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Do Wiccans Practice Witchcraft? | Wicca

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Hi, my name is Phillis Cura and I’m a Wiccan priestess. And yes boys and girls, I’m a witch. I can’t believe I’m saying that, except I’ve been saying that for a long time. As you can see, no pointy hat, no green face, et cetera. But yes, Wiccans practice witchcraft. In fact, the word wicca comes with the word witcha, it’s an old Anglo-Saxon term. And witch is the phonetic spelling of that old Anglo-Saxon term wicca, it meant a wise one. It was the shaman of the local village. And there are other forms of witch craft, in Italian its stregheria. You have lots of different kinds, culturally defined kinds of witchcraft. But wicca comes primarily from England, Great Britain, it has Celtic influence and became very public in the early 1950’s with Gerald Gardner who soft of rescued it from oblivion. He’d been initiated by the new forest coven in England and he stirred into that cauldron of a lot of creativity.

There’s romanticism and transcendentalism and the elegant golden dawn which was the poet that people knew, Yeats and Lady Gregory who helped create the Irish National Theater and George Bernard Shaw messed around with them. And with masonry he pulled in a lot of influences into contemporary Wicca. It’s undergone tremendous transformations in the last 50 years. Especially with the influence of the role of women in Wicca. As priestesses and teachers have had a tremendous influence on transforming it and making it more dynamic.

MY own tradition is the tradition of aura and it’s a shamanic tradition because from the very beginning when I was initiated in 1981 I also began working with Michael Harner, Dr. Harner, who created the foundation for shamanic studies. So I was studying qua-shamanism that would tie into Wicca. Wicca has a root that goes back to the earliest religion to shamanism. It is very modern, it’s a kind of modern renaissance of rediscovery. The ancestral wisdom of the British Isles and to some extent Ireland and Celtic countries as well. Yet it has a root that is deep in the Earth and goes to the earliest religion to shamanism. It’s a specific cultural form, British, and Celtic, some Irish. A combination of the two along with cultural influences, and now it’s very American, and very European. It’s also all over Latin America, Brazil, there is a huge Wiccan movement in Brazil. And Columbia and Mexico, Australia, and each place and each era, each generation brings a new facet so it’s a living religion. It’s not dogmatic, and it’s a personal spiritual path that’s celebrated in community although you can practice. So it’s constantly undergoing a kind of transformation, it grows and matures and it discovers new depths and new ways of practicing. It becomes more sophisticated too, becoming more clear and more effective and more powerful with each generation.


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Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome,
Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
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You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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    1. I have never said that every person who engages in magickal practice is a witch or that witchcraft and ceremonial/ritual magic are the same thing. I know they are not. I said that Wiccans are witches whether they want to admit that or not. Its built into the very craft they practice.

    2. @The Seeker Exactly Witchcraft is the oldest religion in the world and wicca the 1957 postmodern feminist cult!
      The quote Laurie Cabot “There’s no such thing as a wiccan, there’s no such thing as a religion called wicca.”

    3. I’m a little late to the conversation, but no, not all Wiccans are witches. What I mean by that, is that, not all Wiccans practice witchcraft (low magic). Many take an interest in high magic, which would make them not witches, but magicians, occultists or whatever else you may want to call it. Do not confuse every person who engages in magical practice to be a witch. Witches are only those who practice witchcraft. Witchcraft and ceremonial/ritual magic are not the same thing. Not every witch is a Wiccan, and not every Wiccan is a witch. That being said, every Wiccan incorporates magic in their practice, without that making them witches necessarily. Some Wiccans (most I’d say), however, do practice witchcraft, which makes them witches.

    4. @Arcadia Occult Curio Shop I have no idea why you are going on about Marxism. I have not talked about Marxism even once. That’s your focus. Not mine. Are you confusing me with someone else? Wicca is a modern day religion with many denominations that incorporates the practice of witchcraft, that many men and women practice. Its not my cup of tea but at any rate witchcraft by itself is far older and it is a practice anyone can do if they put the time and energy and effort in it to learn. No religion is required to practice it. There are even secular witches.

    5. @Sophie Mairre I’m sorry but you’ve been lied to, it is an archaeological anthropological an historical fact the religion of Witchcraft is the oldest in the world and wicca was never a religion. We real Witches debunked your Marxist nonsense at every turn.

      Suggested reading for the study of the religion of Witchcraft. (Very short list.)

