Salem Witch 101: Witchcraft Explained

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We went to Salem, Massachusetts for a Q&A with actual practitioners of witchcraft to dispel myths and learn more about their beliefs.


    1. Right, because the forces of nature are bad. You do realize we breath nature and ARE nature right?

    1. Many have heard me, yet nobody has seen me. I won’t speak back unless spoken to. What am I?

    2. I can bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face. I form in an instant and last for a lifetime, but I can be forgotten. What am I?

    3. If I have it, I shouldn’t share it, because if I share it, I won’t have it. What is it?

  1. So glad Jesus rescued me. Nothing can even begin to compare to a relationship with Him. You won’t need spells and magic : ) God bless you

  2. They say they don’t worship Satan but why is there a Baphomet on their wall?

    1. Baphomet is not Satan. Baphomet is a god of nature and balance. Satan is Satan.

  3. ¡Devilry! The Witches have return to the godly land of Massachusetts! Waste no time, this imps are trees on the winter, unprofitable, fit only to be hewd down and burnt, waste no time and deliver they to the court in the shire in wich it dwells.

  4. This is how Witch craft works. It has to do with names there’s names that save and names that do not save. The only name that can save is Jesus Christ. Which isn’t easy to do. We often fail. The commandment is to love God with all your heart might mind and strength. Some times we doubt ourselves Wich is not a characteristic of a child of god. That’s when we go to man.which in the scriptures they have said repeatedly to to cease from man. Because man is nothing. In the scriptures it says man is less than the dust, for even the dust is obedient to go. You only have promise if you obey God. If you do not you have no promise. Lastly there are evil spirits. Your body is a temple. Temples are places where God dwells. There are real temples you can go to. They organize your Spirit. This is done by feeling love from God and making promises to him. When you are left with your own devices and are with evil spirits you will crave that love. Sometimes you might relate to things and symbols that will evoke powerful meaning to your temple. But these things are not a fullness. For example a candle might seem attractive. A candle is not an everlasting symbol. Everlasting meaning it is temperary. The light eventually goes out. An everlasting symbol would be like Jesus Christ he says I am the way the truth and the light. A light that cannot be his or diminished. We are above evil spirits. The temporal symbols are attractive to our flesh but they are wrong. They are not everlasting they are not eternal they are not spiritual. Are flesh want stop give in. Our spirit wants to continue on. Evil spirits came before the world was. There was a war fought in heaven. Two plans came to be. There was Jesus Christ and another his name was Lucifer. He also presented a plan. Deep within us is the right to direct our life. It is called agency. The power to choose. We can choose good or evil. Lucifers plan would’ve undermined the agency of man. It would’ve kept man from being able to choose and he would have full power over the spirits that fallowed him. Heavenly father said I will choose the first. Meaning Jesus Christ
    He said I will be thy son and the glory be thine for ever. Meaning he would respect his agency for ever. Lucifer who later become the devil and is given a new name called Satan which means the father of lies. He says god give me thy honor and I will make all men return to the that not one soul shall be lost. . we were spirits then in the presence of God. We did not have a body like him and that was what the plan intended. He would create an earth for us to dwell we would have come to earth and get a body, we would then learn to choose good from evil,. God new that we would sin and that we would need a savior to help us return to be in the presence of god again. Satan was not allowed to dwell in the presence of god again the spirits that chose to fallow god remained with god but those who chose Satan had to fallow Satan out of the Kingdom of god. It say there was a war In heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and prevailed. And the dragon was cast out and his place was not found in heaven.satan and his evil spirits were cast to the earth and dwell in the earth. They do not have bodies but are still in spirit form. They are with out God and are evil. They take light and truth. Just as a dementia from Harry Potter will take happiness frontou an evil spirit act much the same way. There is no truth in an evil spirit or In Satan. They have to will or power to act. Spirits are agents into themselves they can act. And are not meant to be acted upon. When the savior said I am Jesus Christ I am the way the truth and the light he’s saying I’m a everlasting and eternal scourge of strength and hope and light. He has made all the difference. In him is life and power. Eternal scource of everlasting light and everlasting life. Eternally so. This gives us someone in the universe that we can trust and exercise faith in. Faith means your are putting