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Practitioners of witchcraft employ their skills for both beneficial and sinister uses.
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Mexican Witchcraft | National Geographic

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  1. Completely Off Topic but does anyone know the chords of those strings that play at 5:12

  2. @GodKillerAtheist and what is christian witchcraft? how do you compare christianity with paganism? they are exact opposites. your not too swift are u lol

  3. I’ll bet 20 thumbs up by next week that this video is re-posted.. i swear ive watched it before on NG

  4. whisper to yourself the magic words”oh what a goose i am”…….. this is effing embarrassing and almost as childish as the more popular religions… almost….

  5. mambo jambo… there is no supernatural its fun to play pretend though.. many people do it, christians muslims jews. Science doesnt have to conquer supernatural because if something exists by definition its natural

  6. About half way through I was starting to think: any person who believed that mutilating an animal and stuffing it with junk in jar could have any effect–would themselves have to be hopelessly naive. Then the priest got scared for his soul and performed his own magic spell with a leafy stick and crucifix.
    Anyone else find that somewhat funny?

  7. @AWAKENxEXMORTIS That’s a stunt to *cough* steal *cough* the attention of Harry Potter fans. #FAIL

  8. now see, i thought magic was shooting lightning outa my hand not throwing junk in rocks and dropping leaves on people.

  9. Whether they say it’s for good or bad, it still ruins you and your family. I say it from experience, I saw my family get more apart cause of this crap. I warned them and still do, but they never listen, smh. -_-

  10. It’s probably all I’n their head. They were Just scared and nervous, the brain is very powerful so that can explain it

  11. @TFv052 ahaha I believe in no “God” or anything as such. And i didnt say they were on shrooms, i said, similar to shrooms, what they see and feel is all in their head. Of course you believe anything you see right ? So ye they have every right to believe in witchcraft, but they are mistaken, blinded by reality. It is all in their head, they only think they can see it, but really its no even there, it doesnt even happen. Like ur imaginary friend when ur a kid…. just like that.

  12. Fucking irrational idiots, witchery is for cunts and motherfuckers who deserve to die because of their stupidity and supersticious bullshit that are ruining mexico.

  13. @DarthScosha Yea, I know about shrooms but they arnt on shrooms and just like christianity. You believe god is watching over you and all that other stuff..but this type of religion is real, maybe not for someone like you who I believe comes from christian decent..

  14. @TFv052 No its fake, its all in the mind. You heard of magic mushrtooms, you take them and you start seeing and hearing stuff that isnt even there ? Well its coz its in your head, well with witchcraft and all that other stuff, people see it and believe it because they want to, and because they want to, their subconscious mind opens up to, and they end up seeing stuff that isnt even real, then because “they have seen it” They will say to anyone “yes it is real”

  15. @DarthScosha Thats what you think but you never experience it so you think its “fake”

  16. @Edgarmac13 I didn’t see anything in this video that couldn’t be explained by placebo effect, self-fulfilling prophesy and confirmation bias. If you find this video interesting, you will find the actual science behind why people believe false things even more interesting. Check out videos on YouTube by James Randi and Derren Brown. They are professional illusionists that know how to fool people into thinking that they do real magic and they make videos to show how easily people can be fooled.

  17. @Edgarmac13
    This also happens in the middle east..of course in Islam witchcraft is also extremely forbidden which means it does exist! But they do not have an open market like in no way authorities will shut it down. But also they are not that common or obvious and they believe the users of witchcraft are uneducated or uncivilized people who use them to get what they want. They are used for exactly the same reasons as said in this video. Its just horrible.

  18. People are crazy to believe all this stuff, i wish i could go and shoe them that its all in their mind and its not real

    one would think that national geographic could act more professionally than trying to trick ppl into viewing their vids with hot topic tags…

  20. I’m from Mexico and this type of things are true……. especially around rural areas….. where ppl still believe in supernatural things…… i hear a lot of these kind of stories……. since i was 7….. i used 2 live with my grandma in a rural area….. n it was kinda normal 2 heard these kind of things……. there r things science cant explain!!!!!

    1. But these are just that, stories. You heard as an impressionable kid so they stayed with you.

  21. interesting to see scientists unable to explain what they thought was to be simple mass fear. This proves that Humans are imperfect and that imperfection means there will always be something the human mind is not able to comprehend

  22. @eenaz08
    aww, i’ve never done a first comment lol I just noticed it had 0 views and I was like wow…

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