Witchcraft · Legend

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Witchcraft · Legend
Nuclear Blast

Magnus Pelander: Vocals and guitar
Simon Solomon: Lead guitar & backing vocals
Tom Jondelius: Lead guitar
Oscar Johansson: Drums
Ola Henriksson: Bass

1. Deconstruction
2. Flag Of Fate
3. It’s Not Because Of You
4. An Alternative To Freedom
5. Ghosts House
6. White Light Suicide
7. Democracy
8. Dystopia
9. Dead End
10. By Your Definition


  1. Thank you, this is now one of my favorite bands, like retro 70’s but better!

    1. @Aa Bb 100% agree. I said to my buddy just now that he’s the better version of the singer from Tool–wider vocal range. Both have phenomenal sets of pipes…


    1. A lot of commentators say he is like Maynard James Keenan of Tool or someone else that has a strong clean vocal delivery.

  3. This band is definently a gem for time to come, this music will never age the whole aesthetic is just soulful heavy rock contradictory to their band name lmao

    1. @Cant Just Exist amen man. All of witchcraft albums are great for different reason’s. This one has a special place each moment of this album is weighed and not found wanting.

    2. @A008_Orange OrangeMusic Well put! Musicians put their heart and soul, and damn hard work, into something this good. While some internets-wizards slam it down with 5 sec comments. Piss me off!

    3. @FuzzyDancingBear That’s the funny thing about music isn’t it? I didn’t really care for any of their other albums and I actually think this is when they started to sound good.

    4. @FuzzyDancingBear do you know that people really piss me off like you … do you have any idea what it means to create an album? if you had respect for it you would shut up …

    1. @FuzzyDancingBear yeah I can understand that. sometimes bands evolve and they may try new stuff and their sound may change some. I feel the same way about tool. I don’t like their latest album but I loved undertow, aneima and Lateralus.

    2. @Paul Elmer I just feel they became almost a totally different band with Legend, and not what I really wanna hear.

    3. I don’t know I think I have to agree with Stefan on this. I think this album is their best release, in my defense I’m just getting into witchcraft. I’ve listened to their catalog and I like nucleus until they got a little weird towards the end of that recording and I like firewood but in my opinion Legend is the real deal. they sound more polished and from what I understand it’s their latest effort. but I definitely think it’s the best from what I’ve heard from them so far

  4. Awesome content! Keep up the awesome work. If you have a moment go have a browse of my videos 💫🧚🏾‍♂️

  5. If Hell was the punishment due, I can’t wait to be there with you. Great lyrical line to end this epic & emotional recording.

  6. As a matter of fact. I suggest buying all of their albums as I did. Each one has it’s own distinct tone, mood, & personality that is very much worth exploring. They use a lot of different instruments in the studio that are layered on these recordings.

  7. Timeless album. Truly epic…I own the cd, but I love having access to it on youtube. I suggest everyone go & order the record. It sounds great playing through my studio monitors. Lots of love went into the mix & mastering of this one.

    1. Got the CD too. But I treasure it so much, I rather come here for my listening’s, and let my CD stay pristine. Haha!

    2. Right! not only that but every note seems measured and there are tone of subtle variations on riffs etc.

  8. What an absolute peach of an album, I cannot stop listening to it. I really hope that Hellfest will be on next year, would love to see these guys live

  9. Reminds me of Porcupine Tree, Sabbath, some badass speakers and smagmar garage full of dank weed smoke.

    God bless Goodview lane.

  10. Heard you at Borgholm Brinner and was blown away. So compressed, tight and peaceful. Wonderful is an understatement.

    1. ok…I am green with jealousy. damn, I really want to see them live….I mean, I can see them live via video…but I know that is never the same… Good for you Nomad, I know they appreciate the support. Everyone stay safe & well.

  11. Awesome music. The instruments, especially the guitar has an amazing tone and sound to it

  12. Sounds like Maynard from Tool…a compliment to be compared to him. Just from listening to a few, this album has a deeper feeling/meaning and builds up steady and solid. Nice work, something different than the miles of down tuned fuzz that we all love. Killer guitar hooks too. Thought I heard a little bit of a Piggy riff in there too(Voivod)…awesome.

    1. Always thought Magnus’s voice was mix between Maynard and Jim Morrison.

    2. I don´t find this singer similar to Tool´s, in any way. (well, I don´t like Tool, but Witchcraft is awesome)

  13. Esto respira a lo 70″, composiciones de nivel y una voz que enamora acompañada de unos solos melódicos que llegan.. , muy buena banda felicidades por el álbum!!

  14. Deconstruction – 0:00
    Flag of Fate – 5:07
    It’s not because of you – 9:44
    An Alternative to Freedom – 13:58
    Ghosts House – 19:16
    White Light Suicide – 23:33
    Democracy – 28:50
    Dystopia – 32:39
    Dead End – 39:26
    By your Definition – 51:35

  15. Great album, like rock from the 70s, but not too hard. A lot of emotions in the vocals.

    1. Yes! I love his vocals for how emotionally raw they are. Few others come close

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