Roqya’s training – Level 1 – course 1 : Risks and protections

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Roqya’s training – ben halima abderraouf Level 1 – Course 1 – Part 1 : Risks and protections

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  1. I don’t understand how you catch a jinn in dream? you dream of a soldier or a snake, dogs….the natural thing to do is run?

    1. Jin will not show their true form.. catch them in your dreams they usually appear and cause problems in your dreams anything that cause problems in your dreams are jinns and shyaitan .. catch them and imagine yoy have the strength of musa or any weapon of sorts and kill them.. ive been through it the first time.. i felt an energy flowing through my hands and towards my body and head i also felt it on my legs too.. once i catch the jinn i punched his body and penetrate towards its heart i pulled his heart out and crushed it with my bare hands and then i chock his neck until I woke up.. the energy is decreasing once i called Allah name 3 times because i dont remember any surah at the time it was so fast what was happening.. I never thought Allah lend me the strength of musa or nearly same as him in my dream.. it was the first time in my life i gone through it before this i doubt about the energy and jinn able to harm me .. thanks to Allah the experience was thrilling and scary at the same time but remember Allah is more powerful.

    2. Bedtime Stories but I always fight if I see them as soldiers or men. But I run when I see them as dogs or buffaloes trying to hit me. But many times I killed them when they came in shape of dogs. I crushed them and squished them into mush.

    3. Bedtime Stories

      I Don’t Know About Catching However I Killed Many Jins in My Dreams After That I Contacted With The Aalim He Told Me That I Need to be Careful Cuz This is Not Normal Thing That Jins Are Attacking Me I Must have Some Connections with them And That Connection Was My Family Background

      My Grand Father’s Father Was The Spiritual Aalim He Captured Many Jins In His Ring He Converted Them To Islam And That Thing Transferred To My Grand Father To My Father and My Mother To Me And My Sister We Spent 7 Months in Haunted House During That Time I was Being Attacked By Jins In Dreams And Sometimes In Reality Too However Almost Every time I Killed The Jins In Dream And About Reality Jins Never Hurt The Only Thing I Faced was Paranormal Activity Like
      Disappearing of Things Turning Lights On Off
      Voice of Footsteps
      Feeling Like Someone is Breathing On My Face

      Not Confirmed But According To Elders Our Family Descendants to First Caliph Of Islam So Maybe That’s Why I was Able to Kill Jins I mean Satan’s In My Dreams And That’s Why They Only Did Paranormal Activity without Hurting My Family Cuz They were Unable to Hurt Us in Reality And I Killed Many Of Them in My Dreams why I believe that My Dreams Were Real !

      Cuz Of Injury Which Appeared on My Arm When I was Fighting against Jin in Dream

  2. i need protection from jinn in my dreams… am also a beginner raqi, i am treating only my family. i am very weak in english…., anyone translate him in hindi / urdu please…

    1. Assalam o alaikum. I am Hafiz Usman from Pakistan. I will give you complete information in Urdu

    2. sayed eliyas I also started having alot of encounters with Jin in sleep and in sleep paralysis and also whole awake. One day he started shaking my car violently. And sometimes pulling the chairs etc. It all happend because I tried to cure one of my employees who had Jin or sihr. So I guided him and recited quran on him.

    3. Sayed Eilyas..
      most people can understand and speak catch some body who know english..and ask him to explain.

    1. Umair Ahmed Lying is a major sin dude I don’t know whether this is true or not but start praying and surat kursi at least a time a day

    2. Lord Black u really hate when they come in my dreams and I really feel scared and bad when they come in state of sleep paralysis and I see them face to face like real. Not like dream but like 100 percent real infront of me. Sometimes they change face and meet in in the toilet in the face of my friend but I recognised that how can my friend be in toilet with me ? He doesn’t even lives in the same country anymore so I said now I know who you are. You are shaitaan and he started laughing . Then I said come close so I can touch you to find out whether you are real. When he came close I touched him my hand went through his hand. Then I recited la houla wala quwatta illa billa hil’aleyil azeem and his face changed and became same like my face then I recited aoudu billa hi min as’shaitaan irrajeem and he ran away and disappeared and I came out of paralysis and my arms were very numb. This was after fajr prayer despite making so much zikr after every salaat. And I don’t do any sin and I practice Islam regular. This all happened because I tried to help and cure an employee who was posessed by Jin. I wasn’t even sure until later when Jin manifested in his body when I ws reciting quran over him.

    3. No it’s not! Bad dreams are from the devils. This is why we seek protection from Allah swt before we sleep; not invite jinns!

  3. if in my dream the jinn successfull killed me, what happen when i wake up?? is it will affect my health?

    1. there is no particular form, it is the situation of being oppressed and asking Allah for justice

      you can use ahzab 68 or “inni maghlubun fantasir”

  4. Maa shaa Allah! It was my dream to learn about ruqya. In shaa Allah I will preparing!!!

  5. Selam aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa baarakatuh, dear brother.
    Where is the dalil (Form quran vor authentic sunnah),
    hat after rooqia, the jinn appeares in your dream.

    BaarakALLAHu feekum!

    1. Mirza Baig are you sure it is his centre or you are trying to con people by using his name. Pls people verify this story about his centre on hyderabad by checking his official website. Not some abcgulfnews bullshit fake website to defraud people.

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