Britain’s Got Talent 2016 S10E05 Scott Nelson A Creative Comedic Magician Full Audition

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  1. it’s always nice to see a twist in magic. I love how he brought in the old ways of dressing and such things. Then how he seems like a bumbling oaf . I also love the look on Alicia’s face after she realizes it was all part of the act. This kinda reminds me of a vaudeville act. I look forward to seeing what he does next.

  2. Simon is always like “that was incredible 😒” “wow that was great 😒”

  3. The subtlety is great, here! What a well rehearsed and well articulated routine they’ve created! So perfect are his physical and emotional cues that he fooled and dumbfounded the judges there for a bit. Isn’t it interesting what our minds come to expect to see and feel synchronously … so when we don’t, we can’t take it in … and our mind is disappointed at first! Well done!

  4. these youtube comments ..
    they can’t do but they know how to do
    1:15 there is no one in the box
    2:37 u can fit in that box ? watch it twice idiots ..
    don’t be keyboard magician

    1. +rylai rylai Yes, most people of barely even average intelligence know how that trick is performed, which is why no top magicians do it. Those boxes are designed to hold two people and she was in there the whole time. I guess you’re the only idiot in these comments, if you think she teleported in there or that “magic” is real.

  5. 2:43-2:45 the feet moves on its own.. how did he do that? the dolls face really looks like a lot of the woman..

  6. The box panel still opened since introducing and then closed when the crew bring in the doll. Watch at 01:46 There’s must be some cut scene there.

    1. Eldias Mahdi Sastra
      Oh shut up and its magic you don’t need you to try and debunk everything.

    1. El truco es tal cual lo cuentas, pero es fácil de deducir después de volver a ver el video por segunda vez. Cuando ves el truco como público en directo no te da tiempo a pensar en como se hizo, no tienes la oportunidad de “volver atrás” y visualizarlo todo de nuevo.

    2. I felt like he was told to come out with the doll acting a little angry as part of the distraction. That period is when the doors on the box closed.

    1. +Eleanor Lee >> _how does he do that? anyone who can explain ?_ << *How does he do ...WHAT ?*

  7. at first i thought they did real magic but it was all illusions, there’s a glass box behind them, the same reflexion on the background.

  8. 3.37 what an amazing smile from this girl . if u see my post i want to marry you immediately 🙂

    1. I noticed that too. I bet he closes it off camera while everyone stares at this crew member bringing out a weird mannequin.

    2. Apoklietai, mesa se merika defterolepta, xwris na prosexsi kaneis, na allaxsi telios to kouti etsi. kopike h skini tou video, den ta deixnei ola – g auto pistevw einai koroidia 😉

    3. δεν λεω οτι ειναι κοροιδια,αλλωστε ηταν και πολυ ωραιο το τρικ του με απροσμενο αποτελεσμα,απλα μου αρεσει να μαθαινω τα “τι και πως” πισω απο καθε “μαγικο”

    1. +Mark Sh wow you’re smart x), when you see it you suppose that when he stick the legs the head came out, but you’re smarter than that XD.

  9. judging by his movement and act, this routine surely prepared very well..
    thanks Anthony..

    1. let’s all calm down, just enjoy an illusion from professionals, they have been performing under this circumstances since 2000!

    1. That term was actually coined by the book and film “The Prestige” and is not commonly used in the magic community. Magicians tend to actually use the words kicker or surprise. 🙂

    2. +Viki Stefanus FYI, “the kicker” has its owned term called “the prestige”, if I remember correctly.

    1. +xoxofox232 Comedy magic don’t suppose to be that hard to do, it’s there to make us laugh, he did this act for years in other shows.

    2. I get that most people want to know about how a magic trick is done, but it ruins the wonder and amazement that you’re supposed to receive when you tear apart a trick and prove how it’s done.

    3. Spoiler. The girl was hiding the box the whole time, like one end of the box, then when time to spear she put her hand out and was like I’m alive the dos that trick on magic finally reviled look it up in YouTube I will show you how to recreate that same trick or something very similar to it

  10. Gosh, Alesha is so stupid for not understanding it was part of the act.
    Worst than that, she did not even go back on her mistake like Simon would have

    1. Especially as the one appointed as a judge there!
      She had to expect and anticipate everything!
      What an idiot!
      Her talent mostly just show her boobs

    2. It was better if she said that ” I know your trick man, so I hit the button the create leverage for your performance, and a yes from me”…

  11. i thought his performance was hilarious throughout the whole thing. he was an obvious comic, idk how they didnt see that from the beginning.

  12. Wowwww that was amazing!!! Thank you Anthony!! I live in Canada and i can’t watch BGT!! Thank you so much!

    1. +cilluzza08
      I really do NOT understand what’s happening, because I get BGT, but I live in Canada as well. I’ve read other Canadian commenters suggest this as well. It’s like my television is in some twilight digital zone.

  13. ANTHONY please upload RACHEL’S performance. That was stunning, your viewers need to watch that. Cheers!

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