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Britain has a hugely diverse religious society, but of all the faiths practised here, only one is truly British. Modern pagan witchcraft, otherwise known as Wicca. Wicca is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world. Its followers call themselves witches, worship the Goddess of Nature and believe in the power to cast spells.

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    1. Look, you’re free to practice whatever religion you want, but don’t go imposing your religious beliefs on others. It makes you an asshole.

    1. They meant the wiccan religion. Witchcraft is not mad made and has been here long before any religion.

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  4. There are no worse religions than which permeate our schools and our everyday lives today, main stream ideologies like The Church of England (recently highlighted in a report for sexual abuse) and of course the Roman Catholic Church, who have a long standing record of sexual buses going back centuries. Religion in any form should not be allowed in our schools and in to our children’s brains, it is fucking evil, controlling, and has no place in any society!

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  6. Wicca doesnt work, this artifical religion was invented by sado-mazo guy named Gardner in IXX-XX century, he stole Golden Dawn rituals and Thelema god PAN of Alister Crowley. But Crowley’s Pan is different from antient greek Pan, coz for him Pan is = Baphomet, this god have wings, horns, wool, scales, human hands, men penis and women tits, because he is Pan (from greek “all, whole”, like pantheism), he including everything in nature: birds, animals, fishes, reptiles, humans, male and female. First Wicca was a cult of Pan only. Until one day Gardners students decided to separate male and female of Pan and called female manifestation of Pan by name Diana. After few years feminist wiccan Doreen Valiente left Gardner because she found out that he stole GD stuff, she founded her own feminist wicca were Diana was greater then Pan, moon is grater then Sun. Btw all of planets in our solar system are just 1% of Sun mass, and Earth is like 0,005% of Sun, and Moon is like nothing,close to 0%, but in dorians wicca moon is a great goddess, sometimes greater of Sun.. Wicca is dead religion, there are no miracles in wicca, no healings, no prophecies, no gods manifestation like in Vodun, Santeria, Lumineria and others. Even christians see Jesus in their dreams, in their churches, especially in NDE (near death experience, after death), i never heared about wiccan that met wicca gods or saw wiccan gods in NDE. There is never paranormal in wicca, miracles, results, working magic – nothing. Only fantasies, beautiful pics on a wall, beautiful colourful candles and stones,a lot of blablabla and ritual improvisations. It is more ideology like hippie or new age, wiccans took indian yoga and chakras, jewish kabbalah, english GD magic and Tarot, zen meditation and green (ecologic) ideology just to feel “different”, “spiritual” and “cool”. They hug trees, light a candles, collect plants and cristals and never never never use a real working magic or have real religious experience of communication with gods and to see miracles. This is very cold and dead religion, like plastic decorative fruits near real fruit. Very similar to a theatre playing with dressings up. Now deep in your subconscious you know um right, but you still want to argue and deny, its ok πŸ™‚ I found a lot of real knowledge and miracles in Lumineria and i know what im telling about. If you are looking for beautiful fairytales, stones and dressings, good like with it , ppl πŸ™‚

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  8. Wicca is not British it is pan European with Slavic Celtic middle eastern magic. A truly English religion is wodenism

  9. This is my first time to check this channel. I’m always fascinated with different religions, faith, history. I hope Parable can feature paganism in SE Asia. More videos and more power!πŸ˜πŸ†’

    1. @Clarissa Janice I’m from Southeast Asia too! And have been, as long as I can remember, been curious about the Myths, and Legends; and religions, faith, history of my neighbor’s.

    2. hiii! i guess you are from SEA too. I also really fascinated by those things too. I hope this channel can discover more about it 😁

    1. @Dian Dox Lee hello I like to to join Wiccan but am from Ghana can u help me to join some please,, please that’s my wthasp 0544952953.. please help me maybe I can get some in Ghana to join.shallon

    2. @yo hi amazing what you think you know about a stranger because of words on a screen HAHAHHA. You can’t even spell

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