witchcraft: female empowerment & male nightmare

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Looking into the history, symbolism and media depiction of witchcraft and it’s connection to female empowerment.

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0:00 intro
0:40 history
2:59 skillshare
4:27 more history
6:23 symbolism
9:47 art & media
18:09 Jiji


  1. i can tell this is gonna be one of the best videos i’ve seen in a while and i’m not even a minute in

  2. Ok ok, 3 magic power thingies. 1. Let food/water appear and basically end world hunger. 2. Manipulation, but I would use it in a good way, like: hey bro who is an unnamed leader of China; stop being a d*ck and get a democracy. 3. being able to read every book no matter the language or thickness in idk 24 hours ?

  3. I’m always in awe after watching your latest videos..I dare to say it’s been your best work (even though I love your older videos as well). Beautiful combination of content and aesthetic! 🫀☄️

  4. Our queen at it again with the gorgeous imagary and fascinating topics. Thank you so much for the work you do! 💛

  5. Another great movie talking about femininity and witchcraft and the exploitation of both is belladona of sadness, check it out

  6. I am just giggling throughout the video, people’s perception of vegans, feminism, witchcraft, nowadays especially, is ridiculous 😂 I also loved w.i.t.c.h. books and series and still watch witchy tv shows(little witch academia and the owl house are my fav rn).
    As someone who’s practicing, witchcraft and magick are indeed empowering, but again the way it’s seen by the society is very different from what it really is. Also, witchcraft is connected to nature, its cycles and for me demonizing it means demonizing nature, and we know how our planet is treated 😒

    1. also interesting how nowadays some *f netflix* are kinda demonizing sweet childhood shows, like Sabrina. And turning her magic powers once used for applying lip gloss to straight up setting Satan himself on fire. It totally misses the point… I didnt like the adaptation

  7. This was actually so interesting, it’s fascinating how you go on with your life, ingesting all this biased media, not knowing how it deeply impacts your psych. Reminds me of a book, I recently read,” White tears, brown scars.” Highly highly recommend.

    P.s I only need one power, and thats orbing ( Page’s power from charmed) you cant believe how often Ive fantasized about orbing myself to work, or just to places amid this entire pandemic.
    Ravenclaw signing out 😘

  8. I am a hufflepuff and also the aesthetics
    * chefs kiss *.
    1: teleportation 2: healing magic 3: knowing the hearts of others

  9. i think latent christian still permeates society and is the cause of many of these tropes and sterotypes.
    im re-reading the earthsea cycle by ursula le guin atm. it was clearly the inspiration for harry potter. its written from a taoist perspective, is more nuanced and diverse, and le guin is vocally anticapitalist and political. we still need a good adaptation, its a shame the studio ghibli one was a flop.

    1. dang maybe i’ll read it you make it sound very tempting. the studio ghibli adaptation was unfortunate but i always thought that it had v interesting concepts

    2. Yes the Earthsea cycle gets into the dymanics of gender and magic in such a lovely way 🙂

  10. Recently I thought about this a lot. Also about how older women are being seen as ugly and undesirable, while older men can still be sexy. Just look at James Bond movies.

    Even older women who are still considered sexy, usually only are because they maintained youthful traits (they’re still skinny, have long hair without greys, youthful makeup).
    It’s frankly disgusting and unfair.

    Of course, there is a nature explanation. Young women are still fertile, thus men supposedly can’t help being attracted to them over women their own age. But I honestly don’t think that’s the whole story. There is also a nurture aspect to this that need correcting. Older women are still beautiful and sensual as well.

    And just to deflect readers who might think I’m a bitter older lady. I’m actually a young women who works as an art and glamour model who is just disgusted the the lack of diversity in her field.

    1. @Kiara Swan healthier plus size???

      Are you sure your talking about normal skinny or extremely skinny?

      I think fat people shamed because its harder to maintain a skinny or fit figure.

      It’s easier to get fat than to maintain a better body.

      You are right about one thing though, it is extremely eurocentric, there isn’t much representation of other races.

    2. @the unknown but…. you can use that logic for skinny people too? No one “naturally” likes skinny people. It’s a relatively new phenomenon, and I can argue that you only like skinny people (especially skinny women) because that’s the fashion today and if a guy is seen with a skinny, conventionally attractive woman than his status among his peers increases. Similarly, a woman only likes guys with and because media depicts that women with “hot” guys considered to be luckier than women with “not so hot” guys.

      But that’s not true right? You feel attraction towards skinnier people. The same way many do feel attraction towards healthier/ plus sized bodies.

      I can also argue that media and social conditioning has led to the recent generations to prefer skinnier type of bodies and dislike fat bodies (which is also kind of a eurocentirc idea, and since media was/ still is very much controlled by eurocentirc men…) 😬

    3. @Kiara Swan hmm true however

      In every culture fat and plus size is a sign of wealth because wealthy people eat a lot. Depictions of rich people show most are overweight, especially the men.

      So people are attracted to the status and wealth of those big people, not actually attracted to big people themselves

    4. @the unknown
      1. “coming from women who wouldn’t want to date men shorter than them it bit younger”
      Um…. generalisation much? There are many men who prefer small chested women over large, prefer taller women etc. The same way, all women don’t have the SAME PREFERENCE. I like feminine men, they can be shorter than me (which is probably not gonna happen cause I’m SHORT) and they can be you get than me.