your whole heart and trust upon someone or something. You can trust the savior because he will forever be rightous. Things like evil spirits contain no life, no light. They actually have take light and life. It’s kind of like physics . A dark space is absence of light and energy. Eventually you will run out and will be destroyed. And become like into those spirits. That is why god has commanded all men that they must repent and come into Christ and be baptized in him. Baptism means that you promise god that you will keep is commandments and be obedient to him. In this scripture this promise is called a covenant. Since it is done with God it is more than a promise but it is a covenants. You hear in the scriptures that the Jews were the covenant people. Or chosen people of the lord. They were to set them selves apart from the people of the world. They would live differently then all people and live after the ways of god. Another commandment Is that you will live by every word that proceeded forth out of the mouth of god. For there is power in god’s words. We as men are subject to the flesh. For me to go out a move a log I have to physically act upon that log. I cannot command that log to move and it moves. Unless god commanded me. Because all things are subject unto god. And that is because God perfectly honor and sustains that log. He is obedient and would never violate or doing anything to wrong that log. So that log obeys god. Man however does not. But as God is man may become and as man is god once was. This means man has the potential to become as God is. We have a divine heritage and divine potential. Witchcraft puts us in opposition to God and keeps our spirits so they are not contrite. Meaning your soul will disobey god. Your heart bist be broken and your spirit must be contrite. If it is not it leaves you prone to evil spirits. And they will decieve you. When we talk about will we talk about rightousness. There are two types of will. Rightius will and man’s will. Evil spirits have no will power. The more rightios one is the more will power one will have. Prayer is a way people have been commanded by god to communicate with god. It’s purpose is to make your soul contrite. A term used to say I am humble submissive and will obey god. Broken heart means you acnowlege you cannot do this without god and again you will obey him . You will place your heart above all things and people and places. Meaning god comes first. Why you do the things you do. Because I love God. Evil spirits then will have no power over you. Just witches might look for power to dicieve like evil spirits do. The power of god seeks to show things as they really are, as they really will be and as they really were. God is the same yesterday today and forever. The things of god are familiar to us for we are the workmanship of his hands. He created all things through his son Jesus Christ. The trees the animals the birds the sky’s and the whole universe and all people every where . He would have is choose him to be our father. Not things of men and definitely not evil spirits and Satan. For he is god and is with out compare. No one can compare to God. For the lord is god. He has created us for a divine purpose. That purpose is to become like himself. We are born and taught sufficiently bro know what is good and what is evil. We get married have families and fulfill the measure of our creation. Families are central to his plan. It is written that his work is to bring to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. That is his work. He wants us to choose him. We choose him by keeping his commandments. It’s written that the works If men is to keep his commandments with all our hearts nights mind and strength
    We can do this! As we do this we choose God. And we then love him. If he live me keep my commandments. That’s what the savior has said. There is also the priesthood. The priesthood is power to act in the name of god. Sometimes we might act for and in behalf of another or we might let someone act for us. Sometime names that we represent have a powerful impact on those around us. Like an employee at Walmart might represent WalMart in some matters. And it might be very important for that employee because of he does not do what WalMart says he will be fired. But unlike the power that WalMart might be able to give the employee . God gives different kind of power. This power is everlasting and eternal in nature’s just like the employee from Walmart your must do the will of god or you want have his power. Today there are those who hold the priesthood infact all men everywhere should hold the priesthood. For there families. This would allow each man to act in the name of God for and in behalf of his family. And father’s are the head of there families and the women is the heart . Men preside in rightousness and I. Concordance to what god has asked them to do. As they do that they will be able to act in god’s name. When they do it will never go against what god has asked them to Do. You can not act in god’s name and use his power. God is very intelligent. Much more than man is. His ways are rightous. It will never deceive but will always fee you. It is spiritual and always involves life and light.

