Best Illusionists on Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 | Magicians Got Talent

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Watch all the amazing magic auditions on Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 (Season 6). Watch Vice Ganda and the rest of the Judges as they watch the magician’s performances. What did you think of the Magicians?? Let us know in the comments below…

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    1. hi you must be new here all shows like that here show some kind of *constructive criticism*

  1. Least impressive compilation out of all of the talent shows I have seen apparently Filipinos have no talent unless you count basic magic tricks.

    1. Filipinos have talent! My whole family is literally Filipino and they have many talents, especially for Music. As for my brother and I, we were born with many talents too. Don’t assume that us Filipinos don’t have talent. It’s actually really offensive. *So instead of being rude to other races and calling them talentless, why don’t you stop being prejudice and learn how to respect others from different races?*

    2. Scrub lord has talent stop hating on him.

      He has the talent of writing mean comments.

      Get rekt
      By a girl

    3. Scrub Lord You know that Filipino can curse people right? They have albularyo at mambabarang. I heard that when you are cursed by a mambabarang, you either have your skin have little worms crawling inside you and your stomache and everything. But that’s not the worst part, there’s even more gruesome curse that they can do so shut your trap before they will do an orasyon. But I know some incantations like with the lines of EGUSOM ORNEBRAR DEUM PATER GENTILE. Well I also kinda know about dark dark dark magic in the Philippines. So you better watch out 😘 honey

    4. Filipinos do have talent! How about Lea Salonga! She sang a whole new world in Aladdin!!!!!! And she’s in a show in America/U.S.A

    5. Scrub Lord wow I am Filipino and this is really disrespectful to all the Filipinos here and I would love to see u do this scrub and this isn’t basic magic so get your facts straight before u comment hateful things especially to other states or contrarys. OK?

  2. Am not impressed!!they never show the other side of the box, which was always open allowing the girl to maneuver the box from behind. At the end she pops up when she has been there the whole time.


    1. @FairyMary Sanchez they broke up but the guy still loves the so he join pilipinas got talent to show that he still loves her

    1. Alexander Cianfrocco Exactly! It’s hurting our culture. You’re right. This is what I love to see from people. I am a Filipino. I am now living in Australia. I love my family, I really care about the Filipino culture. My whole family was born in the Philippines.

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