Ruqya, Posession, Evil Eye, Adkar, Jinn Stories, Potions and Knots | Bewitched Conference

00:00 Ustadh Morad Barghouthi – MC Introduction

2:20 Shaykh Shakiel Humayun – Posessed

42:00 Shaykh Mohammad Elshinawy – 4d Vision (Evil Eye)

1:30:00 Ustadh Ammar Al Shukri – Kryptonite (Adkar)

1:49:53 Imam Ammar Shahin – The Exorcist (Ruqya)

2:31:09 Panel Discussion – Jinn Stories

3:15:30 Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi – Potions and Knots

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  1. This was excellent. I love the duas and all of the speakers. I will now watch what I say regarding my family and friends. It never dawned on me that when I spoke lovely on my children and family that I might be making someone else jealous. My youngest son has been attacked over and over again and now I understand why this may have happened as he has not attacked anyone.

  2. If the Jin is made out of fire, they might have a different taste buds than human being, right? So why even they like our food; it doesn’t make sense.

    1. First, you assumed they have taste buds. Secondly, I have different tastes from a goat or a cat or an ant but we all like sugar

    2. when you have Faith 。。。Believe in Allah and Muhammad PBUH。。so believe without any 里ngeri那个 doubts。

    3. Nasrin, you are ignorant of the answer to your question and yet answered it yourself out of ignorance and then claim it doesn’t make sense. Just because you don’t know enough about it, does not mean it doesn’t make sense. My advice to you is if you have questions just ask them without adding in your biases and claiming things don’t make sense. Seek knowledge, learn and ask questions, dont be arrogant.

    4. Refer to hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH re. consumption of food and drink. To be a Believer.. believe in Allah and believe in Muhammad PBUH.

  3. Really?? Jinns???🤣🤣🤣how can you possibly be serious about this??? A jinn asking for Pepsi??😂😂😂

    1. @Eric Brazau

      SubhanAllah. What I wrote and what you wrote is by Allah’s Will.

      May Allah Almighty Most Gracious Most Merciful Most High Forgive us all.

    2. @Lind Mohamad you are mistaken. This reply came to me in when the angel jibril came to me in a dream. The angel also told me that you Lind Mohammad are one of the hypocrites. Allah (SWT) has reserved for you a place in the lowest hottest place in hell fire, I pity you.

    3. Indeed..your reply is actually what your Jinn whispered to you to be defiant and to mock the truth from Allah. That’s their request and promise to Allah to sway and to deceive you.
      And,. Allah gives them absolute permission to do so.

  4. – اللّهم صلّ على سيدّنا مُحمد. 💛Quran recitations if you’re interested. 🕊



  5. Aslaam brother . How do I contact the brother in California. I have some question and information please allow me to contact you. I only need 5 minutes and willing to pay for your time.

  6. Assalam walaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu brothers, JazakAllah khair for giving a direction to our lost thinking . Alhumdulilla

    1. @Andreea Boloca exactly. I watched one when i was 11 and i’ve been traumatized since then

    2. They do have recordings but it’s only used for those who are practicing ruqya, and are fully getting into that field

    3. There are ruqiyah session videos available on YouTube…not meant for dawah purposes but as mentioned previously to give insight on what entails during.

    4. Some raqis have shown recordings of ruqyah sessions. It’s not something to use for dawah.
      For dawah we should teach people about Allah and his attributes and show by example how Islam is good for humans.
      The ruqya videos may be useful to show Muslims what goes on so they can be prepared or understand it better before going ahead with it.
      Otherwise people will just watch out of curiosity or doubt that it’s real, I.e assume they are acting in the video.

    5. Why would you want to see that? I’ve seen some stuff and it is too scary….I wish that nobody sees,hears or feels any bit of what I and others did

    1. @Muslim By nature Cant say for sure. It could be ShaitAn wispering in your mind and causing doubts. Either way, making dua, reading your idkaar, auat ul qursi, salah, and reading the quran will help inshallah

    2. @Muslim By nature May Allah make it easy for you brother. Seek Allahs protection from Shaitaan. Read ayatul kursi and makw youe idkaar and daily prayers. Didnt understand your question.

    3. @Usman Ayub can I ask you something, my family are doing some strange things , women in the kitchen , for example making some kind of noise using the cups and plates and suddenly I feel in my heart darkness of satan, and Allah has helped me and am distress I fear for my family kufur , is that magic? please reply I have no knowledge .

  7. Thank you for the content please brothers keep hydrated the mouth sounds down tho mic are just no

    1. @Ayesha Aslam Just didnt want you think its gambling sister. Raffle if you contribute money and there is a chance you get nothing is gambling. Also, obviously all the imams on stage would not allow it.

    2. @Usman Ayub I’m confused. Are you asking me or telling? Raffle is a gamble when you pay for your ticket but since it was a free raffle I suppose it’s ok but the audience wouldn’t know this hence the reason the question was asked.

    3. Raffle is.not gsmbling..there is no chance of losing anything of your not gambling..u think all those brothers on stage didnt know this?

  8. Assalamu alaykom wa rahma’tullah wa barakatu, migraine should also be looked at for a medical reason. I have suffered with migraine headaches since I was a teenager, and the reason it turns out, is because I have a hole in my heart. So always check out your health!!! =)

  9. please the dua that dr yasir qadhi give… in arabic in the name of allah im the servant of allah get out of here enemy of allah. jazakallah khair

    1. @dd dd بِسۡمِ ٱللَّه إِنِّي عَبۡدُ ٱللَّه ٱخۡرُجۡ عَدُوّٞ لِّلَّه

      “Bismillah inni ‘Abdullah ‘ukhrooj ‘Adouwullah”

    2. the dua is at 3.39.43 thanks it is where dr yasir qadir speaks en tells about the dua

    3. Can you tell me the time when he said the duah? I can maybe write it in arabic for you inchallah

  10. Excellent! But the most interesting and knowledgeable speaker ( Dr. YQ) got the least amount of time. What a shame! 🤐

    1. Fahad Sumar that’s not really fair for the other speakers. We should keep this kind of thoughts to ourselves

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