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  2. Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. 2nd thessalonians chapter 2 vss.7 to 13.

    1. Usually has Mother Nature (mother Gaia) worship. And mother goddess, father god, and sun god worship. A lot of feminists are being brainwashed into worshiping female “deities”

  3. I had a friend who claimed she was saved and believed in all these weird things. Couldn’t be happier our friendship ended 😌 I notice how the media normalises tarrot readings and fortune tellers. So disgusting 🤮

    1. @Orange Blossom those ppl who did the ghost hunter show? Didn’t they argue and kill each other or something?!? That show pulls ppl away from the bible, it’s gotta stop! We need to PROMOTE THE BIBLE AND THAT JESUS IS LORD! ❤️

    2. @Orange Blossom Your mother should have protested you having to read that Witchcraft book!

    3. @Orange Blossom looks like there’s going to be a mass pullout of kids from schools by parents who realise something weird is going on…and there’s this prominent diplomat that once said it takes about 15 years to bring about a new order….because they start from the schools

  4. Her light and energy changed when she began to speak Jesus’s name! Good prayer.

    1. holy anointing oil was used under the law of Moses (see Exodus 40:15). Prophets anointed priests and kings, and the sick were anointed with oil as part of the procedure of healing by faith and by the laying on of hands; Read the Bible there more references in the New Testament

    2. Curiously, in the Torah (Leviticus 15, specifically) we read about a house being unclean with plague or pestilence. Just something that came to mind, reading your question. There are instructions for the Aaronic priests, for examining a house, and how to ritually cleanse it, once he’s determined the pestilence has not spread in it.
      Does that help at all? If not, sorry brother, and keep diligently searching the Word.

    1. Yes “New Agers” are falling trap to all this. We’re in the generation of self gratification, sexual orientation, and feeling falsely powerful. They strive further from God and media, movies, music are making it worse.

  5. Good for people who love the world and didnt know this. starting with Disney etc

  6. I used to always watch scary shows and murder mysteries. Weird things happened and I definitely had to quit watching.

    1. Same here brother. I thought I was just scary. When ever I watch creepy disappearances and other creepy videos, I can barely sleep. Every noise makes me paranoid. I even sleep with the lights on. This has been going on for a while now. I thought I was the only one. Those videos can be addictive too.

  7. I respect everyone’s opinion or believe but these practices go way back, and even shamans use these tools to heal. Jesus was a healer if you are going to open the doors to other stuff you are going to attract other entities. I believe everyone needs to really educate yourself because Christians and others are the reason why a lot of people lost there life’s years ago. So let’s educate ourselves physically mentally and spiritually. This is why the world is the way it is ignorance. Some of us are born as mediums, psychics so what’s next what are we smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Those on the side of truth, listen to Him. If you reject the Son, then you reject the Father, because the Father sent His Son.

    2. And another warning! Just because something is rapped up in a cute little bow and nice pretty packaging doesn’t mean that it is harmless. Just because child sacrifice “goes way back” and witch manipulation and control as well, doesn’t mean we should teach our kids, and family and the whole world how to “get what you want” through mysticism. God doesn’t say something is a sin just because. He says it because he KNOWS it WILL harm us. It will have adverse affects. It is the same thing that destroys a society. Because of the new age. People are starting to believe that the “universe” is god and they they themselves “are god”. They don’t understand how far back esoteric, and witchcraft things go, and how dark it is.

    3. There is a part of the Bible that warns that if you participate in divination, the occult practices (witchcraft, etc.) you have a 3-4 generational curse placed on you, and you have to break off that curse so your children don’t end up with altered states of life or terrible torment

    4. I am not mad at you. I am mad at the deception. Im tired of saying things all over and over again to people, because they won’t go after and do research for themselves. They won’t look for why us Christians KNOW it is demonic. And they remain the same mockers and scoffers that the Bible prophecies about

  8. Believe the rogue aviation group that may have family members psych drove her and destroyed her indifferent to outcome

  9. Terrible information… worst than any witchcraft out there.
    I’m shocked w/what these two are selling.
    May you find the light ✨

  10. My sister in-law buys these crystals and makes jewelry and sells it she can tell you what these stones can do for you she gives lots of them to my husband who just sets them on fireplace ro some small ones came out of his pockets and throws them on his night side table no one touches these stones for cleaning or health but we admire their beauty…do you think we are in danger letting them enter our home my husband is not a practicing Christian he believes in an afterlife but that’s about as far as he chooses to think about it….should I get these stones out even tho they were given to my husband not me and very well would cause issues between my husband and myself and also my sister in law and myself I’m torn

    1. @Yare Not not only throw them away renounce the spirit behind them and the connection behind the object

    2. Witches use herbs, oils, perfume, dried flowers ect..It’s not the object, it’s the intention.If you think they are pretty then keep them, after all God created them, but if you are using them to keep you safe, to cleanse you, or your house, then get rid of them. It’s like worshiping an idol. You have to make the choice yourself, but if I personally felt that the Holy Spirit was making me question, or feel guilt about something, then I would stop.

    3. If you or someone believe they have power that’s a manufactured faith and it’s wrong, put your total faith in the Lord. John.14:6

    4. Your sister in law sounds like she’s doing it as a pure intention. She does it as a hobby not witch craft.

  11. Ouija boards are a portal for demons. My mother warned me when the movie the craft came out. This woman and I grew up during the same time. I can relate with her so much on the upcoming generation.

  12. When I have been in a dark place. The Bible and Jesus Christ will help you… It’s real. God bless guys. I used to read occult but learned my lesson.

  13. I personally feel churches with rock music and video is just trying to lead people down the wrong path.. I’m no expert, but that’s my opinion.

    1. @T. Dalton Blair Actually the problem has to do (at least in part) with the drums and the connections drums have with ancient rituals, conjurings etc

    2. @FearTheTruth Russ Dizdar died this week. Let’s pray for his grieving family and all who miss him.

    3. @T. Dalton Blair It could be something as simple as saying something when everyone is in a hypnotic state of mind from the music.

    4. I agree because even if lyrically it’s about good, the key is the instruments and the key they play in and the notes they hit..

    5. @Sandra Garcia About eight (8) years ago I heard a testimony that the Lord, God revealed to this person that Christian Rap, Rock, and Reggae are all sinful.

  14. Why are churches always ran by a guy with beard and glasses that plays guitar? It is common all over the country.. Seems out of place and uncomfortable.. Unauthentic.

    1. God is not a respecter of persons, thus neither should we be. You shall know them by their fruit instead. Those that wear soft clothing are they not in king’s houses?

      “But what went ye out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment? behold, they that wear soft clothing are in kings’ houses.”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭11:8‬

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