the actual manner or process in which the laws work and then end up debunk them

  11. Source doesn’t always mean God….its whatever you believe as your faith!

  12. One should learn from many teachers; otherwise one develops a narrow-minded perspective.

  13. really Oprah?who is this bald guy now?????
    just join with chopra and call it quits.
    oprah chopra sounds good…really!!!

  14. Deep manifestation is realizing what already is and hooking yourself into it until it shows up all around you.

    Because Earth is destined to become a heavenly realm, in totality, it already is. And we make it so.

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