Sihr and Ruqya | Discussion Panel

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  1. this is another beneficial video -

    1. Surah naas and falak r especially for protection from sehr and jins and all the harms.

    2. Ayatul kursi, surah fateha, sura ikhlas falak and naas especially, last 2 ayahs of surah baqarah every night before sleep..

  2. insha’Allah do a longer presentation with more stories of ruqya done on people. What the jinn said as it left the person, etc

    1. Asallamu Alikum wrb
      He has done 2 part series on this Topic, you can find online
      2 hrs each
      May you benifit from this
      In sha Allah

  3. grown men discussing made up beings. 4.5 billion years of evolution for this…. so sad

    1. A drian I don’t know why tf you’d try to take it up with me like I’m somehow the ruling authority in Jinn possession. But here’s a novel idea again. Don’t like it = don’t watch it. And if you still have beef with the content, take it up with the imam, not me

    2. @Ana Lore GH these are not mainstream islam….. There is zero evidence of jinn possession….. ZERO…..

    3. @E .S if only the believers left us alone too I’d be more than happy to leave you alone. Sadly Islam isn’t happy until everyone is controlled

  4. Assalamu alikum
    Shaik spoke in urdu a little bit first time on YouTube. I feel very happy by listening this. We request shiak to give a lecture in Urdu.

    1. I believe I have heard that if the jinn keep going to a specific place in the body it causes it to create a bad environment which may start to harbour bad cells which can lead to cancer

  5. thank you so much for this and all your lectures…i read Arabic like kindergarten but through your lectures (that really inspire and educate me) and other readings, i am, in shaa Allah, learning a lot. may Allah swt reward you for what you do

    1. @Fatima Waseem hes just a low IQ idiot. Thats what happens when these people practice cousin marriage for generation upon generation

  6. sheikh give a tharow detail lecture on Sihr or ruqia plz dont think abt advance levels…..jazzakullahokhair

  7. asalamu alaikum , ive been under different types of sihr for over7 years and i live in a country where it is a normal thing , over my years of fighting the types of sihr , ive found a pretty good way of fighting it , the fingers are our valves and the left is negative and the right is positive , the fingers are different aspects of our selves , meaning , the pinky is our sexual system , our ring finger , cardio vascular , middle finger is digestive and our index is our nervous system and mind , when you make a fis our thumb covers all our fingers which is qadr or destiny , in my findings ive found out how to counter act most types by studying this and performing ayatul qursi on the specific finger on the type of sihr the individual is affected with , and saying ayatul kursi 7 times on that certain finger can counter act its effects very quickly , and inshallah may you never committe sihr my brothers and sisters ….

    1. I used my index finger to point at jinn and recite Ayatul Kursi until it vanishes

  8. First of all , any person who believe that muhammed effected by sihr, Quran called them kaffir and dallim.
    Any person who believe in any material used by sahir can effect our life then you are giving to that material power of Allah.
    It will be shirk.
    If I did sihr from here by using some things and it is effecting you in your place then that material have to have unnatural power.
    If you believe that then you are doing shirk.

    In Arabic language sihr meaning is unrealistic
    By the word meaning it is not real or exciting.

    You cannot bring any authentic hadees that any person effected sihr other than muhammed.

    That hadees reporter’s hadees after he travelled to Iraq all rejected by scholars.
    He had memory Los.
    Naffasath fil uqad meaning any person who makes problem between husband and wife
    Or between brothers and sisters .
    Below to the family knots

    1. SubhanAllah. What you say is wrong. Though there are in fact ayat that say, Rasulullah saw is not posessed, they refer to a whole different context.

      If you want another proof that sihr really effects mans perception just read the story of musa as and the magicians of pharao. Allah swt himself tells us that they threw their ropes and bewitched the eyes of the people such that it seemed like they were moving. Also no one said, the objects would have an effect. Rather they are a means for the jinn to effect you and in believing this there is absolutely no problem as people interact with people and therefore jinns sometimes interact with people too.

