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Practitioners of witchcraft employing their skills for both beneficial and sinister uses.
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Mexican Witchcraft | National Geographic

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  1. I’ve seen a man splitting a woman in two pieces and putting her back in one piece again. If I would think like you, I would think it was actually happening. But it was not. It was a trick.

  2. mitchel: i assume that you are also too ignorant about science to know that scientists would actually be interested in such a discovery, if it would be true, and nthat you would actually get a nobel price for this, if it would be true.

    you should get this checked by people that are less gullible and more educated than you are, and im sure they can tell you how exactly you got tricked into believing this superstitious nonsense.

    cmon, cast an evil spell on me, im waiting 😉

  3. lol, idiot.

    prove it and get 1 million dollar.

    the james randi educational foundation offers 1 million dollar for anyone that can show something supernatural at work.

    you know that this is real, you didnt even try to get the 1 million dollars, so i know that you are an idiot. you have seen results, but the people doing it didnt get the 1 million dollars? well, easy, they tricked you, it doesnt work under controlled conditions.


  4. white magic or black magis is the same thing you are calling demons not angels, or a possitive energy there is just demons in those practices,the bible says that Satan is the father of lies and yeah it is true stop been ignorants for those that dont believe in God the bible or God called u stuped literaly because it is imposible that there is no God it is impossiblee.

  5. Mexico is still so backward, it will never stop being a third world country as long as people are still stuck in the world of mystisicm and collectivism. The Catholic religion doesnt help either.

  6. Where’s your proof that anyone burns in hell? Or that there is a god? And what’s so disgusting about any of this? If you don’t like this kind of shit, why do you search for it on youtube? To post comments, trying to get people to swing off Jesus’ nuts? In my opinion, if god really exists, and we are all his children, then he will forgive us all and love us all the same and there’s nothing SPECIAL about Jesus because we are ALL equal to him because that’s what I think, therefore it’s right, so…

  7. Concerning these things. For people who are interested. There is a set of books written by Carlos Castaneda. From the 60’to the 80’s He goes down to mexico to meet with Mexican Shaman “DON JUAN” I have read 4 of the 8 books. It’s very revealing info. You really can’t look at the world the same again.

  8. embryo23: “If the world stopped spinning would’nt we lose gravity and float up into space? ´´

    read the wikipedia-article about gravity. it has nothing to do with rotations. you can see this by just holding a thing in your hand. you can feel that it is heavy, even if you dont spin it.

    heavy objects attract each other, and earth is a big, heavy object that attracts a lot of things.

    i cant believe that people really can be that ignorant about science.

  9. i cant prove there is no god therefore im an idiot…or as we like to call ourselves atheist. jk

  10. sognofanime:

    your religion is stupid, really, i mean it.

    your religion does not deserve any respect, because it is stupid. freedom of speech deserves respect, freedom of speech is more valuable than your stupid religion. i repeat it: stupid religion. stupid stupid stupid.

    and why is it stupid? because it causes you to believe that the respect that we should have for your stupid religion makes your stupid religion more important than my freedom of speech. i dont respect stupid religions.

  11. this is wrong. while the existence of any deity cannot be disproven in most cases, it could be proven very easily.

    god would just need to show up here in reality and let himself (or herself) be observed under controlled conditions.

    if a god would announce that he would stop the rotation of the earth for 2 hours and then let it rotate again, and then does it, that would be enough i think. it just has to be observable, not some nonsense that happens after your death or foul tricks like that.

  12. omg my grandma does this!!! she did the headache remedy to my aunt. it was crazy just watching her

    1. @Aday G What do you mean energy. Have you ever seen energy. Do you even know what magic is.

    2. @Justin no it’s like the yin yang says Theres good and bad but lost souls usually turn out to be bad because they are forgotten or never recognized

  13. You may think its whacky, but some may not. And i dont think nat.geo is promoting anything, they just educate people on what goin on around the world.

  14. 1 star. this is nonsense.

    i dont like how nationalgeographic regularly promotes whacky religious beliefs, by pretending that those beliefs actually are real.

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