      “An ABC of Witchcraft past and present by Doreen Valiente”

      “Natural Magic by Doreen Valiente”

      “The God of The Witches” by Dr. Margaret Alice Murray

      “Ancient ways” by Pauline and Dan Campanelli

      Witchcraft today by Gerald B Gardner

      The meaning of Witchcraft by Gerald B Gardner

      “Aradia Gospel of The Witches” by Charles Godfrey Leland

      Short book list for advanced Witchcraft Archaeology.

      “The Tarim Mummies”
       by J. P. Mallory and Victor H. Mair

      “Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture”
      by J. P. Mallory

      “The Witch-Cult in Western Europe a study in Anthropology” by Dr. Margaret Alice Murray

      “In Search of the Indo-Europeans: Language, Archaeology, and Myth”
      by J. P. Mallory

      “The Divine King of England a study in Anthropology” by Dr. Margaret Alice Murray

      “The mummies of Ürümchi”
      by Elizabeth Wayland Barber

    1. Wicca is witchcraft. Wicca is male , Wicce is female. Wicca(e) translated means the wise ones. Individuals who studied botany and their environment. Who practiced a nature base and fertility faith.    

  2. My only issue with Wicca is the integration of the words witch and witchcraft. As time goes on and Wicca develops more and more people use the terms Wiccan and witch interchangeably. Wicca and witchcraft are not the same and while one can be a Wiccan and a witch we have to understand their differences. Witchcraft has been around for millennia, while Wicca has only been around since the 50s, more or less. Wicca is very much a religion with a set belief system and while not dogmatic in theory, there is definitely a set idea of what is right and wrong amongst wiccans. Witchcraft is a spiritual practice of magick that in its purest form is rather irreligious. -a non-Wiccan witch and proud Pagan

    1. I’m a proud practitioner of witchcraft, and there is a huge difference between true Witchcraft and Wicca. I’m not saying I don’t respect Gerald Gardner but his Wicca teachings are not true Witchcraft.

    2. All Wiccans are witches. All. Every time we cast circle we are using witchcraft to weave the energies. IHow you can think paganism and witchcraft is an oxymoron is puzzling. One can certainly be a Pagan witch, as well as a Christian, Jewish or Atheist witch. No oxymoron there at all.

    3. +Joseph Gauthier
      Nope! There is no difference between a male or female witch. All Wiccans are called witches. Even men. Wizards wasn’t even apart of the witch vocabulary until the segregation of men and women during the 1300’s so in other words… Men are witches! Same as women!

  3. To all the god lovers that take this seriously you don’t have to watch this if you don’t want to hear it. If I was you I would go back to youtubes home page and get on with your lives.

  4. I’m a Witch, I’m very adept at the Black arts and honestly I don’t believe that there is such thing as a white witch, sorry to say but there’s not, people can believe whatever they like but it’s the truth agree or disagree I don’t care. yes the Devil does exist Wicca is a bridge to hell and it’s funny how Wiccans are so ignorant that these spirits they so call good and light are tricking them at least I know I’m working with Malevolent forces  

    1. @Adam Nguyễn Mmk I’m no witch you’re right totally yeah, I’m so Christian, Praise Jesus, 😂😂😂😂

    2. +Chris Flejter Yes, I believe that it’s the intent that makes the magick good or bad. Very true, if the intent is selfish I’d say it would be classified as “black magick.”

    3. @Hazelmoon Firestone well that’s a matter of opinion, If you believe magick has no color, good for you, but i do yes its about your intentions but if your intentions are for evil selfish purposes its dark magick

    4. I personally don’t believe in “black” or “white magick” I believe that how you classify the magick you perform as “good” or “bad” depends on your intentions

  5. So much damn ignorance in the comments section. Christians, please do research before you compare Wiccans to Satanists and say we worship the devil.

