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Recommended Reading:
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Charles Mills, Black Whites/White Wrongs https://tinyurl.com/y7ytkjey
Eli Massey & Nathan J. Robinson, Being Mr. Reasonable https://www.currentaffairs.org/2018/10/being-mr-reasonable
Isabelle Stengers, Reclaiming Animism https://www.e-flux.com/journal/36/61245/reclaiming-animism/
Philip Dray, At the Hands of Persons Unknown: the Lynching of Black America https://tinyurl.com/yatjv5zb
Silvia Federici, Caliban and the Witch – https://tinyurl.com/ybe2eb43
Step Back History on Witches & Beer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_C__4-J-2g&feature=youtu.be
Vice – https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/yw3bpk/how-the-socialist-feminists-of-witch-use-magic-to-fight-capitalism and https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/j5eppk/is-it-ok-to-hex-a-nazi-how-anti-fascist-witches-are-mobilizing-under-trump
Williams, Capitalism and Slavery https://archive.org/details/capitalismandsla033027mbp

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  1. mobile wont let me actively participate in any live conversation, but i Gotta Say, this is A Look youve got going on

  2. This is fitting, I was working on a set piece for a witchcraft exhibit this morning at the art museum

  3. i’m literally not gonna be able to watch this live kill me 😂 goddamn social life ruining my entertainment experience

  4. That is one hell of a clickbait fam. I mean I’m sure you’re going somewhere with this and I have a solid idea where, but still.

    1. Hah, well they’re both representative of the kind of stuff you can expect from the video!

  5. This premiere thing is very exciting! It’s also an incentive to look at the recommended reading before the video comes out.

  6. I’m really tired of people saying olly is becoming contrapoints. He has been working on bringing his acting into the show for a long time. Yes he is borrowing some aesthetic influence from her but he has drawn on PBS idea channel for years and no one would suggest that he was a copy cat Mike. I think Olly still brings that philosophy tube original spice.

    1. @B2tharocksax 1 I wrote this comment years before she came out, what on earth’s your point?

    1. I enjoy Octopus Circus but they’re kinda the only one right now, besides Dr. Bones, who doesn’t (but should) have a YouTube channel

  7. Got some Friday eve plans now so, cheers Olly ✌️I’m liking the premier feature for this reason.
    PS. Diggin’ that eyeshadow, or whatever it is.. 🙂

  8. weirdly powerful mercutio vibes here? anyway i am pumped to hear the connective tissue between those subjects and also enjoy leftist arthaus aesthetique

    1. It’s a new genre of lefttube. Kinda like evolution. Some great new way to do x becomes dominant becuase it’s the best.

    2. The Aesthetic all began with a music genre known as Vaporwave. You could even say it began with Chillwave prior to that. Look up Macintosh Plus 420. I don’t know the Japanese characters, but you’ll find it.

  9. ​Why this need for anticipating a video, before it “premieres”?
    Please, YouTube, just notify me when it is released! Spare me this superfluous need for anticipation…

    1. Eh I kinda like it, instead of videos just randomly dropping, like YouTube usually is, I can know when to expect them.

  10. Bro, that title. 10 years ago, I would have thought you drew it from a hat.

    1. True, but I’ve been seeing it with a couple of other channels now and since I’m used to instant gratification, being able to watch most videos instantly, its quite tedious to have to wait haha

    2. I thought it would be fun to have the livechat leading up though, plus some of it gets really wild and I wanted to see people’s live reactions 😛

    1. @Bonnie A That’s kind of the point though, Natalie’s content IS set design and costumes, that’s what you should be concentrating on. The lefty message is coincidental.

    2. @M&M  I actually find it difficult to concentrate on what Natalie is saying because her sets, costumes, and characters are distracting. Sometimes I’m wondering more about the how of it all rather than the content of the video. This was my first Olly (Ollie?) video and I felt somewhat the same. On the other end of the LeftTube aesthetic spectrum are Shaun & Three Arrows, who show a standard, simple background image and only intermittently show images that illustrate their points. I do occasionally wonder what Shaun looks like, but it isn’t really necessary for me to see his face to hear what he has to say (and I can understand not wanting everyone on the interwebs to know what you look like as you go about your daily life). I think ContraPoints, Shaun, and Three Arrows all have interesting things to say (I am too new to Philosophy Tube to give an opinion), but, for me, I think the message is better absorbed without the shiny distractions.

    3. Carlos Saraiva contra points, hbombberguy,and him are all friends and have taken a similar lighting set up and even Linsey Ellis

  11. I really liked this video overall, especially some of the artsy stuff and jokes, but…

    Did I miss a content warning on racism? I see content warnings for addressing transphobic ideology but not for descriptions/historical accounts of lynchings from those literally in the KKK?

    And it seems perhaps not entirely timely to make the comparison of lynchings to witch hunts after the frustration and anger about Bette Midler’s recent tweet about women being the “n-word” of the world. I’m US based, so perhaps it’s a more visible problem here, but it reminds me of a lot of the cases I’ve seen where feminist movements were accused of using racial politics to prop up their own movements.

    1. @Josafat Guerrero 2010. A boy was lynched and hanged from a tree in 2010 ffs. There may have been a few more since then, but it’s hard to tell bc they’re usually written up as suicides, now. Police shootings are the new lynchings. Those happen all the time in the US. I guess the lynchers are getting lazy like everybody else cuz… technology.

    2. It kind of felt the opposite way to me. Many think of that kind of violence like something that pushes way back in the past. But he reminds us that we’re not that far away in time from those irrational behaviors.

    3. There was a warning, but the way the racial violence was described was more graphic than any other. It kinda felt like a cheap shock tactic to make the viewer think “oh gosh, that’s really bad, and he’s comparing it to the witch hunts, oh gosh I feel bad for the witches now”. Black people are often used as props in white leftist media, to make us feel bad for the poor white people. “Look at this awful thing happening to a black person; it could happen to you too…”

      I’m not very eloquent but that rubbed me the wrong way.

    1. @Katian’s Issues “magic” is just the manipulation of the energy around you and others

    2. @Katian’s Issues I think he means when looked at thru capitalist eyes. There’s no material method thru which it happens, even practitioners dont know how it works, and furthermore theyre ok with that. It just happens. If you will it, so mote it be.

    3. @Sharkula This was my experience of Wicca as well, and why I never wanted to join a coven. I also think it explains why covens hate solo practitioners so much: because they can’t sell them shit.

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