13 Tips for Beginner Witches || Witchcraft 101

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There’s definitely more advice I’d give, but these are some of the most common answers I’d have! What are your pieces of advice for others, if you’re a seasoned practitioner?

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  1. #6 was EXACTLY what I was looking for. During the last new moon, I used candle magic to reverse any negative energy wished upon me in equal measure over the years. Afterward I was drained to point a fever. Only lasted a few hours but it answered my question as to if there is a point where your body can feel run down. I feel that it worked (which is encouraging) TY

  2. Thank you for putting up this video! With it being the start of a new year I was beginning to wonder where to start with getting back into my craft and this was super useful and motivating!

  3. No 2 , as an Aje ( which is what has been translated to witch in English, though it really isn’t) there’s no such thing as keeping up with the lifestyle, its just who you are, so there’s no keeping up with it, you live it every single day, that is why it makes me cringe a bit that its translated to witch in English and anybody can just pick up witchcraft and have to ” keep up with the lifestyle “

    1. @The Witch Of Wonderlust exactly, that way you don’t feel like you need to keep up with anything. It’s the expectations of what being a witch should be like that makes the weight heavy and the truth is that no 2 witch are alike neither will their practice or way of life.

    2. Fire Bird I actually agree with you. I think it would have been better if the tip was phrased “don’t put expectations on what your practice should look like”

  4. The advice I would add is if you have naturally come to a method of doing something and it works and is effective don’t force yourself to do it the way someone else insists that it has to be done.

    1. @Li Arch I’m a teen is possible you can cast a free spell on me plz? Can I email you privately?

    2. Lilian Brennan In all my years of being a green witch, I’ve never trusted anyone who insisted I do a spell or ritual their way. Always follow your intuition, your inner Goddess & ancestors etc. Teachers & books are useful but are best used as guidance when it comes down to the deets. Blessed be.🌀

  5. I think begginer witches need a lot of guidance because of how hard it is to be one. There is a lot of struggle in the beggining like “coming out” and finding out who they are and what they are doing I know it’s hard to stay true to yourself(sorry for the rant ) best of luck to all of you. 🌒🌕🌘 🌹💜🌑

    1. Do you have any good book recs from complete beginners/starters? anything to do with nature, an introduction, astrology, anything that would help! Thanks!!

    2. @Brooklynn Bailey look to see if there is a Unitarian church in your area. They have a CUUPS group you might like it.
      The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) is an organization dedicated to networking Pagan-identified Unitarian Universalists (UUs), educating people about Paganism, promoting interfaith dialogue, developing Pagan liturgies and theologies, and supporting Pagan-identified UU religious professionals.
      I absolutely love it. And I live in a rural area so its been a lifeline for me. You. An also join one online. Being that we’re in a pandemic now, our CUUPS group has met online most of the year.

    3. @Jax the Wolf thank you:) be blessed. I have evolved alot, there is alot to be learned. Many books I have to read😄

    4. Darlene Weed 🙂 And I am obsessed with the craft. I feel a strong NEED to know all about the craft and I WILL DO IT I will know everything about it!

  6. 1. spend some time in highly energetic areas, like hunted places,cemetery’s,etc..2. Do not believe everything you read.unless in matches your own pun intuition..3.practice for years before you decide what you believe ..4. Learn energetic self practice before spell work. 5 open yourself both male and female energy level.6. The spells your mother taught you even the ones didn’t work vary well for her might work wonders for you..7 the best books to work from are your mothers book of shadows.8. Spend time with different energy’s moon,sun,wind,water,etc. 9. go in the woods and find your own herbs fell thim they might be different for you thin another person.10. Witchcraft love it with all your soul. 11. Spiritual practice is your oun practice .. as witch high priest or priestess.. never down anyone spiritual growth 12. Love your self like the other..13. Bless be!

  7. Thank you for this video Olivia i started my craft three years ago to the day and honestly agree with most all of these tips im fifteen and I’ve been intrigued by you and your channel for months now and I’ve come a long way thanks to you😇❤🌙

  8. i dont know if this matters to you but i liked your first video . i didnt find it cringey

  9. How do you say you cringe at your first witchy video?!.. (I know why but that’s not the point)… THAT was the video that got me hooked on your channel!.. * does a little dance * 🌙dude, you have grown SO much and we love it!! 💜

  10. Ah another wonderful video. I hope you are well and having a nice day. You too people who stumble across this comment

  11. I just came here from the Blood Brujas Instagram story about reading a ton of books, so this is quite the coincidence! If anyone knows any books on getting to know spirits and how to feel their presents, that would be a great help💜

    1. Jumping on this comment because I want to know about those books as well, plus maybe one about deities😊

  12. Its 2 in the morning. I saw this get uploaded and now I’m staying up and taking notes ☺ I love the channel. It has helped me so much with finding my path!

    1. I hope you still get plenty of sleep. Lucky for me this is my normal time to be up. It was a really nice and informative video though. Wasn’t it?

  13. I did a love spell a few months ago, from (i think) ur channel, and forgot about it like the instructions said, ad now i am dating this amazing, sweet guy, and am SO happy

    1. @Faith Lininger congrats.I’m a teen is possible you can cast a free spell on me plz? Can I email you privately?

    2. Andria A. I would say more like wearing a nice perfume that people are attracted too

    3. @Celine C. A love spell is more like a call to those that suit the caster. Like a dating site, but w/o the people knowing about it. Kind of? This is how I see it at least.

    4. @Celine C. Its not to control him. The spell i did was to attract someone too me. I didnt do it on a specific person, i simply did it in general. Its not controlling anyone

    5. The guy you are dating is what you sent on him to control him….it’s not the guy anymore.

  14. Are you okay, beautiful? Picking up some anxious vibes. Hope all is well. 🥰

  15. Yayyy. I still remember you with long hair. You’ve come a long way. Keep it up!! 👍🏽🙏🏽

    1. @One One I’m a teen is possible you can cast a free spell on me plz? Can I email you privately?

  16. i live for your style! you look like you reside at free people and i love it so much

  17. Do you have any spells on hand to help Australia out to stop the wildfires????

    1. @Jesus Christ saves from hell study the bible STOP. RESPECT OTHER RELIGIONS.

    2. I’m from Adelaide Australia and a Christian. Why not pray for God to reveal himself to you and seek God. What will all this witchcraft get you? I wanna have a discussion and see what people really think about God? Do you guys believe nothing created everything?

    3. Yes, I have a spell for you.
      1. You must don magical garb that is fire resistant.
      2. You must obtain the proper magical tools: hoses, water tanks, shovels, etc.
      3. You then go to the fire, and begin to ritualistically pour water and dirt on the fire, digging magical trenches to redirect the energy of the fire!
      4. Repeat and hope you don’t die.

    4. I live in Australia so I collected burnt leaves that had flew into my area, particularly gum leaves, I used these to represent Australia and the bushfires.

      So what I did with them is write on them intentions like ‘Cool’, ‘heal’, ‘calm’, ‘nuture’, ‘rain’, ‘safe’. I then put them in a jar with aloe vera (for cooling, soothing and healing), local honey (for soothing and healing), mint (for cooling and healing) and rain water I had saved (to represent rain and thin out the mixture).
      I gently stirred the contents and visualised rain putting out fires and pictured the land healing, green sprouting from the ashes, the animals healing, etc.

      The jar now sits safely in my garden and I meditate with it to re-enforce my intentions.

  18. Oh sweet I’m actually first 🌙

    Edit: dang it three of us said first lol

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