  6. I read some of the comments that are on Wicca and Wiccan pages or video clips and some people are so rude and ignorant for example why why are Christian or Catholic people on a Wiccan page well let’s see when you do a circle and you are evil and you are doing a spell with evil and you release a demon how do you think that demon is banished do you think its a flick of a finger and he’s gone the real ritual is to get a priest holy water and see then do a cleansing with all those ingredients in a Catholic prayer there’s no other way to get rid of demons that you some it so why don’t you stop picking on the Christian and let them do whatever the hell they want to do instead of picking on them telling them that they can’t be with a wicca or wiccan.they can be whatever they want now Iam going to never come on a page like this again unless I subscribe to it I am so tired of people picking on each other and telling each other what religion to pick…its sick. It may not have happened with this videos comments-but who ever thinks that needs to get there heads checked- and no I’m not Catholic or Christian but I could still see past it why can’t you? I know the people who I’m talking about will most likely shoot there month off. But hey i shoot mine off to stick up for people-others do it to upset people. What kind of life is that? I thought wicca people believed in karma and so we didnt do bad things to other. Jezze get real and leave people alone. If they ask a question be nice and answer it like a REAL good wicca.not a evil and rude one. Remember-we treat people how we liked to be treated-would you like someone in your face? Pointing the finger at you because your a wicca or wiccan? You would feel upset and if you didnt you need to see a doctor because your feeling are every where and you may need something for that-so why cant we just love eachother? Is that not what this is all about? Love peace and harmony that’s the way I thought we were supposed to live our lives loving one another being peaceful to one another and living in harmony with our earth an elements around us so please before you pick on someone why don’t you think about yourself getting picked on. bullying is a huge issue that we have to overcome ourselves if we are going to be a nation that can get along with each other and stop killing each other so please stop I don’t like to use the word hate but I will here I hate bullies I hate people that always fight it out with each other and don’t respect each other and hate each other come on guys we can all get along that’s the only thing anybody has ever wanted in the whole world if we put together we can make it happen but its terrible they just want to rip there hands away so that they don’t have to make that loving circle sorry about any spelling mistakes I am using a voice machine that talks for me my hands have arthritis so I can’t type too much sorry for the big book I’m signing off now peace and be with you blessed be

  7. Really? Wicca and Paganism is about peace and harmony. You can have your opinions but don’t go lying to everyone about what we are. Jesus had no other option he was going to be executed either way he died like the same as other men and women… I personally don’t believe that he died for us. If he was the light of the world and he is dead now are you trying to say that all light and hope on earth has vanished because I believe many people would disagree. Light is inside every individual.

  8. Wicca, witchcraft, paganism will send you to the pit after you die.

    Repent of this darkness and turn to your Maker and only Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is the Light of the world.

    Jesus loved you so much He died for your sins but rose from the dead. Those demons behind wicca and paganism don’t love you, they wish for your soul to be eternally damned. Don’t be deceived.

  9. There are other ways to be at peace and this is what I believe and you don’t know god exists she said last video that Wicca is about knowing not believing

  10. i find it hilarious how some people are like “Witches are evil!” “they worship satan!” “if you’re not with god almighty then you a against him!”

  11. There is One way to heaven, and that is through the Messiah Jesus (Yahusha) who came from heaven, to earth, he grew up and died on the tree to wash away our sins.Abba FAther raised Him from the grave and he went back to heaven.We must sincerely accept Messiah to be saved!

    1. you are so dumb. you have no idea what you are talking about. besides. i always see christians who persecute our kind and give us such a hard time. IS THAT REALLY CHRISTIAN? i think not. if you really believe and practice what you call christianity, than ask urself 1 thing. would jesus love us or hate us. PAGANS UNITE

    2. I recon if Jesus knew what Christianity would do to the world and other countries heritage he would have said, Fuck this, you can screw yourselves. Tell you if there is a God I bet he is pissed right off.

    3. Us humans are very forgetful. Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it. Religion especially has the tendency to keep fucking history and forcing everything down others throats. I don’t give a fuck what Jesus did or didn’t do. Son of god, I don’t know. Point is Beliefs are personal, and most follow blindly into religion. The word religion means a group of people that share a common belief. How can their be religion when everyone has a different view? Quite silly really. Christianity is worst for doing this. If you take away the Muslim extremists, Islam doesn’t force their beliefs, buddhism doesn’t, Taoism doesn’t. Wicca doesn’t. Hell not even Jedi Realism does and the work with the Force. Tell you what though, id pick being a Jedi over a Christian any day. At least the “Jedi” folks don’t force it on others. They know its personal and keep it that way. Way I see it, religion is just another word for, War because someone fucker thinks he is right. 60% of the worlds history burned and lost because of religion. And we wonder why our world is so fucked. Puts things in perspective. 

    4. @The Prepper I literally praise you for saying this. Finally someone with some common sense.

  12. I’m Colombian and I’m told by my very catholic parents that my family bloodlines our almost completely wiccan and it completely explains my good luck and ability to get what I want from the weather

    1. Most people have to learn to control the weather with magick, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying that ISN’T true for you. Only you would know for sure. But Wicca is a religion, not magick in itself. People in your family being Wiccan doesn’t automatically mean you are. But you may have natural ability, which is pretty cool.

    2. So would that tie in with my good luck and ability to have the weather I want and stuff along the lines of that or would that just be luck itself

    3. Wicca is not inherited. However, Catholicism is very Pagan in a lot of ways, so I wouldn’t be surprised if people in your family are Wiccan, or if people in your family taught magick.