      Please dont spread any wrong information especially anything like „believing that is shirk“

    2. @Dragon Sufi lol it’s clear he is..they are so easily identifiable. Same thought process.

  9. If you have fear to sihr, shaitan is the winner.
    If you have fear only to Allah, nothing will happen to you.
    I challenged more than one sahir.
    I gave them one week.
    It was a public challenge. If they can’t do anything on me, they have to leave the village . After that no more sihr in my village.
    They failed miserably.

    1. Egyptian Lady magicians in most cases Though there is sunnah medicine such as ruqya or hijama, but certainly no taweez, no slaughtering animals or inhaling specific bukhoor etc

  10. I think only Sulaimans jinn can do physical work , only in that time.only for him.
    If jin can physically do anything on us, then no more Sharia law.
    Any one can blame jinn on their on actions in a Sharia Court.
    They can Only waswas.or they can put wrong idea in our minds.
    If we didn’t act nothing will happen.

    1. vayal
      My akhi, these verses are in response to those during makkah that accused RasoolAllah (saw) of producing magic or being afflicted by magic due to the nature of revelation/wahi.

      There were some people that rejected the incident of sihr that happened later in madinah due to a confusion it could cause such as the same issue you just raised. The issue being that if we believe in the Prophet being affected, then this would create doubt over the rest of wahi. But there is nothing problematic here. The sihr didn’t affect our Prophet in such a huge way as it would any of us.

      The hadith in question was narrated by Aisha (ra) herself, and is placed in Sahih bukhari. I couldn’t possibly do sahih bukhari any justice with a mere few paragraphs to describe how rigorous imam bukhari’s method of collecting hadith were and who the narrators were, this can be looked up.

      But the hadith itself doesn’t mention the Prophet being afflicted in a manner that affected wahi. Rather, it mentions someone *attempting* sihr. The result only being that the Prophet thought he did something, but his wives would say he didn’t. Being the Messenger of Allah, he was shown the details in his dream and took action against the source. Because that is all sihr really is… *tricks and illusions* caused by jinn. Even Musa (as) saw the staffs of the magicians move when they bewitched the people. But Allah did away with that baatil as he did in the case of our Prophet by showing him.

      In every instance of the Prophet’s life is an example and a wisdom for us. For this case you could say it shows how vulnerable we could be to sihr, which is why dhikr of Allah is prescribed as a defense for the believer. There was even a case where the camel of the Prophet (saw) tripped and him and his wife fell from such a hight. Had Allah willed, there would be no way the camel of such a blessed human being could ever trip, but even this event holds wisdom for us. Then there are several other instances of the Prophet being attacked and bleeding at the hands of humans in for example ta’if, Uhud, and etc. In every instance Allah has used our Prophet as an example.

      Simply put, if Allah wills, sihr can affect you. But if you seek protection in him, then nothing and no one can harm you.

      And I just tried to do some quick research over whether surah falaq was makki or madani, turns out there are scholars also saying it is madini and was revealed in response to the incident. But neither side has any conclusive evidence. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say it was makki. Almost every tafsir of surah al falaq still translates and interprets the 4th ayah to be a form witchcraft (using the hair for sorcery).

    2. vayal
      No one is saying that the surah was revealed in response to that incident, but the incident itself is an example of what the ayah refers to. In order to indicate a form of sihr.

    3. @MisterMR Pack
      If you believe rasoolullah had effected sihr then you are agreeing makka mushriks arguments.
      See how Allah reacted.

      17:47) We are well aware of what they wish to hear when they listen to you and what they say when they confer in whispers, when the wrong-doers say: “You are only following one who is bewitched.”53
      (17:48) Just see how strange are the things they invent about you. They have altogether strayed, and are unable to find the right way.

      25:9) See what specious arguments they put forth before you: they are so strayed that they will not find their way to anything sound

    4. @MisterMR Pack
      Do you know surah falaq is a makki sura , and that so called sihr incident was in madeena ,

      How scholars can say that it’s for sihr protection?