  5. witchcraft did not exist before religion. Adam and Eve came down to Earth with monotheistic religion. (Islam)

  6. The devil is purely Christian concept construct based on Pagan Horned God imagery, you lost me because I can see you have Bethlehem and the Virgen of Guadalupe right behind, but God loves you.

  7. Thank you for explaining that the devil ain’t real. And that warlock is not something that male witches like being called. Cause a warlock is considered a oath breaker

  8. Jesus Loves you. This may seem innocent but it’s inviting evil spirits and demons in your life and when they are done with you, they will try to kill you in your sin. If you continue to go down this path, and find yourself in a bad spot with no way out, call on Jesus Christ and He will come save you. Love you and I pray God’s Grace over you. ❤️

  9. I bind and rebuke all of those who Practices black magic by the mightiest name of JESUS CHRIST YAHAWAHSHI GOD I pray amen ❤️👑 Master

    1. @Lil Youngin
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  10. Matthew 11:28
    Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

    1. I cast Fire on the Devil in Jesus’ name.

    2. I’m Christian and I don’t force people my beliefs. It’s actually quite annoying

    3. @I LOVE GOD AND JESUS JOHN 3:16 REVELATION 21:4 no your not your being completely irrelevant to the video you commented under if you wanna talk about the bastard son of genocidal maniac go to church and keep your false god to yourself you narcissist

    4. Why do Christians believe it’s their place to force their religion down people’s throats get a life man

  11. Helpless people who can’t deal with reality create their own fantasy about “magical” powers that will help them because they are special!
    Sometimes it’s God or Satan,,, some other times is just “magic”…. Well, if they are not harming anybody else I don’t see any problem with people living their own fantasies

  12. I’m surprised they never were asked about their reaction to fictionalized witchcraft books such as Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, or The Worst Witch.

  13. Funny that there wasn’t any actual witches during the Salem Witch Trials but I guess that isn’t important LOL!!!

    1. @Rosè- a -Bleu thats why i would consider some of the reported spells preformed by the girls. (regardless of their validity) are at least an attempt at witch craft

    2. @Doktor Danomite Witchcraft is the tool of enlightenment of using ones self energy and the tools provided by the earth to be used as ways to be self reliant and help with the traumas of religion or to be used as a way to bring comfort into your life.

  14. “The devil is a purely christian construct” Because Judaism didn’t precede Christianity?

    1. Yahweh, the god in pre-exilic Judaism, created both good and evil, as stated in Isaiah 45:7: “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” The devil DOES NOT EXIST in Jewish scriptures. References to Satan in the Tanakh are thought to be allegorical.

  15. I like how NBC played that goofy music over the entire video as a way of mocking them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  16. It’s also important to tell people that witchcraft is NOT a religion. Anybody from any religion can be a witch. These type of videos are cool but they do a poor job of explaining that

    1. i realize I am kinda off topic but does anybody know of a good place to stream newly released series online?

  17. I love learning about this and seeing you guys explaining everything! I am personally a “baby witch” I’ve been interested into witchcraft for about a year and I really don’t put any labels on myself yet. I love everything about the craft I love nature and I find peace with it and crystals have my heart 🥺 I have a local witchy shop and it’s so exciting going there to buy new candles etc. I think I might be Wiccan I have to get more into the religion to know for sure thought but I’ve bought some books and plan to buy more!

    1. This is a great start! I always knew I would be a witch since I was younger when I would mash up flowers and mix things to make “potions”. Crystals are an amazing way to draw and gain energy, there’s many ways of using them in your spells, charms, or whatever craft you work with! Candles are important as well and white candles can substitute for any color you do not have! Rosemary is a good substitute for any herb you don’t have and roses and good substitute for flowers. Taking nature walks or even just looking at the ground for best stones that draw you towards them or sticks or flowers is another great way to learn more about what you can work with and how you can use it in your craft! I hope some of these tips help and I wish you the BEST of luck on your journey!! ♥︎

    1. @Bob Semple lmfao get lost. You’re life is worthless and Jesus hates you.

    2. Briannaaa you should watch witchofwonderlust on yt shes reallly good with this stuff

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