Misconceptions about Modern-Day Witchcraft (It Really Isn’t Anything Like Harry Potter)

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I’m here as a popular witch content-creator to debunk some stereotypes, ideas, and stigmas about being a witch and hopefully shed some light on what it means to be a witch. If I missed a misconception, LEAVE A COMMENT! I’ll be making a part two!

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  1. Im a babywitch and i did my first spell a few months ago and it was “I have $100 dollar’s” and i swear to god my dad told me today i was getting $100 tomorrow bc of the gifting season. I freaked tf out in my mind…
    …so yeah this is very real. Although i got to say sometimes it takes time.

  2. I mean there’s an actual school that incorporates or bases on actual witchcraft and its called Grey School of Wizardry, its in Sonoma County, California however it operates online, so there’s not much of an actual physical establishment with classrooms and etc. However, it also doesnt only teach actual magick but also teaches stage magic, so yeh if you search for it it kinda looks like a larping school with the fantasy magic elements in it but really it isnt it teaches both stage magic and actual occultic magick

    1. @Chaotic Witch Aunt I consider it as an actual school since it operates similarly to real schools, like there’s semesters, clubs, and it puts students in a 4 year time span, like its system is very similar to real schools hahahah

  3. This is only a TEENY bit inaccurate I’m my personal opinion. It is possible to fly and levitate. But it takes master level experience and doesn’t really have much to do with casting spells. Most of us can’t get our faith that strong though.

    1. But monks and others have been able to levitate etc. throughout history. As well as making things move and float with our minds. That’s all possible. I wouldn’t call it witchcraft though. Also by my understandin, because of the law of mirroring, the universe has a natural system of justice. Always. Best you can do is encourage the spiritual evolution of all parties or else you’re still contributing to lowering the vibration of the collective as a whole regardless of the circumstance being that witchcraft IS science and has little to do with human opinion or views of justice. I just like to educate.🥺🥺 and most people take me as offensive. But hey that’s inevitable!

  4. Yay! My biggest misconception I get is I worship the devil. When I don’t even believe in the devil…

  5. Ermmmm a lot of witches who practice trad craft and folkloric magic work with the witch’s Devil, AKA, the Devil. The Devil is multifaceted and a lot of people also connect Pan, Cernunnos and even Herne to Him. Satan being the “king of wrath” and all that about the kings of hell is rooted in right hand path religions such as Christianity, coming from the Goetia and Soloman which again is RHP and not accurate to Satanic witchcraft, especially theistic practices. I’m so sick of this “misconception” coming up in vids, many of us do actually worship and work with the Devil, and Satan as a god. Please don’t encourage this false info further, especially since you have a larger following that is growing quickly and attracting beginner witches. I usually enjoy your content and you seem really knowledgeable but this topic clearly isn’t part of your path so spreading this info isn’t useful.

    1. @Chaotic Witch Aunt I appreciate that! It just didn’t explain any of that in the video so it sounded a bit negative. As long as you’re aware and educate people when they ask that’s all I’d hope for as I just don’t want the stigma against Satan to be perpetuated. Hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays and happy new year 😊

    2. But I am genuinely sorry that my video upset you. I asked my followers to submit some misconceptions that non-witches have about witchcraft, and the idea that you HAVE to work/worship the Devil to be a witch, or it’s an integral part of witchcraft, was one of them.

    3. Hi! Thank you so much for your input! When I refer to the Devil in this video, I am referring to the Christian concept of the Devil, or Satan, which is why I gave that information. I didn’t however address Trad witchcraft or folkloric magick, which is why I said “It depends on your path” and “this is my opinion” through a lot of my video, and obviously the misconceptions that I receive a lot on my path are not going to be the same for everyone. I am totally aware that some witches work with Satan/the Devil, but since I didn’t want to go into how a lot of times the Satan/Devil that witches work with is NOT the Christian idea and the different facets of Satan, since I’m unfamiliar with it, and I geared this towards those unfamiliar with witchcraft/skeptics.

