Why Some Black Women Are Turning to Witchcraft

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Once a haven for the entire community, the Black church is losing some of its younger members to witchcraft.

Over the last 5-10 years, more Black millennials and Gen Z’ers are breaking away from Christianity as a religion and seeking Black ancestral spiritual practices. While the practice of magic and the term “witch” is often associated with whiteness, Black women have been reclaiming the space and traditions that originated in West Africa, Cuba, and Jamaica and migrated through the transatlantic slave trade. A 2021 Pew Study found that while most Black people still identify as Christian or Protestant, 15% of Black Americans surveyed say they pray at a home altar or shrine more than once a week, while 8% burn candles, incense or sage for spiritual or religious reasons as often, and 8% also say they consult a diviner or reader several times a week.

This new “trend” has been catapulted by social media where Black women are creating safe spaces to practice divination through astrology, tarot card readings, creating altars, and other rituals without fear of isolation or persecution.

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  1. You Americans are still fighting over religion?
    Just stop thinking about it and live your live lmao…

    1. @Feminine Hustla oh no a strong independent black woman speaks all surrender and fall to your knees!!!
      I care so little of you that I don’t even believe you exist.

    2. @~𝓙𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓬𝓪 𝓞𝓹𝓪𝓵· Orthodox Christians are a ducking joke, it’s just a branch of the the religion that can only be summarized by Balkan and Russian identity.
      But since your name is Jessica I can only imagine that’s just something you like to say so won’t take you serious at all.
      Blip the next grocery and stop being on your iPhone lmao

    3. I’m devout Orthodox Christian and feel everyone has the right to destroy their lives and live without God.

    4. It’s really white people who can’t mind their business and are constantly worried about what black people are doing

  2. This is so sad
    People have been purposely led away from Christianity ✝️ towards Atheism and then Paganism for instant gratification and using spells and witchcraft to “Serve Self” and “Do as Thy Wilt” as opposed to “May Gods Will Be Done”….
    Just look at Movies, Books and Music industries…. Harry Potter, Teen Witch, etc its all very Dark …. and Ego based

    1. @Billy Bob im lost because I won’t worship some heathen because by your standards I am lost exactly the reason I left the faith because apparently because my beliefs differ I’m lost and different. Our blood stays the same color and our dna remains similar stay humble

    2. @Cameron None of your business if you leave the church and don’t congregate you are lost. Hebrews 10:25 meeting together is an important aspect of Christianity. Just saying you believe in Jesus is not enough unfortunately if you don’t strive to live according to his word.

    3. @Cameron None of your business I think that you fear the cross filthy Saracen ☦️

    4. So all the rituals that are done in the church from communion to having the remembrance of me altar and other rituals that are done in the church doesn’t kind of contradict everything that you’re talking about

  3. I swear this wicca shit is the most cringe inducing thing that exists. Adult women acting like they are in some shitty horror movie from the 80s. Get a grip on life.

  4. I hate to say it but witchcraft is just as indirect as regular religion sooooo

    1. Witchcraft isn’t a religion. It’s a practice. Wicca, paganism, etc are religious ideologies. Witchcraft is separate. You can be Christian and practice witchcraft.

    2. @Ronin Skylar that’s why I don’t get most religious converts tbh, like it’s mostly an aesthetic change then a real belief change.

    3. @king zod that’s the problem you’re just exchanging one superstition for another

    1. @Shellz I don’t live in fear! I’m doing better than ever! Ase to the ancestors

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