BLACK MAGIC(Sihir), JINNS and EVIL EYE How to perform RUQYA (Eng) – Sh. Abdul Rauf Ben Halima]

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Ben Halima Abderraouf ruqyah team “Shaykh Abdur Raouf Ben Halima (from France) is a famous jinn busterHis Website is : There are four symptoms of witchcraft and jinn: ■Blockages in life: work, money, marriage, education, support, broken promises, bad luck … It’s when the blockages are abnormal and repetitive to be systematic we know this is witchcraft. ■Abnormal health problems: unexplained pain and permanent odd diseases that medicine can only describe, open wounds, infertility and impotence. ■Abnormal mental states: anger, irritability, sadness, depression, forgetfulness, lack of confidence, lack of concentration, hear and see things to madness, … ■Nightmares: pursuit, snakes, dogs, beef, uniformed, masks, water, climb or fall or fly, dead or graves, cars or vehicles, fire, fish, husbands or wives of nights. The roqya Roqya is the healing and relief of suffering people and are blocked for years. Secondly it is a protection against the Muslims shirk and a strengthening of their faith. Thirdly it is a way for non-Muslim Dawa since the Koran also heals non-Muslims since the Sahaba Fatiha recovered by a tribal chief fetish priest. Fourth, it is a fight against witches, satanists, witch doctors, seers, and their associates and all forms of shirk until it disappears completely. Witchcraft is an evil that affects the body, until he gets sick or dies, and creating disunity between spouses, so it is legislated to do everything to remedy this and use the lawful means of healing. Indeed, Allaah gave a remedy for every disease. Allah (Subhanahu wata’ala says): “This Quran that We reveal to believers and brings healing and mercy does, in fact, aggravate the ruin of the wicked. “

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