  6. As a baby Christian witch I love her definition of energy manipulation It’s really good me personally I find witchcraft specifically Christian witchcraft is worshiping God through the things he created around us like energy and the elements…Please if anybody has any more advice I’m really new to this and I love learning

    1. you could do free classes on xoom skype or email people.. or sell classes and become rich 🙂

  7. I don’t need sleep I need to see the upload to have the big happy •^•

  8. May I please add to the comment section the fact that you are SO pretty?


    1. Ye you are sooo pretty I’m a straight ( maybe) woman (also maybe) but I love you’re hair

  9. I’m a bit late, but could you maybe look at/do a video on shifting? Whether you believe in it or not. It’s alright if you don’t, have a blessed day! ❤️🧿

  10. I appreciate that you actually got into explanations and rationale instead of just stating things.

  11. could we start a discord/groupchat for like-minded witches to chat? i haven’t found a group that I’ve settled in yet and i’d love to talk and ask questions with people!

    1. @Talyzara if we can get a few more people interested then I could set one up? maybe fankie could get in on it?

  12. your videos have been so helpful for me, i actually thank you so much! you put off such trusting vibes 🥰🥺

    1. @Vere Witch. What I’m saying is it’s a light hearted joke! It ain’t that deep

    2. @Find Light In A New Page you’re also missing my point of your views. But ok,dear. Whatever you say.

    3. @Vere Witch. As I said above, it’s an unrealistic idea that I just found interesting. Because clearly if you read other things I posted in a public forum, you’d see that.

    4. @Find Light In A New Page if you go back up and look whst you out, I said what I said. Again,you also don’t get to define whats safe either. Again, Don’t post something silly in a public forum if you don’t want people to point out they don’t find it funny. J’s.

    5. @Vere Witch. I didn’t say right, I said safe. Idc if you summon a demon as long as you do it safely. Idc how you do it as long as you do it safely. Like fuck man. Please can you just stop?

  13. My mantra or driving force behind my craft is the phrase “magick in the mundane”
    I use witchcraft every morning when I make my coffee, when I journal, when I care for my plants, when I clean, when I bathe or wash myself. Every moment of my day has magick infused into it. It’s something I have been practicing for years but never had a name for.
    It’s not always big, complex spells or rituals (though it can be). Sometimes magick or witchcraft is as simple as drinking a cup of tea with herbs you grew, dried, and mixed yourself.

  14. Have you at some point in your craft felt overwhelmed and like you don’t know what you’re doing and not exactly sure where you craft is gonna go? What do you do in those situations? Although I know some things I still feel unsure about everything I do, like I know nothing compared to how much information is out there , I constantly doubt my abilities.

    1. Oh yeah. All the time. I deal with self-doubt regularly. Remember that that little voice in the back of your head, whether it was placed there by you or another, doesn’t know jack sh*t.

  15. her: uploads a vid.
    me: yay time to get out my crystals, moon and sun water, and candles

  16. You are my favorite person to learn stuff about witchcraft because I feel like you really know what you are talking about.

  17. So, if it’s someone who sexually assaulted you, and know them personally, could you perform some kind of curse or hex?

    1. only if you feel comfortable. i wouldn’t ever do that, i just don’t believe it’s right

    2. You can! Always make sure you do research and protect yourself first before cursing/hexing though! 🙂

  18. Love your content, and your hair! I hope the rest of your day is wonderful as well ❤️

    I was wondering if in the future you can talk about spirit guides. I’ve heard people talk about spirit guides and deities, but I’ve only seen people go deeper into explaining deities and not guides. I have an entity that has helped me and “spoken” to me a few times to advise me, and I think that I am in a place in my practice where I am comfortable enough to reach out to them and figure out who is it and try to establish a relationship. I’ve heard there are tarot spreads to do this, but do you have any other advice?

    Also I would love to hear about your journey with NeoPaganism if you don’t mind sharing. I hope your folk magic studies are going well too ❤️

    Sorry this was kinda long hehe – Much love and blessings 💖

  19. Hello! how are you? a question i have? What would you rate the type of witchcraft you practice out of 10? hope you’re doing okay 🙂

    1. I’d rate my witchcraft as a 7 and a half or so. I’m comfortable where I am, but I’ve got a bit to go. I’m eclectic btw.

  20. I am becoming more comfortable with substituting herbs in my spells at first I was like no it has to be this but like this other herbs works just the same

  21. Me at 3am: *trying to sleep*
    Frankie: *posts*
    Me: I don’t need sleep I need answers

  22. I love to watch your videos while drinking my self love strawberry rose milk 🤍🕯️🧿

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