A Simple Way to Add Witchcraft to Your Everyday

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Hello there everyone, today I thought I would share with you a lovely little practice that I employ often in my craft.
It’s incredibly simple and accessible for most and I hope you enjoy!

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  1. The way this is shot and edited makes it look like a Netflix documentary. It’s so beautiful and really has a professional effect to it. You are truly an artist! The recipe is fantastic and I’m definetely gonna try it out. Thank you for putting out such beautiful content. Hope you have a fantastic day, and stay safe! <3

    1. @LAST WILL BE THE FIRST Jeffrey Daugherty The Christian Whistleblower and Now.Resistance Radio. U NEED to Be set Free from that demon jebis. now THATS Serious

    2. I ve been watching Annie for a week now. MANY episodes. The Music and her voice Soothe The.Savage Soul in me. I find myself doing simple household chores with More…Purpose…kinda fun

    3. @LAST WILL BE THE FIRST Always got to one in the crowd, sorry you think god is so fickle

  2. I don’t know why, but literally everything about you and your videos just brings me into a peaceful and relaxed mood no matter how chaotic my anxiety is, and I absolutely love that I discovered you right when I was starting to research becoming a Green witch. It’s made this journey a lot less lonely, and helped me find a group of witches to just talk to <3

    1. I am completely at peace watching these videos. This is only my 2nd day. I too am searching…and I seem to have found a beautiful stepping stone on my journey. It is lonely, especially with no one to learn from, but this channel is like a warm hand grabbing mine and walking me through the trees. All the best on your journey.

    2. @T1M t1M 2004 that’s so cool!!! I just recently heard about the fae and have been meaning to do research just to learn about them because it’s so interesting!!

    3. IKR! I’m a fae witch which also has to do with a lot of green magick and she has helped me so much and helped with learning about sabbats as well✨✨💖

  3. Ur amazing. Also I have a question. I know a lot of which is in the community have been saying they feel weird presents ever since the super moon or full moon and I charged my moon water on that night. I puured it out recently though because it made me so nervous what are your thoughts on that do you feel strange entities are energy?

  4. I don’t like honey at all, but I am inspired to try something similar with maple syrup, or even homemade jams to spread on bread and crackers!

    1. @Christopher Bronson hey! You should try making dandelion ‘honey’ if you still like the taste of honey. I’m a vegan too and this is what I use instead!! X

    2. @Elizabeth C I’ve drunk straight up maple syrup before 😬, I cant help it, its soooooo delicious 🤤

    3. You reminded me that my fiance didnt know maple syrup came from trees, he thought it was made in a factory using a recipe, like he legit thought mrs butterworths was legit maple syrup 🙈

  5. This is so relaxing and magical 😍 your videos are incredible and beatiful

  6. Thank you for this video! Not only does it bring ideas for every day life, but also what to do during quarantine (I’m starting on Monday because my school is closing this Friday)!

    1. @yotasukekinnie same here! I have so many little witchy projects that are half done that I can finish!

    2. Avalonnie Yeah, my school just got closed and so now I have lots of time to research witchcraft and practice it!

  7. You’re absolutely beautiful 💕 I love how your videos are aesthetic and like the things you show in them! I’m a baby witch and I needed this <3

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