    5. @Super Freethinker By the grace of Allah
      Brother, that is not at all the opinion of the jama’ah. Ask any of your local sheikhs. Otherwise, by your definition 90% of the muslims have become kaafir and dallim. The hadeeth is in *Sahih bukhari* which is the most trustworthy source of hadeeth.

      As for that verse in surah al-falaq, the entire ummah pretty much is unanimous as to what exactly that ayah refers to, and the fact that sihr is something that can be manifested. There is no contradiction with the power of Allah.

      Firstly, if you understand how shirk works, it’s essentially calling upon the jinn to do work for you. This is not something crazy like destroying a city or turning a house upside down, but instead could be something like me doing sihr to cause the jinn to push and trip you while you are walking. They are creatures of Allah like us, that is why they are able to do things physically as well.

      The Quran makes explicit reference, along with loads of sahih hadeeth that clearly indicate the concept of possession, need for ruqya, and existence of Jinn (iblees himself and his army among jinn). *The muslim is the one who seeks protection in Allah against them, while acknowledging that IF Allah willed, iblees and his army could harm us* .

      You need to provide us with explicit daleel to completely discard the hadeeths of the 6 books, especially bukhari, as well as to discard the most widely accepted tafsir and explanation of that verse in surah 113. Otherwise, by your definition over 90% of us are kafir, so be careful with what you are defining, and where you are taking knowledge from my dear beloved akhi.

  11. If you inform to a person these are the symptoms of sihr.
    Every body can imitate that symptoms, if they think or they want to convince others.

  12. I will not do any ruqiya.
    If I am sick . I will take medicine and I will pray.

    If no cure, why should I worry.
    Allah will not punish me for that.
    But if you are doing ruqiya sihr it will lead to major Sinn

  13. I challenged two sahir to do sihr on me if you can.

    I am sure no one can do sihr on me.

    If you believe sura Annas . It mentioned that shayateen from jin or humanbein can only do waswas .

    Shaitan can give you bad ideas only.

    If not no more Sharia law will work.

    1. Rasulallah s.w.was affected of sihir because Allah wanted to show the ummah that never be over confident that u r a pious and cud not be hit by sihir and Jins….

    2. thedanishzone sihr Was done before these sourats were revealed ( that’s why)

    3. @thedanishzone thats a lie someone invented. Magic effected the Prophet of Allah…maadh Allah.

    4. Did Rasool Allah have weak faith na’oothubillah..? But sihr was done on him. What kind of retarded thinking is this

  14. I think all raaqis are sahir
    In this video you are teaching us to do sihr.
    You don’t have any proof in Sunnah to do this ruqiya sihr.
    You invented it

    1. @E .S
      Any jinn or shaitan can do anything on us other than waswas at least they will try to break our wudu before each Salah.

    1. I dont know if you become exposed but it can plant a seed of fear in your heart, and when you fear them, they might play around with you more. Fear none except Allah 🙂

  15. Did Syaikh Yasir Qadhi is not well or sick? I saw his right hand trembling at the first minute when he opened the bottle, May Allah give him rewards and health

  16. Salaam! Jazakallahukhairan for this great insight. May Allah protect us. Ameen!

    1. No. Wanting to be possessed causes possession. You need to invite the demon in, not watch a movie. The demon in The Exorcist entered the girl because she played around with a Ouija board. It cannot enter without your consent.

    2. @E. Postbode Not everyone tho, someone who is possesed and is doing alot of ‘ibadaah (worship) can have control of the things they like. Cause their own personality will be dominant instead the personality of the djinn/shaytaan. But what you’re saying is true in the most cases.

  17. Sihr is never with good intentions and it is the shirk that is a bad intention in itself.

    1. @Malcom x Please provide proof from the Quran and hadith that mokolath protect the Quran. What exactly do you mean “they protect the Quran”

    2. Fatima Waseem Comparing Ruqya to any type of magic is a huge insult to the word of Allah. Kalamullah is not magic, magic is evil and there is no such thing as white/good magic.