      2. There were many cultures (and still exist actually) who preferred bigger body types (women and men). It was a symbol of wealth and higher class. Also, women who are bigger sized were more because it’s easier to give birth. ALSO, more muscular women existed because they did the same chores that men did.

      3. Lack of diversity is still an issue. There are WAYYY less amount of POC and black people in media (or anywhere actually, like coorperations politics etc)
      There’s like… 1 or 2 POC representation for every 20 white people. And it is changing, but gradually.
      Plus featurism, colorism exists.

    5. On the other hand (I’m 55) it’s has been a relief not to be the focus of male attention anymore. My superpower is invisibility! So I can do whatever I want! Bwhahaha!

  11. This video is definitely one of your best! It has everything: aesthetically pleasing music and lighting, great points on the female experience and witchcraft and last but certainly not least THE CUTEST BLACK CAT ❤️

  12. My wishes
    1.make my cat to be immortal
    2. make every girl, child, woman, animal (and others) to feel safe in this world
    3. make at least 3 good outfits from thrifted clothes

    1. @nouveau courteduree true but you can’t expect the drivers to be responsible all the time, there will be drunkards who will drive crazy.

      You can’t predict it, so it’s your part to be careful.

      If he gets hit and can’t get up, he’s weak.

      If he gets hit and was able to get up he’s strong.

      However it’s not his fault that he got hit, but if he was stronger he would have been better.

    2. @the unknownthat doesn’t make any sense. What you are saying is like saying someone being hit by a car can’t be strong because they can’t get up. They’ve been hit by a car it’s normal that they can’t get up and it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily weak, and it doesn’t mean you should tell them to be stronger the next time, the logical thing to do is to establish rules to prevent drivers from running ppl over, don’t you think?

  13. The negative portrayal of witchcraft is also classist as well as sexist. If we look at how the witch-hunts in Europe started, at a time where land was being enclosed & capitalist wealth and power was being obtained, the hunts were a response to working class women fighting back, and to female independence (healing etc) that didn’t serve capitalist interests. Most women being killed were working class. Upper class people were also paranoid that their servants would rebel against them, so the threat of the hunts was a good way to keep workers in check. Makes me mad to think about !

  14. What a coincidence. I just read a book that completely aligns with this video. The Witch of Limbricht by Susan Smit. The writer tells the story of a woman who was actually trialed for witchcraft in a town in the Netherlands. All of the documentation about her trial survived which the writer used to build her story on. A really good, but sad read.

  15. About this topic, if someone want to dive, i recomend reading The caliban and the witch from Silvia Federici.

  16. Kristen you’re editing literally always hits the spot!! This feels like a literal movie. All the cut scenes and outfit changes make everything so much more intriguing 😫😫‼️

  17. I think I would like to shape-shift, teleport and make people tell me like, things I want to know lol. The quiz always shows I’m a Slytherin but idk I’m not that sure about it😂 I loved that video idea great work as always Kristen

  18. The Love Witch is “pure intension” she literally drugs and r*pes 2 people and attempts a 3rd drugging and r*pe. She also murdered her husband and would be boyfriend. Then plays the defenceless wide eyed doe.

    1. @Kristen Leo her heart was in the right place….her mental health…not so much…

  19. Can we witchcraft solve climate change? Cause I would use it for that, to time travel to get vintage clothes and lastly to summon animals.

  20. 12:35 “i have a functioning digestive system and a will to live back then”
    “just kidding i still have a will to live”
    what about ur digestive system?😀

  21. The Earthsea books are another really great example of “good” magic written by a woman – Tehanu and the tombs of Atuan are particularly relevant to this video!

  22. Ε όχι ρε συ… όχι και να κάνεις διεθνή φίρμα τον hewhoshallnotnenamed…


  23. Kristen : *Claims to not have magical powers
    Also Kristen : * Magically summons Skillshare sponsorship
    Also Kristen : 5:12 *is able to cause earthquakes

  24. Subsribing and ringing the bell to this channel is the best decision I ever made😌🏩

  25. Isnt it weird how the witch is basically just the mystified version of a pagan womans profession.

  26. Never been this early, I feel like this is a moment in ALL culture, we don’t dicuss elderly women enough. The intro alone is uuugh. Saving this for after work, just wanted to share my excitement !!!

    1. Actually ! Just remembered Tonks. Tonks is pretty great. But it’s still waaay too few lol.

    2. Yep! Honestly I have nothing against villainous women in fiction, it’s actually quite liberating, but when aaaall the high profile witches save two are villainous…feels a bit like internalized misoginyYy..

    3. @B Ee the only other older witch I can think of are Narcissa and Umbridge so that proves your point 😅

    4. Exactly. And I personally don’t get it. I love to see older female characters, they are often my favorite figures in shows/Films. Being cool/sweet/loving but also wise and knowledgeable

    5. …three powers: be able to merge with fungi partially or entirely at will (my current focussed interest), block intrusive thoughts, heal emotional wounds. I loved your take!! I’d be totally up for another witchy video cause tis the season. On HP though – i feel like HP kind of also demonizes female witches? I can only of McGonagall as a positive older female example (there’s Molly too but she’s very much portrayed as a mother). Trelawney is treated as kind of crazy, Bellatrix is…Bellatrix; and outside of those three I can’t think of significant female witch characters (outside of the students who technically aren’t reference points like the adults). all the great wizards in HP are men, good or evil.

  27. Right in the middle of watching the love witch 🧹 can’t wait to watch this later ✨

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