Ruqyah Treatment – Evil Eye (Ayn) and Envy (Hasad) Audio

An audio file that can help treat Black Magic.
ADVISORY: It is very easy to assume that if one has a reaction to these recitations – that it ‘proves’ you are affected by Black Magic or Jinn etc. Please note, this is not always the case. There are many reasons why a person may react. For example, crying maybe due to underlying depression issues etc.
Many of the titles of these audios refer to types of symptoms or dreams that one may experience whilst sleeping. Indeed, the Quran may help relieve such symptoms for some people. But please beware, for the vast majority of people, these dreams may well be due to OTHER factors in life, such as stress, depression and even side effects of medications etc.
So please avoid jumping to the conclusion that you are affected by some paranormal activity just because you have reacted to these recitations.
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