    3. The world has many layers (realms dimensions) magic is normal physics in these realms so it’s nothing special but the deceptions on humans to debase them self’s by doing odd strange things like sacrifices and worship to created beings ultimately leading them to loss in the afterlife

    1. @Ekaterina Atanasova Islam is too much full of anger and violence. Killing, cutting things off, burning peoples faces in Hell, punishing them for no good reason (according to the Quran, it is Allah himself who decides who ‘believes’ and who ‘disbelieves’) – and oppressing people as slaves. It’s a religion of tyranny. Subjugates people’s free-born capability of thinking for themselves with brainwashing, dogma, propaganda, and threats. A vicious ‘religion.’ Yet, some people still try to ‘worship’ their idea of ‘God’ the best way they can in it and that’s fine. Misguided, but fine. They can do what they want. I don’t mind. I’m not sending anyone to Hell!! You are. You and Allah and his Messenger.

    2. @Ekaterina Atanasova I don’t doubt your sincerity, and certainly, in much of the institutionalized forms of religions around the world, there is a lot that is deficient – evil itself exists on this planet at large. I do not personally criticize people who sincerely follow their religions, whatever they may be. In reality I do not regard any one religion as superior than any other – I do regard individual people as superior and inferior, depending on what they are like and on what they do. The internet has become a playground for people like me to ‘take shots’ at Islam – although I also do that elsewhere too – because Islam is unfortunately, riddled with far too many factual instances of violence and killing and rampaging and slaughtering in the name of Muhammad and the Quran. Which is not to say that Empires of the West have not indulged in brutal invasions and killings as well. You might be a very good person with very sincere intentions. I am not your judge in that regard. If you find happiness and fulfillment in the Quran, fantastic.

    3. @Ekaterina Atanasova The standard Islamic narrative… …has holes in it. Only Shaytan is in Islam, fully entrenched in the HOLES right there. lol

    4. @thewiseguy2056 Yep. Associate nobody – no Muhammad, no Jibreel – certainly no Issa ibn Miriam who created things from clay and made them live (nowhere does it ACTUALLY say ‘by the leave of ANYONE), and CERTAINLY no ‘Quran,’ which has HOLES IN IT; those holes being 1. there is no original Quran copy ANYWHERE from the time of Muhammad, 2. there is no ‘Muhammad’ in the Hijaz ANYWHERE at or even anywhere NEAR the relevant time in question according the ‘the standard Islam narrative’ (which has holes in it, according to the most learned scholar and academic Sheikh Yasir Qadhi who is very reliable in this matter), 3. all the ACTUAL Qurans were BURNED by Uthman (on what authority no one knows) and THEN, 4. the Quran version you have NOW, isn’t even the Uthman Quran either, and 5, there IS NO ORIGINAL COPY OF THE UTHMAN QURAN(!), and on and on and on.

      Islam = utter rubbish.

    5. @John Ward
      Your comment earlier needs no response as it is absurd to come to a conclusion the way you did there.

      So, for me to respond please try to come up with something on which we can discuss. Like something from the Quran, sound hadith etc.

      I am willing to discuss if you want to keep the discussion civilized. The point of Islam is “to submit oneself to the creator (‘Allah’ in Arabic) who created everything and associate nobody in His worship”

    1. Ayatul Qursi protects for the whole day, and another thing is that you can read the last three surahs of the Quran and blow into your hands and rub those hands in front of your body

    2. Umu Jalloh السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته
      The entire Quran can be recited with the intention of Ruqyah . You can start with 1. Fatiha, 2. Aytal Kursi, 3. Last 2 of baqarah, 4. Falaq 5. Naas

  18. Assalaamoalaikum wrwb, sheikh how should such items like taweez etc. be destroyed? Jazakallahu khaire

    1. Husna S وعليكم السّلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Cut any knots and submerge the content into recited water till the ink dissolves. Discard the water in the soil , the content then can be burned or buried .

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