  13. Personally, I don’t believe in Satan. He was a creation of Christianity and I don’t believe in it. I worship Diana and she doesn’t look like Satan. Diana is a kind, Loving, Nurturing goddess. Now do you understand why I don’t worship satan

    1. Paul McCartney if you see her real look, you’ll run away for your life…she has got you hooked through deception.

  14. Your Welcome. I also would like to apologize for her as you could see by my comment wiccans have different beliefs and practices so it is hard to give a simple explanation to question like Howcast is asking.

  15. I therefore would advise anyone thinking of dabbling with wicca or anything pagan to stay away from it. These spirits are real and are also powerful but they are up to NO GOOD. You would stay away from someone who looks like they’re up to no good when you meet them in the alley, so do the same with deceitful spirits/angels. Once you invite them in to your life they will hold on to you with all they can and they are very powerful. No way can you or anyone fight them on their own.

  16. The Bible says that ultimately Lucifer(aka Satan) will be bound in the bottomless pit for ‘a time’ and then released again. Meanwhile he goes about deceiving people and will deceive again after he is released in the future, until he will be finally destroyed together with all the rest of the fallen angels. Real angels (the Godly ones) will not even allow a human to bow down to them (Rev.19:10, 22:9), but the fallen ones even try to look like angels of light and will want to be bowed down to.

    1. ChuddleBuggy yet your all powerful G-d can’t even stop him now, and allows him to do what he wants. Either that or he’s not all powerful or creates evil. *[[Isa 45:7]] KJV* I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.- Interesting don’t you think?😈😈😈

  17. Per the Bible, God did not create evil although He is capable of it. The first of God’s creatures to turn evil is the archangerl Lucifer. The Bible says he became proud of his beauty and started wanting to ‘be like God’. Ultimately he rebelled and took 1/3 of all heaven’s angels with him, was cast down from heaven onto earth, and now rules the earth, together with his band of fallen angels. God has let him rule the earth for a while although God is still and has always been in full control.

  18. Thanks for your reply. Reason why I asked is because I am a firm believer in the God of the Bible, and that although there are other powerful spirits, none is greater because He is the One True God. Please don’t be offended but I know for a fact that the Biblical God is infinitely superior to the other gods because afterall they are but merely His creatures. I do believe in ‘them’ being powerful but I also know that they ultimately subject to their Master/Creator.

  19. As a wiccan some people have one god or many. Some believe that took part in the creation of the universe. Most Godforms have some power over us if you allow them to.I’m not sure if any helped create the earth or humans.

  20. The short hand to what she said: some wiccans do practice witchcraft and other forms of magic(also spelled as: magick and myjic

  21. No , if you’re not with God the Almighty then you’re against Him . One or the other .

  22. What is this power of the earth, is it even sentient or just some mysterious inanimate force? Has this power of the earth claimed any authority on any event or causality in either the material or spiritual world? Has it/he/she been involved in the origin of all things existent or is it itself a product of creation?

  23. Being a Wiccan is NOT devil worship, get your facts staright before you make stupid comments, got it? Witch craft is simply worshiping the power of the earth and that is ALL!!

  24. I think this lady rambles a bit too much. I just wanted to know about the witchcraft side but she seemed to be explaining every aspect of the religion :/

  25. You’re referring to the wrong video. In this one, it’s not even implied. But thanks.

  26. Do top corporate leaders and businessmen practice witchcraft? Very likely.

    Bohemian Grove people.

  27. Its creepy no witch hat but I swear she looks like she’s gonna hop on a broom and fly away !!

  28. I was wearing a talisman that preserves your energy and my friend asked what it was. When I told her about wiccan she said I worshipped the devil. Its sad how closed some people can be to such a powerful and eye opening religion.

  29. Ok, so I have a question for wiccans. What does their god tell them was in the beginning, and what does ‘he’ or ‘she’ say is going to be the end? What is going to be their end as followers of this religion? Is there any other God greater than ‘he’ or ‘she’ or is ‘he’ or ‘she’ the greatest power in the whole universe?

  30. I’m pretty sure practicing witch craft is still a against the law is most of the 13 original colonies, The West coast is fucked.

  31. I’m psychic, and I tend have noticed that some of the Wiccan practices are similar to psychic practices. Ex) the changing of eye color & reading auras.

    I find it very interest because when two different practices discover a similar technique. That’s when you know it’s bound to be able to work.

    1. That is because real Wiccans are not witches, at least that is what I heard from somebody.

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