Naked Witchcraft | National Geographic

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Pagan people share their views on worshipping – in the nude.
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Naked Witchcraft | National Geographic

National Geographic


  1. What? Why? Really we aren’t helping ourselves if we run around saying we’re better than others. To each his or her own.
    Sky Clad is a euphemism for naked. Are you saying you love naked? Or that you love doing ritual naked? Or that you love religions that practice naked?

  2. zomg, boobs! im against the whole witchcraft and paganism thing, but im sorta ok with nudists.

  3. Cause you speak for God? You know what God is feeling?
    In any case no little National Geographic clip can explain the whole of what Paganism is. It’s a lot of things, not simply nature worship.

  4. 1 – who are you to presume how God feels about something?
    2 – do you have any idea how much paganism is in Christianity? Both European and Middle Eastern, and some have even suggested Hinduism or Buddhism

  5. They don’t have fir trees in Palestine, the christmas tree tradition dates back to ancient German pagan nature/phallus worship.

  6. ahh man i wanted too see the vaginas and pussys and tittes ahh man i thought its going to be cool

  7. as a pagan for 50 years this is complete and utter rubbish, sensationalistic footage!

    Pagan means country people (the roman christians invented the word for any non-christians to make them look stupid).
    We simply appreciate mother nature, the harvest and the equinox but where the fuck this rubbish comes from i have no idea.
    Some pagans do witchcraft (my mum) but its harmless and nice, no devils because we dont have devils, devils are a christian thing sod all to do with our way of life.

  8. I heard this story that soldiers who want to kill Jesus passed over Mary and Joseph because they hid behind this tree.

    That’s why we celebrate Christmas with the tree.

  9. There are so many closed minded people in this world. Makes me sick! Precisely how are they hurting anyone?

  10. Santa Claus is a corruption of Saint Nicholas, a Turkish Bishop who was very kindly (so not pagan at all). The Christmas tree is a German tradition that dates back to pagan times. As for Christmas itself, it’s a hybrid of many different religious practices e.g. the Roman festival of “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti” on 25th December which celebrated various Sun-Gods such as Mithras and Elah-Gabal.

  11. “From me all things proceed and unto me they must return” = alpha and omega
    sound familiar anyone? Not to mention the cup and the wine

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