WITCH-HUNTERS: The practice of Witchcraft in the Gusiiland

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Whether it is for treatment of an ailment or to connect to the supernatural world, witchcraft has been with us in Kenya for more than a century, but it is still a very touchy subject. In Kisii County the fear of witchcraft has over the years resulted into the infamous but common witch-hunting and burning of suspected sorcerers. Those accused are tortured brutally before they are set on fire in front of a whole village without any proof of their alleged crimes. But now some residents say, there are other motives behind the killing of these victims.

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  1. When she said take me to the center of the village/town center the villagers did not know why………her blood if innocent cursed everyone involved in her death,the center was to bring the eyes of many so that those who were sympathetic would act as witnesses to the atrocities.

  2. Every country and human race has practiced this, some centuries ago and some are still doing it. 1st world countries use to do it but now 3rd world countries are still doing it.

  3. Kisiis kisiis urogi acheni,i have friends who will never go to Kisii because of fear of witchkraft

  4. these folks have no common sense. If a witch could kill u, wouldn’t the witch kill u before u came for them? I would say yes. If that was the power they possess.

  5. Why not have translation? Reporter speaking english, but the folks he interview aren’t. Whts the damn point. I want to know wht the men he met in secret had to say… Dumb shit

  6. Ingelikuwa ukambani kumuuwa mtu mbila uthimbitisho thambiti, kiambo ya nyungu inatosha kuwamaliza kila mtu na familia yake kwa kila aliye mnguza.

  7. they have just created a psychopath,and this you will tell me later,the making of a serial killer

  8. Oooh,my goodness,na huyo jamaaa anasema wazi wako wengi,haogopi siku ya arubaini itafika,auwawe

  9. That’s absolutely nonsense,why should you appreciate evil in the community. God says in his word,suffer not for a witch to live.a woman witch should be killed.

    1. @D DeWitty well I’m a wiccan, so I don’t use magick to harm others, I use it to help protect those close to me, can ANYONE explain to me how that is evil? Also wiccans worship the triple goddess, not the devil, so people can stop giving me that crap

    2. @Happy Agony. these folks have no common sense. If a witch could kill u, wouldn’t the witch kill u before u came for them? I would say yes. If that was the power they possess.

    3. But a witch doctor is respected? GTFOH with this backwards ass thinking. The Bible also says “thou shall not KILL”! If u agree with killing folks for “witchcraft” then whatever non-electricity having, no running water, dirt floor hell u live. U people will always struggle because of the evil u do!
      Now, if u don’t believe then excuse my contempt. If u don’t believe but u sit around and watch these bad things happen ur no better than the murderers.

    4. You are a monster, we just want to practice our religion, just like you practice yours, and you hunt us down and kill us like animals. People like you can burn in hell.

  10. Human beings are wicked in the heart,some witches wanavaa sura za watu wakienda kuroga

  11. set an innocent person on fire in front of everyone highest form of witchcraft rofl

  12. MURDERERS!!!! Psycho fuckers.. Witch hunters are crazy killers. No one should have this right to torture and kill anyone in such a manner. Insanity!

  13. I had the great fortune of visiting beautiful Kenya,and meeting so many great people,those who worked in conservation,the Kenyan pilots(two were women)the hotel owners,the people who risk their lives to stop poaching, and I see these stories and feel so sad. Say No to Superstition! That poor woman how horrible.

  14. Max Max If I could choose to be like them over being like you then I would gladfully do so. You speak of hate towards them like it’s a good thing then ask why they are the way they are. Because they are beaten down and broken. Struggling for life. You would die in a day if you lived the life they do. You should be the hated one.

  15. They need to evolve to the new and modern world. People like Max Max don’t get that tho because they are too busy judging them instead of helping. Instead of blabbering your mouth and spitting out useless words go make a change and get off your ass. Then maybe if you did that they wouldn’t be stuck in their young mind state. You could make a change, you could get off your ass and help, you could do so many things that impact yours and others live in great ways, but no. You sit, watch, and speak like you are better than them.

  16. It is extremely painful to see how a community can subject their own to death and leave behind many young and bitter people behind. Very sad, the young man will never forgive nor trust the society easily.

  17. Max Max we are not gorillas in western world, also primitive was there they were the founder of witchcraft and they kill so many innocent family don’t think we don’t know the history the same is happening now in Africa, you say the whole world hates us how can they love the lost sheep of Israel the Apple eye of the Most High, we are the lost sheep of Israel, max max. Rotten rulers colonize us how can we stick together only the above will bring us together and love.

  18. I just come across this evil act before the eyes of above today 02/10/ 2016. My massage is to the young and old in the village you carried this act of killing the innocent poor woman your days are numbered, this woman in heaven will watch you burning in the bottom pit of hell eternity, while she will be enjoying in the new Yerusalem eternity, even those who accuse because they want the land and they call her witch shame on you that you will never take that land with you you’re not luck either too you will burn in the bottom pit of hell for eternity.People of Kisii most of you are seventh day adventist i thought you should be better than all,read the bible book of Numbers 23 -11, also 24 -14.

  19. It is sad that they have to murder an innocent woman, leaving a guy without his mother.  Their government needs to get involved an arrest anyone who engages in witch-hunting.  What is funny is that real witches have more love and kindness in their hearts than these people have.

    1. Loving personality or not they are an abomination for what they do and perform

  20. I can’t fucking watch this,made me sick to my stomach.Life is a bitch,rip old lady_can nobody torture you anymore,

  21. skip to 7:29 and see just how arrogant this reporter is…pocketing in church..not joining the others as they engage in fellowship..because hes a city boy…shameful

  22. This makes me sick, where are the leaders? this is murder, everyone has different cultural beliefs they should not have to be punished this violently. this is pathetic the persons beating these poor women should be hung, in public the person who lit this this poor woman should never see daylight again horrible humans woe be unto mankind sons of bitches

    1. By praying at nite at 12 sharp,commanding holigost fire from God to destroy any witch around me, and tomorrow morning,u will see the results,I did that and it worked.the woman almost died from the fire of God.bed ridden .

  23. This long ass video is educative. Someone suggested the best solution in thre video. He said let all witches register their businesses and the area of their specialization. Thats the best solution. Infact witchcraft is a multi billion shillings business if contacted well. 

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